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Jason Van Camp posted a comment on Tuesday 19th July 2005 9:54am for 6 - Return

I absolutely love this story. I hope we'll see more of it soon.

Sam posted a comment on Monday 18th July 2005 12:36pm for 6 - Return

While waiting for your other fic This Means War! to be updated I decided to see your other fics. At first I was totally grossed out at the idea of a Harry/Pansy fic but I decided to give it a go. I'm so glad I did! All of your fics are amazing but this one especially. I really hope you update soon!(Both fics!)

Your eager reader

Joshua posted a comment on Thursday 14th July 2005 9:56pm for 6 - Return

gah! your stories are so great that i never want them to stop!

as bizarre as this pairing is for me, this is probably the best i've seen of harry as independent, powerful (but not super!harry), rebellious to dumbledore (who deserves it...completely) and even romantic (without jumping headlong into it with no peeve of mine).

please continue this fantastic piece of writing despite the imminent release of HBP (and/or Hope as well please.)

Jonny B posted a comment on Thursday 14th July 2005 3:41pm for 6 - Return

Wow. It works. Thats not something I'd have said when I started reading this. Will there be more?

Matt posted a comment on Tuesday 12th July 2005 8:34pm for 6 - Return

I have just run through all six chapters of this story and am profoundly impressed. The characterizations are quite believable and as I've had similar thoughts in my own writing (though on a different Slytherin), I must say that you've handled this part extremely well so far as I'm concerned. Please keep this fic going, it is an excellent read and was a great way to spend four hours.

sydney posted a comment on Tuesday 12th July 2005 8:39am for 6 - Return

Another wonderful chapter, I have to say I'm very happy you are regularly updating this story. It certainly keeps my attention.

Sarah posted a comment on Monday 11th July 2005 12:45am for 6 - Return

Yay, another great chapter. Enjoyable as ever, when I reach the end of one of your updates the only thing I'm ever disappointed about is the fact that it isn't longer but as your chapters tend to be at least ten times longer than those of most fanfic authors I read I'm certainly not complaining.

duncan9632000 posted a comment on Sunday 10th July 2005 9:09pm for 6 - Return

I like the way you have made to imposable matches work very well. But all n' all Harry is no super harry. Just good old knowlage is power. Thank you for this fine story.

Dax posted a comment on Sunday 10th July 2005 6:50pm for 6 - Return

I love this story, Jaq had sent me the 1st part when you were originally writing it and fell in love with it (I started one of my own about that time but have had neither the time nor will power to continue it).

I love your take on the cast and feel that they are spot on with how they should be carried out (based on everything that has happened in books 1-5).

Keep up the excellent work and I will be checking back from time to time for updates.

Cxjenious posted a comment on Sunday 10th July 2005 2:52pm for 6 - Return

Absolutely fantastic. You are very good at portraying the 'powerful, mature' Harry.

Philipe posted a comment on Sunday 10th July 2005 12:28pm for 6 - Return

Hello Tim, sorry to have taken so long to review, but i've the story quickly 'cause i had a thing to do when i got your warning, so i choose to review at a later date so i could read it more slowly (not that i didn't read it yesterday, but i readed again today so i could post a review..)

Anyway, i got a little down, because the cliff was extremely big and the following scene was a bit less then i expected.. i don't known, i kinf expect more fireworks, like Snape in hospital wing kinda thing.. well.. the rest was superb, Mione telling Harry that what was happing was a lot to take in was perfect, love Ginny reaction - and hated because i didn't antecipated it - Ron looks kinda useless.. Waiting next chapter my friend. See ya ..


Christopher Estep posted a comment on Sunday 10th July 2005 6:46am for 6 - Return

Snape-bashing, Dumbledore-bashing, and *Flies, Ron; flies!* I wonder what the bad news will be for Umbritches...

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 10th July 2005 2:21am for 6 - Return

Excellent. I really like the way you make all the characters true to what we have come to know. I realize you have changed them somewhat from some of your other stories. For example, Snape in "This Means War" is a much more likeable and understandable person than the one in this story. I understand the reason for the differences. It changes the story a bit. This is a much darker Snape. It makes me wonder what his personal motives are and if he is so childish to still be mistreating Harry because of his father, James.
I'm really glad that you have Harry, Pansy and Ginny remaining friends. Ginny is a great person in her own right. I'm glad you are letting her be so here.
Hermoine and Ron of course are acting themselves. Ron always has to be brought around to some truths he couldn't see. Hermione always has to buck new ideas until she can analize them. I like it. I want to see where you go from here.
Thank you for another great chapter.

crawfsh posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2005 9:17pm for 6 - Return

Yay! Another superb chapter! Pansy's verbal lashing of Draco was hilarious. I look forward to what will occur at Hogwarts with the vastly improved Harry with Pansy by his side. Great work! I eagerly await the next chapter.

Gardengirl posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2005 9:11pm for 6 - Return

YEA! More story! And it's great, as usual. SO looking forward to more! I did see a few typos, though... once it's on your site, can you change them? If so, I'd be glad to point them out....


Bill posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2005 8:54pm for 6 - Return

The "plantation owner" rebuke from Harry was by far (in my opinion) one of your more entertaining dialogue sequences in this story. As a whole, the verbal "tennis" (fitting, I think) that you devise is nothing short of genius [insert envy]. I really look forward to your next chapter - *cough, cough* - I want to hear Harry's proposal to Pansy!

xAngelicWraithx posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2005 6:25pm for 6 - Return

Well, this was an... interesting chapter. I really liked the fact that Pansy and Ginny didn't get into a cat fight or prank war over Harry. I've never came across such a well written Harry/Pansy fic as yours before... in fact, I don't think that I've ever come across a well written harry/Pansy before, ever. Usually, the well written Harry/femaleSlytherins are Harry/female!Blaise. It's a great fic and I hope you update soon, hopefully before HBP comes out!

Kai posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2005 1:53pm for 6 - Return

Excellent chapter, though the scene with Dumbledore was rather tame. Is Harry going to have a more explosive meeting soon? And what about Snape? Whats going to happen to him? Update soon

PS-When are you going to update 'Hope'?

Brad posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2005 12:49pm for 6 - Return

excellent cant wait to see what happens next!

Ben Russell-Gough posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2005 9:11am for 6 - Return

The situation with Ginny was well handled. What was utterly unexpected was for Pansy to get /maternal/ about Ginny. That alone could massively change what happens in the future.

Harry was... well, masterful. He is suddenly the prophecied One and everyone is struggling to catch up.

This will be especially difficult for Ron (who is as much of a bigot, in his own way, as Malfoy) and Hermione (who has difficulty ever being behind the curve). They are no longer a trio, although they are still Harry's friends. They are just going to have to get used to Harry having a much wider circle including Slytherins (I can imagine a break-away faction forming around Pansy and Daphne).

Next? Draco will try to get his revenge. That will be a painful experience for all involved, and I seriously doubt that they will find more than particulate remains when Harry is through with him.

Your usual fine offering, Tim!

BenRG's Rating: 8/10