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lolimjustherefortheHPfics posted a comment on Tuesday 21st June 2016 10:25pm for 4 - Promises

Lololololololololol "Dobby doesn't care!" XD dead

gtgrouch posted a comment on Saturday 25th May 2013 12:35am for 4 - Promises

Wow - all of this and Remus for Minister, too?

What's next!?!?

cinder14767 posted a comment on Monday 4th July 2011 8:40am for 4 - Promises

i have read this story multiple times and never get tired of it my one question is what is the message they left on the painting?

reader1writer1 posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2011 5:43pm for 4 - Promises

that was so great--i may have to read some more before i call verizon or do real work ;)

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Sunday 23rd January 2011 10:19am for 4 - Promises

Pansy and Daphne really played Draco well. I love it!

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Monday 21st June 2010 3:34am for 4 - Promises

I absolutely *love* Daphne's comment (about herself) after she noticed Harry's Reaction to the Girlfriend Test. "Professional inserter of foot into mouth" indeed. Since I read (and reviewed) the original WKGQ, I sense that someone's done some editing. Mister B, would that B U?

joeBob posted a comment on Wednesday 27th August 2008 7:41pm for 4 - