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Bilypt posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 2:24pm for Chapter 10

Awesome can't wait to the next chapter!

Congratulations for write a amazing story!!!

arapto1984 posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 1:44pm for Chapter 10

I liked the Fleur scene, I loved your take on Dumbledore and the fact that Minerva comes across as a bitch/evil agrees with me, I liked the new pad but the best part of the fic was the very last sentence. Awesome!

AzurePrince posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 1:36pm for Chapter 10

Finally the new chapter! I was beyond excited to see chapter 10. Please don't take so long with the next one, please. Nice chapter, didn't expect a new house... are you making it so they stay in Hogwarts for the next year rather than go to Beuxbatons? (I don't expect you to answer that question btw) Would be so cool if there was something between Arora and Harry!

Amamama posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 11:43am for Chapter 10

Woohoo! I love the way this fic is growing, how Harry is developing and everything. The explanation of Fleur's haughtiness is brilliant, because isn't it always like that in life? We play roles, and sometimes we play the roles we do because we're afraid of parts of ourselves. Now, I haven't read that many fics with a sentient Hogwarts, but I have to say this is the best version. I'm totally in love with her.

As for the idea of "true-love-soul-bond-binding-life-is-beautiful" I agree that it's a nice idea, but even as one who's been in the same relationship for close to 24 years I wouldn't claim is like floating on a pink cloud. Life deals the cards, and sometimes you get a shitty hand and thankfully your partner is better off and can help. Other times you're not that lucky.

Lordamnesia posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 11:03am for Chapter 10

So very very well done! I don't know if your leading to a pairing at all, or just going to end it with several options open in the future. Keep up the awesome work, any updates from you are great!

ladysavay posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 10:32am for Chapter 10

I really, really, liked this chapter. The Albus/Minerva dialogue was very good. It was nice to see Albus FINALLY getting a clue and laying down the facrts of life to his Deputy Head.

I do have to say, though, I'm feeling sort of sad for Hogwarts, and that is down to you for making this non-speaking, semi-sentinent, building seem lonely, needy, and abused. Here she has this thing for Harry and he obviously cares for her, yet he's going to be leaving for Beauxbatons next year. It makes me sigh.

I am anxiously waiting for more. Good on ya.


GinnyMyLove posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 10:08am for Chapter 10

You keep saying "there is no true love in this fic" when in reality, its way too early to admit that this is going to be Harry/Gabby in the end. She's the only one that really understands him and accepts him even knowing the darkness inside. Anyone who thinks Fleur is nearly perfect for him discount Gabby because she is too young (with reason).

Basically, Harry is going to be a playboy until Gabriel is old enough to date, and then he's going to be wrapped around her little finger, right where he always belonged anyway.

Best of both worlds, you get Harry the philanderer, he may even get Fleur eventually, but in a few years (barring some sort of magical maturity on Gabriel's part thanks to all that glowing) he realizes he's been in love with Gabriel all along. He can fall for her, and not be sexually attracted to least not for a few years. About the time he can't let her into his bed, is about the time she will realize she wants him that way.

Come on, I know its cliche, especially because you love a good Harry/Gabby fic, but it fits so WELL! Please don't intentionally write off the idea just because you didn't want to be cliche, I hate when a perfectly good cliche is written off.

Meanwhile, I'm writing my French Twist story where Harry grows up in a bordello and is thus a ladies man with a different set of morals. I hope you don't mind if I steal your Harry's characterization later down the road, he's only like 3 at the moment.

Love your work as always, I'll try to remember to review more often but I couldn't put this down long enough to review until I got to the end. My ADD kicked in and I hyperfocused (read all 10 in about 5 hours) After reading this I'm ready to pick back up my writing, which has been barren for about 6 months. You are always great inspiration, and trying to come close to your level has always been a goal of mine.

Keep it up!

joeBob posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 10:02am for Chapter 10

Another enjoyable chapter. Thanks for posting.

Drake posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 9:01am for Chapter 10

The relationships that are evolving are definitely organic, and represent some of your, if not the most, human relationships of any of your fics. Too often people write stories that so and so are so great and definitely belong together. You have veered, and shown their faults, their desires, and the condition of the human soul to such a degree that I am often left in awe. Keep up the good work, this is possibly the most human Harry I've read in at least two years, if not more.

