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frazzled posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2005 8:57am for 6 - Return

ok, I'm officially addicted! More please!!! (yes, I'm quite happy to beg! hehe)

rowin posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2005 5:58am for 6 - Return

my only concern with this story is that when we get the notification that there is a new chapter it has a #/8 next to it i would assume that this means that there will only be 8 chapters i am just concerned with that you plan to finish the story in only two chapters i hope that you dont rush it because in my opinion your a good author and i am sure you put alot of work in it i just requestyou do not rush the end of the story and not make it up to your regular good writeing i am sure the other readers agree with me on this.It really is a great story so far you should be proud definately best harry/pansy ive read yet and this is the first story that i have read lately that covers all the bases.

Illusia posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2005 5:58am for 6 - Return

Again, I loved it! :) How could I not? I did expect something... I don't know, 'more'? from Dumbledore but now that I think about it, it might've been ooc for him. It'll be interesting to see what he'll do to retaliate or is he old and wise enough to see a chance for himself to step off the stage to a well earned old-people-days?
I'm sure there'll be a lot more interesting twists in the next chapter so please hurry up! .. actually, I think I'll read this whole story again :) it's fhappy

ulkser posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2005 1:25am for 6 - Return

you are really a good writer.

good chapter.

again there is need of sex scenes.

what will you do wtih harry/gabrielle fic?

Mark posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2005 1:14am for 6 - Return

I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant about the Pansy / Harry pairing. However you've once again proven that it's the author that makes the story and not the pairing. Brilliant work! This is fanfic the way it should be and not the usual pathetic preteen ramblings I encounter in my search for good fanfiction. Looking forward to the next chapter.

John Conner posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 11:02pm for 6 - Return

An excellent chapter in an overall excellent story. I dearly hope your planning to show some of the conversation between, Dumbledore, McGonagall, & Snape after Harry & Pansy left the headmasters office. Bet that will be a fun conversation.

I'm also especially looking foward to what happens to Snape when the Occlumens council get's their hands on him. :)

Out of curiousity based on the quality of your writting have you ever considered pursing a proffesional career as an author? This assumes of course that you haven't already been published. If you have I'd be interested in knowing what so I can take a look.

As always I look forward to seeing the next piece of this. Great work. :)

Stormmaster posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 10:51pm for 6 - Return

the story keeps getting better and better! keep on writing!

quite a bit of charactor development in this chapter, as we see how ron, hermione, ginny, dumbledore and snape react to the new and improved harry potter. i felt ron/hermione/ginny were realistic, given the previous chapters, but i'd expected ... more of a reaction from snape/dumbledore. perhaps next chapter? i like the direction the female trio is heading. (daphne/pansy/ginny; 2 slytherins, 1 gryffindor; mirrors the original trio in a sense?)

my thoughts are beginning to run together, so i'll end this, and read the chapter again. and again.

bottom line: ^_^

Rene posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 9:14pm for 6 - Return

I think this is the definatly the best chapter so far. I can't wait to see what happens next! Well yea I can wait (I have to) but that does not mean I have to be happy about it. As always thanks for the work and effort.

Adam Call posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 8:48pm for 6 - Return

Another wonderful chapter that you have bestowed upon us. I believe you handled the situations with his friends very well. And the humiliation of Malfoy was spectacular. I can't wait to see what happens to Umbridge. Congrats on the chapter, keep them coming, and I can't wait for the next one!

marc arnaez posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 8:31pm for 6 - Return

aside from some minor spelling errors this chapter was great.

Amanda posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 7:33pm for 6 - Return

Tim, Tim, Tim...first off, I have to thank you for creating a fandom Ginny that I can actually swallow. She had depth and originality and I didn't want to hit her or brush my teeth, so thanks! I'm enjoying the development of Daphne's character as well. It's rare to come across a Slytherin female with any substance to her and she's the perfect bf for a person like your Pansy. I'm sure with a person as distasteful as Snape that he'll continue to be an unpleasant odor, but I loved the way you neutralized him in this chappie. Props on Mione and Ron's handling of the changes as well. Mione made wonderful sense and still kept Harry from wanting to hit her, and Ron while maintaining the typical Gryffindor closed mindedness, allowed him the opportunity to develop and change. Every time I read your stuff, I'm pleasantly surprised to find that not only is the story as wonderful as always, but you manage to find ways to improve and be a trailblazer. Hope to find another chappie update before I head to the release party friday, but life happens and I hope your doing a little better now than from the digests! Sorry to hear about the complications about that place you and Lacey wanted! Thanks again for the wonderful and captivating story.

fanfictionfanatic posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 7:05pm for 6 - Return

What a wonderful update. I am so glad that Pansy and Ginny got off to a good start and didn't start the typical cat fight over the guy. Harry's interactions with Hermione and Ron were well done as well. They all acted relatively mature, which was unexpected as well. It was nice to see Harry put Snape in his place as well. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

HermioneGreen posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 6:24pm for 6 - Return

I'm glad Ginny is going to be friends with Pansy and Daphne. When will Harry visit Molly? She obviously doesn't feel the same way about Dumbledore as Arthur ... will she be on Harry's side or will she side with her husband?


WNabors posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 6:14pm for 6 - Return

Brilliant,Bloody brilliant.I loved how Pansy took Draco down.The way Professor McGonnagol noticed Pansy reaction to Harrys display of power after being told his broom was broken was perfect.Looking forward to the next chapter =).

James Rayner posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 6:03pm for 6 - Return


Catherine posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 5:58pm for 6 - Return

Lovely! This was very good, and I look forward to the next two chapters. Thank you.

bill posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 5:30pm for 6 - Return

Wonderful!Great!Fantastic!Love your story thanks for writing it.

John Creasey posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 4:20pm for 6 - Return

Great Job!!
I like where this is going. Repairing the broom was an added bonus. I can't wait to read what happens next. I am glad that Ginny will be friends, Hopefully the others will too. Suggest
Pansy & Daphnie get resorted, that will cause an uproar.


HermioneGreen posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 3:56pm for 6 - Return

Awesome chapter!!! I loved Pansy's "coming out" It was very funny. I'm glad things worked out between Harry and Ginny. I look forward to more.


Goyana posted a comment on Friday 8th July 2005 3:51pm for 6 - Return

Great chapter. The reactions were the best, especially from Harry's friends. Ron seemed a bit OOC, i dont think hed be matre enough to quickly agree to be civil with a Slythrin. But otherwise i enjoyed it and cant wait for the next chapter. Update soon!