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Christina posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 3:48pm for 6 - Return

This is absolutely awesome. I never thought that I would be reading a Pansy/Harry fic but here I am. And I'm enjoying it a lot. I don't know what's scarier; the fact that am reading this which is so far out of my HP/GW world, or the fact that I was rooting for Pansy and Harry to get together, or the fact that you write it so convincingly that I feel it could happen in the books. Please update soon.

John Wilburn posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 3:22pm for 6 - Return

Dear Jeconais,
I've don't know when I've enjoyed another writer's stories as much as I haave yours.

I would like to say something that would help you to become a better writer, however except for a few typos I can't think of anything I would have done different.

P.S. I'm very thank that you and your family were unharmed in the recent bombings.

Gawl posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 3:15pm for 6 - Return

I think it went a little too easily with Dumbledore, but other than that I love it!

t_gebhardt posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 3:00pm for 6 - Return

It was a great chapter and I liked it. But somehow I have the feeling that it went ... to smoth. I take the bumps come in the next chapter?