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Man of Kent - Railwayman posted a comment on Tuesday 5th February 2013 6:05pm for Chapter 10

A relly excellent chapter of an excellent story

Zooxle posted a comment on Tuesday 5th February 2013 6:29am for Chapter 10

You did it again. You did the same last year, the day before university starts up again you update my favourite story. No i'm not just saying that. Of the thousands of fics i've read, Hogwarts' Dawn is by far my favourite and the one i wait for the most. I don't even know what to say. I love the plot, the characters, the settings. Mostly I love the interctions between characters.

Anyway i'll wait patiently for the next installment and go read perfect slytherins now.

Huge Fan,


LooneySlytherin posted a comment on Tuesday 5th February 2013 3:07am for Chapter 10

Harry should totally be with Aurora!!!!!!!!!

Macsr711 posted a comment on Monday 4th February 2013 11:56pm for Chapter 10

Love it, thank you for (again) sharing your talents with us all - most excellent story, one that I cannot see where it is going - and you know, I'm just fine with that....

Crys posted a comment on Monday 4th February 2013 6:36pm for Chapter 10

*laugh* good ending to the chapter

Okay, the chapter overall simply progressed lots of threads. The "house" that Hogwarts provided is a different twist on something occassionally seen, but isn't overused as of yet.

Fleur as a cook? That's new. That dinner sounded WAY over the top. Which is, of course, the point.

Harry doesn't give things away, he provides opportunities. A theme you've used before to great effect.

My commisserations on your RL issues. If there's anything I can do, let me know.

Quite enjoying the story.

Nytefyre posted a comment on Monday 4th February 2013 3:42am for Chapter 10

Very nice chapter. I like the realism of the relationships.. and am waiting to see the outcome of Hogwarts' crush on Harry.. what happens when he doesn't return the next year?

Thanks for posting.

wackey posted a comment on Monday 4th February 2013 1:45am for Chapter 10

I have enjoyed this story since you started it. I like the way that you have Harry being much more confident with what is happening. I see several possibilities where you are going and just want to hold on for the ride. Please keep up the good work. Waiting for a new chapter is sweat torture. Thanks.

delrusant posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 9:11pm for Chapter 10

light to serious, quick and slow paces, humorous and thougt provoking

you manage to surprise me as you blend all of this together and make a really entertaining story

I hope despite a cynism check you'll continue to work for you goals as this chapter "preaches"

thanks for what you offers to us readers

ThunderGod posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 8:13pm for Chapter 10

once again a great chapter, and I am sad to see another cynic arise (as I am one myself) BUT your writing is always excellent

Pennywise posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 8:04pm for Chapter 10

Awesome chapter.

The Seeker posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 7:51pm for Chapter 10

As usual, this chapter is littered with bon mots, interesting twists and turns, and wonderful exchanges between the various characters in this story, all of them wonderfully wrought. Harry weaving magic through the school, with Hogwarts help, was probably the highlight.

The last sentence in your ending AN was disconcerting. Without meaning to overstep, I hope all is well with you.

TheGrimmChaos posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 7:37pm for Chapter 10

Loved it! XD

Update AsAp

FireStar01 posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 7:24pm for Chapter 10

Lovely work

Tenchifew posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 7:21pm for Chapter 10

Great story, great chapter.

The description of the new common room was inspiring.

Looking forward to see how the situation between Harry Fleur and Kate will proceed.

Thank you for writing.

gregstar posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 6:52pm for Chapter 10

Like? I effing love this. A new chapter cannot fail to bring a smile to my face.

I hope that Kate and Harry will be getting together a lot more. I think she is a really great for for him.

I would love to single out some of the others but I can't because I like how you have written all of Harry's friends.

Thank you for updating and I am thoroughly looking forward to the next one.


Slytherin66 posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 5:56pm for Chapter 10

A good chapter.

I am pleased Harry wanted to keep some things private even if he was overruled as much of his life is already in the public domain, private times would be few and far between. I am surprised Fleur wanted things made public. I am really sad about Harry/Fleur but a good reason was given she has lots more growing up and living to do before she could be with Harry as an equal.

A most unusual job for Fleur and nothing like she usually does but if she can cook as well as she looks she could conquer the world or at least the male population.

Uncle Harry has a nice ring to it, I could easily picture Harry as a problem solver.

I liked Albus in this chapter he gave off the vibe of being wise and knowing when to act by having Minerva come to him, the knowledge Harry and others are leaving will hit her hard and make Albus look calm having had time to think about things and get used to the idea. Giving Harry freedom but with a safe place to come home to if needed is a good way for Albus to apologise for his mistakes although I don’t think he should be forgiven for it considering the odd visit could have worked wonders and made Harry’s life better.

"And the most divisive" was a perfect way to describe those students Harry and the twins especially.

I am most pleased Harry is no longer a Gryffindor, they were never much of a family and did turn on him often I am glad Harry is colder he would need to be and it makes the warmer or happier aspect of himself all the stronger because of the comparison.

Nasher and Thrasher are great names and its so nice to see those characters do something outside their usual roles as its super rare for them to be liked and skilled.

I do like it when Albus does not know everything and knows when he is out matched as it makes the Headmaster seem more human and that makes him easier to like.

A great and very Harry line "He didn’t bother with Legilimency; the spell always left him cold. He much preferred his instincts."

Making a Veela happy is a must and a worthwhile bonus.

Harry is wise not to trust the Goblins completely and if a Goblin war starts any time soon Harry would be nearly as vulnerable as others.

A more tactile Fleur is good and Gabrielle in Harry’s lap is always such a cute image.

Hogwarts does love Harry but their own common room is needed rather badly. A good detail about Victor the chance to be really alone would be hard to come by in a magical castle and so far from home for many of the students.

The flirting between Harry and Aurora was well done and I am so pleased she is involved in the story as she is such an overlooked character.

"Do you have anything to confess?" such a wonderful thing to be asked when you walk in a room it can mean something good or bad. I was having a nostalgic moment. Harry’s reply was good and could only be used on non-family members.

I would like Harry to marry Fleur or a Veela by stories end even if you are cynical (which I am sorry about) but I don’t think anyone else would be as good for him or worthy of him considering his power, life and what he has accomplished and endured. Harry is too unique to settle for a normal woman and I like the intense and complete love a Veela wife could provide Harry he deserves the best possible counterpart and to be happy as he has made so many others happy and helped achieve their dreams.

Thanks for this chapter I look forward to the next.

EvilGenius posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 4:50pm for Chapter 10

It has been a pleasure following your story. I would appreciate more frequent updates or at least official update schedule, but as long as you keep writing I'm good.

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 3:33pm for Chapter 10

I like the fact that you aren't forcing a pairing. I'd much rather things just work out however the story directs. I spent a lot of time laughing while reading this. Excellent work!

Lee Dickie posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 3:30pm for Chapter 10

Another great update. I think my favourite part is how Harry is developing into a responsible adult rather than an angst ridden teen. Thanks

Nights Silhoutte posted a comment on Sunday 3rd February 2013 3:24pm for Chapter 10

A great chapter, keep it up.