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Violetta posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd August 2017 4:25am

Great story

ichaos posted a comment on Saturday 15th July 2017 2:14am

Alright, so I recently discovered this site through recommendations from and actually signed up so that I could read this story in particular due to the "rating" it carries. Besides a bit of ribald language I'm not sure exactly what qualifies as "mature" about it, but I digress. I certainly enjoyed reading this, especially since I have never seen a pairing between Harry & Astoria quite like this before. The narrative itself was quite good, with a casually sophisticated if somewhat brisk pace that covered a great deal of content very efficiently. This would normally be a very good thing, but with so many departures from familiar personality traits and/or typical roles for most of the major characters, it was a little overwhelming to process in places. Still, it was entertaining and the technical quality of the writing was excellent.

ssjgarretjax posted a comment on Wednesday 14th June 2017 7:15pm

excellent as always. You are the reason i even read HP fanfiction at all i started with the not then completed TMW and on from there. My only wish is if you could find the muse to finish Wild Horses.... Ah well. Hope to see more from you, would be sad if you are really done but i would totally understand.


Thanks Tim/Jeconais


MM94 posted a comment on Thursday 1st June 2017 8:33pm

Love it! Wonderful story :)

MM94 posted a comment on Thursday 1st June 2017 8:32pm

Love it! Wonderful story

Tora58 posted a comment on Thursday 25th May 2017 3:24am

Is this what you wanted Pureblood Princess to actually be? That always felt a little flat and this certainly fits what I precieve your writing style to be but still has a a but of that pureblood spin to it.

Still this was a fun read and thank you for sharing.

sanbeegoldiewhitey posted a comment on Saturday 13th May 2017 6:03pm

I thought in canon, Draco married the better girl in Astoria compared to Harry's Ginny. JKR said Astoria prevented Scorpius from being raised by Draco as a pureblood bigot. I like this story much better than Blue Steel because the latter had no resolution at the ending.

Yar posted a comment on Sunday 9th April 2017 12:33am

It's a nice piece of work, even if I have issues with how fast the Death Eaters went about-face. I quite enjoy the descriptions of a developing first relationship, and I wish them well. Thank you for the story.

Full_Pensieve posted a comment on Saturday 18th February 2017 9:16pm

I wanted to love this, but I like it instead. The idea of Harry finding his own circle over time is a good one, and the way you go about it is very organic. Astoria is what's not working for me here, and it took me two reads to zero in on that. I get that you have a recurring theme of the "living in a fairytale" relationship/courtship - which is fine, and you do it well - and you even subvert the theme to some degree here, but for some reason that I just can't quite pinpoint it feels hollow to me this time around. I wish I could cite chapter and verse for why I'm reacting that way, but can't boil it down to a particular "aha!" moment. Having said that, there are so many nice moments in here, I had to like it as a whole. :)

Lopendria posted a comment on Friday 17th February 2017 1:22pm

Another Masterpiece. I wish I'd caught this when it came out, but meh... Keep up the great work. I appreciate all your writing!

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Sunday 5th February 2017 11:05pm

All in all, a very fun one-shot, even if a tad on the long side. I quite enjoyed the divergence that one club makes in the flow of events. A most enjoyable story.

RHJunior posted a comment on Sunday 29th January 2017 8:32pm

"infinite" doesn't mean that anything can happen, or will. For example there are an infinite number of numbers between zero and one... but you can search for eternity there and never find the number 2.

luckycharm posted a comment on Monday 23rd January 2017 6:08am

Thanks for this story. I absolutely loved it. Very thoughtfully written.

kagey_98 posted a comment on Tuesday 27th December 2016 6:27pm

Ok, I'm late to the party, but ran across you Fic as a recomendation, and have now read thru most. Most were a great read, and very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your talent, and look forward to reading more.

Novonia posted a comment on Tuesday 13th December 2016 1:18am

I love this story, I do wish we can see what happens next.

Kuroi posted a comment on Thursday 1st December 2016 10:38pm

Lovely story.

The ending just leaves me wanting just a little bit more which is slightly frustrating and making me want to beg for more. Yet I absolutely love how you did it because of that fact.

You now have me going on a merry search for more great Harry/Astoria writings because this one has got me addicted.

One of the best writings I have read all year.

Keep up the amazing work!

Mrreading posted a comment on Thursday 17th November 2016 4:31am

nice one shot when are you planing to post the next update

JJbelle posted a comment on Tuesday 8th November 2016 10:40pm

Thank you for an absolutely awesome story, loved it!

nokoi posted a comment on Wednesday 26th October 2016 8:02am

I just wanted to let you know that I have read this story five times and have loved it more each time. Thank you for the care and effort that you put into your stories.


Shady posted a comment on Tuesday 25th October 2016 6:08am

I came back to read Pureblood Princess again, and was honestly so surprised and delighted to see you had posted!!!!!!! it was lovely to read your writing again