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Sandstone posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 6:58pm for Best Man

Kami... that was a wonderful piece of work. Everything seemed to just fit together, including the stag party, Ginny's childishness, and the strength of Harry's character.
A nice ending as well, it's open-ended enough to let people imagine what happens in the future, without implying much. Very nicely done. ^_^

James Barber posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 6:29pm for Best Man

Hey another great story but I was kinda of hoping that hermione and fluer would of realized that they both simple adore and love harry and that they would of exposed there feelings while talking to each other and then would of gone and had to explain in hermione case maybe they would of had to do something like strip to get him to fully realize that they did want him and loved him too!

Alan Johanson posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 6:19pm for Best Man

A lovely piece (as always), that could easily be expanded into something longer. That is, of course, if your muse feels like it. I enjoyed Fleur in this story. Oftentime I feel that Harry has 'an old soul', and would benefit from the support of an older woman. That said, the way your wrote Gabrielle in 'Hope' means he'd do just as good with a younr whippersnapper.
Basically I love your work. They're like modern-day fairy tales that lift my spirits.

For that I thank you.

texasranger_10 posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 6:09pm for Best Man

well done as usual. i do hope this isn't the end of the story. that thier is more

pnthrgrl343 posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 5:56pm for Best Man

Seeing Fleur as a mature and intelligent woman is a refreshing change from the shallow conceited version that seems to plague so many stories that involve her (canon included).

There was a reason she was picked as the Beauxbatons champion, and I highly doubt that it was because of her good looks.

Going along that idea, a Harry/Fleur relationship makes a great deal of sense, and I do favor it at times, especially over the sometimes child-like Ginny.

(In other words, I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Keep up the good work! *grins*)

Griever posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 5:51pm for Best Man

Good stuff, good stuff. Any chance of there being a continuation of this in the cards for the future? Because that'd be absolutely smashing.


Philipe posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 5:43pm for Best Man

like it.. thought it was another fic of yours, an old draft to be honest.. must have confused it with something else.. I like your Fluer and specially your Hermione on this one..

Crys posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 5:32pm for Best Man

Excellently written as always.

Rather odd setup, though the fact that it was a challenge makes it more reasonable.

Parts were predictable, some weren't.

The Weasley guys thinking with their dicks instead of their heads was a little jarring. Percy being a completely integrated part of the family dynamic was more so. Some of that was force on you by the story requirements, though, so it's definitely forgiveable.

This does give you a wonderful entry vehicle if you wanted to do a H/F or maybe H/F/Hr story, though.

Great story. Thanks for sharing.

amulder posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 5:20pm for Best Man

Wow, Tim. Way to trash, legitimately and in a way that pretty much works, the entire Weasley family.

Fleur was awesome. Harry was brilliantly understated and laid back. More of a power-to-be than a superman.
I think the Ginny explanation was a bit weak - not enough backstory for me to completely buy the explanation of him so quickly growing past her. But in the context of the whole story, that is easily accepted. I can see that the main focus is Fleur interacting with Harry. Everything else is secondary -- after Hermione interacting with Harry.

I also like the sub-plot of Harry experiencing the dark side of wanting to share his wealth. This is glossed over in so many stories. It is great to read an exploration of how greed (and immaturity) can strike many people when lots of money is involved.

Now I'm very keen and curious to see how you write your next Harry/Fleur piece.

best wishes,

Vesvius posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 5:18pm for Best Man

A very good one shot, though I'd love to see it as a multichapter.

Harry/Fleur is one of my favorites, and there's not nearly enough quality work about the two of them.

Musings of Apathy posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 5:11pm for Best Man

Excellent fic. Unlike most involving Harry and Fleur, in any capacity, this is realistic and accurate to human emotion. Of course, this is what we have come to expect from your wonderful writing in the past couple of years, especially.

Thank you for sharing this work with us.

Mike (MoA)

Yo posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 5:08pm for Best Man

Very emotional with exquisite characterizations - for the most part. It is just that it feels as if Harry is on a pedestal and failing to climb down; in other words, I think Harry was portrayed a just a bit too superior to nearly everyone. I suppose I just cannot believe the amount of levelheadedness and maturity Harry has through the preparations and some of the confrontations, or perhaps feel too few characters were developed to create more well-roundedness. Eh, maybe read too may stories or forgot the books... The Harry and Hermione sibling relationship felt forced as well, or I just have a faulty impression of such relationships.

In any case, it was quite sly of Fleur to trick Harry into drinking, for whatever reasons; though I must say, the heart-to-heart definitely helped them out. Harry's loyalty is commendable as well - Hufflepuff in disguise I tell you! (Admittedly, biases do come into play) Truly, the introduction brings a false sense of peace - I thought I was able to catch such things... In the end, I only wish could experience such feelings or resolve as Fleur or Harry.

I hope you update soon! (Do excuse the prior weirdness...)

Nick5 posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 5:06pm for Best Man

Very good fic, especially with the introspective looks into the characters.

Shame Hermione won't be getting that necklace... though her parents would have had kitten fits over it, being dentists and all.

ED PLATT posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 5:02pm for Best Man

Excellent story very well written and very entertaining.I also thought you showed fluers pain and reactions very clearly and very realistic i enjoyed it very much thank you for you hard work and time writing this story.

Viridian posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 5:00pm for Best Man

Very well done... a nice dollop of angst, realistic in magnitude, provenance, and delivery. The dialogue in the heart to heart talks wasn't forced and flowed very nicely.

The whole thing is very polished as always, a bittersweet treat that left me wondering what happened next...

Aaron posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 4:59pm for Best Man

I think you're a fabulous author... but I'm getting a little tired of characters giving huge monologues recounting Harry's actions and how awesome a guy it makes him.

egret posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 4:56pm for Best Man

I really liked this story. Your writing and characterization are very smooth and coherent, and there aren't any strange jumps (not that you ever have them).

One of the things that I most appreciated was that you kept Hermione as Harry's best friend, and let her be friends with Fleur, too. She's too often made into a jealous twit, or someone incapable of being friends with a female. I also feel that Ginny is an immature little thing, not anywhere capable of being a match for someone with Harry's issues. I like that you had her lose out through bad judgment rather than malice, too - I don't much care for most of the Weasleys, but I don't want them demonized, either.

I hope that you plan on writing more in this vein. :)

DomaDragoon posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 4:56pm for Best Man

I really like the way you write the Delacours in your fics. And though Fleur's gotten some good supporting roles working with Bill in several recent fics I've read, this is likely the first one I've read where she actively joins the Horcrux Hunt.

Hmm... a Harry/Hermione/Fleur trio friendship... that gives me some ideas...

Once more, good work, sir.

JVTazz posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 4:26pm for Best Man

Very nicely writeen :)

Nightbreak posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 4:25pm for Best Man

Nice. Always enjoy Harry/Fleur & Harry/Gabrielle. And most definitely a ... specific sort of challenge. o.o;