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billallen posted a comment on Friday 18th February 2011 7:03pm for Chapter 3

Love the story. Please keep up with the updates when you can.

barrett posted a comment on Friday 18th February 2011 3:26am for Chapter 3

great story but all the stories i have by you have been great looking forward to the chapter.

rocky_griffin_az posted a comment on Wednesday 16th February 2011 2:48pm for Chapter 3

good fic, but then i usually like your work, in fact i don't think that there is anything i've read of yours i don't like. I hope that you take heart and continue to work diligently on these fics because i for one love to read them. Be reading more soon! Rocky

zoroz posted a comment on Wednesday 16th February 2011 4:37am for Chapter 3

kool chapter, also it only took me 2 months to find it off to read konoha legion and ooh a new fic flying thunder.

jknezek posted a comment on Monday 14th February 2011 3:51pm for Chapter 3

I've always liked your stories but I try not to read them until they are complete. I really don't think I'd have done well in the time of Dickens' serials! Unfortunately I got suckered into this one early as I'm starting to run out of finished fanfiction that I actually enjoy. Truly enjoyable and I can't wait for the updates. I didn't mind the "show" section so much as it was clearly laid out beforehand ("don't want to be a teenage boy anymore") and is just as much needed to advance the plot. Lets face it, squeaky 14 year old boys aren't really a lot of fun for professional escorts, 17 year old Veela, or 21 year old professional dancers. Its always one of my pet peeves when a OotP or earlier Harry is suddenly a Cassanova for women twice his age. There is a reason Sophomore boys don't date Senior girls, but Senior boys often date Sophomore girls. Nicely done to try and sidestep the problem.

littlegenius posted a comment on Saturday 12th February 2011 9:00pm for Chapter 3

I really liked this chapter. I think it showed how grown up Harry is becoming and some of the different situations he might face. Please continue to update this story!

midevildle posted a comment on Saturday 12th February 2011 8:44am for Chapter 3

Been reading fanfiction for a long long time, and have stopped recently. So I've been going back and reading works that I liked quite a lot.

Yours remain some of my favorites, thank you for putting them up, I'll continue to look forward to any you do any the future.

NeoBahamutZero posted a comment on Thursday 10th February 2011 1:33am for Chapter 3

I'm really enjoying the story so far. Rarely in a story do I see Harry actually hire bodyguards and the ones in this story actually help bring more humor to the story when they interact with Harry. Harry's attitude is something that I would actually enjoy reading instead of the angsty vibe we get in most stories. A clear headed confident Harry is vastly more entertaining than a depressed selfless Harry. He actually stands up for himself and doesn't really let anyone push him around. It was a refreshing read from all the normal fics I come across and I am eagerly looking forward to reading more.

FrankyJ posted a comment on Monday 7th February 2011 4:33am for Chapter 3

This is a good story I look forward to any updates you write.

Neverwill posted a comment on Sunday 30th January 2011 10:22pm for Chapter 3

I found this through a rec someone posted at Imaginings and found it very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to your next update.

krushii posted a comment on Tuesday 25th January 2011 2:32am for Chapter 3

so far i love this story, please keep it comming!

coolboy55 posted a comment on Saturday 22nd January 2011 5:08am for Chapter 3

A very good fic so far. I liked the accelerated time dilation learning towards the end. Annie sounds nice and I hope she gets her break with Harry's help. It would be great if Fleur could get over herself and hook up with Harry. Thanks for sharing.

sabitha posted a comment on Tuesday 18th January 2011 11:30pm for Chapter 3

You have a really good story so far with lots of potential. I like the idea of a more mature Harry and I think it offers a lot more opportunities. The only thing I can say is please update soon!

kyoshi posted a comment on Tuesday 18th January 2011 9:30pm for Chapter 3

This is an absolutely wonderful story. I love seeing Harry being sophisticated and debenoir. I enjoy seeing Harry playing the field and I hope you don't match him up to soon with Fleur. I'd like to see her jealous and not getting her own way and I would like to see the mature Harry going out with lots of women.

dave gerecke posted a comment on Tuesday 18th January 2011 6:20am for Chapter 3

My apologies for not reviewing earlier, but here in Australia we have been a bit busy, - anyone want some water?

Thank you for the Christmas present, I really enjoyed the new chapter and look forward to more.

I am very interested in the 2nd trial and the Ball where the reaction to Kate should be something to see.

Evyominiue posted a comment on Sunday 16th January 2011 5:02pm for Chapter 3

I love it. Keep up the good work

Nogoalielikeme posted a comment on Sunday 16th January 2011 1:47am for Chapter 3

I love this story and can't wait to read the next chapter. posted a comment on Saturday 15th January 2011 6:52pm for Chapter 3

Very good and humorus story. I enjoyed that I caught no spelling or grammar mistakes that I remmember. Keep up the good work.

kcgx23 posted a comment on Wednesday 12th January 2011 3:28am for Chapter 3

Great chapter, I love Harry's interaction with Gabrielle. And how he ignores Fleur. I also can't wait to read everyone's reaction to Kate.

xHawke posted a comment on Tuesday 11th January 2011 4:32pm for Chapter 3

Love the story... One thing....the professors should be noticing Harry's new physique more that they are. I think it kinda got glossed over there. Harry is really progressing fast, and the extra time in the RoR was a really nice touch.