P.S. It's actually nice seeing a Rich Harry that makes believable investments. I can't tell you how anoying it is to all of a sudden have a super business savvy Harry making billions before the first chapter is over, especially after his immediate emancipation granted by a prophetic Sirius.

P.S.S. If this was a Lemon I could definitelys see a Harry/Harem chapter in which Hogwarts solidifies her essence inside the Room of Requirements. But, at the same time I see her as a maternal essence that just wants to create bonds of friendship.

preier posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 8:43am for Chapter 10

very much liked the way fleur and harry develop their relationship in this chapter. a whole lot of respect and sexual attraction and wisdom.

as always, thank for sharing your stories.

Zicou posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 8:33am for Chapter 10

Another awesome chapter!



Comosicus posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 8:26am for Chapter 10

That's a nice chapter. It's good to see a different Dumbledore than the overused evil/senile/convinced he's uncorruptible. It has also been refreshing to see a fic that focuses most on things outside the fight with Lord Shorty. It shows you have enough imagination to build a solid background, where focus is on the development of the wizarding world and not on the fight with DE and LV.

I also like that you started to increase your update rate and I hope you will be able to keep up. I look forward to the next chapter.

Hansi_Rahl posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 8:21am for Chapter 10

Great chapter!!!

Meneldur posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 8:01am for Chapter 10

I really enjoyed this chapter. I liked the real conversation between Fleur and Harry, where they cemented their relationship as they wish for it to be, and not as others want it. Perhaps one day (or in two years, as Harry says), they may choose to take it further, and I would certainly be happy if they do - Fleur is a favorite character of mine, and I think it would work quite well - but that is thier decision in their own time, and I'm glad you let it be that way, instead of trying to force it.

I also enjoyed Fleur's choice of career. Too often authors who want her to shed her shy or hidden personality until now expect her to break into some manly career, proving she can be equal and better than men despite her femininity. I liked your style a lot better, where she does something she likes, no matter what stigma might be attached to it. And in its own way, this is no less hard - as you note, chef is a male dominated occupation.

I also enjoyed the way you handled Albus, and Harry's logical actions at being given his own set of dorms, knowing how to properly use them and get adult supervision, rather than being a typical teenager and throwing responsibility to the winds. An excellent chapter, and I cna't wait for the next one.

supergirl3684 posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 7:06am for Chapter 10

I liked this chapter. I loved the explinations around everything. I like Harry/Fluer but I'm kinda glad it's not least yet. I think the reasoning behind it is logical. The whole room idea was awesome. Loving Harry's interaction with Sinatra

immortal7 posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 7:03am for Chapter 10

nice as always. I actually am enjoying the flow of the relationships. Harry is powerful and rich, but more in influance than material and its a nice change form other plots. I can't wait for more.

dayfox96 posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 6:52am for Chapter 10

'Time doesn’t match up. She has longer memories of Harry than Harry has of her.' time travel?

lord_silver posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 6:00am for Chapter 10

Thanks for posting.

Another amazing chapter.

So Fluer finally gets the stick out of her ass. What's up with the missing memories & when is Hogwarts going to tell Harry about it. It is related to the fact that when Harry was using the Time Dilator he would sleep in his bed & wake up sleeping on the floor.

Also what's up with Harry & Kate. Earlier on both Harry & Kate agreed they would not be good together but now it seems that at least for the present you are pairing Harry up with Kate.

Looking forward to see what happens next.

gadriam posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 5:47am for Chapter 10

Brilliant as always. All other great things remembered, i was extremely pleased by your ending. Years ago i read some "Harry gets his own house"-stories. They sucked in a way no reasponsible moderator would ever let me describe. It will be very interesting to see what you can do with the theme. So far, i'm extremely impressed. Thanks.


Fibinaci posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 5:42am for Chapter 10

I really liked how you presented Dumbledore here, this is the headmaster we sort of saw sometimes, when he was acting organically. The bit with him handing a restaurant to Fleur is consistent with how he's acted so far, but assures he'll never see her again. That's a sixteen hour a day, seven day a week job. Have we seen any of his friends fail so far? I wonder how he, and they, would take it.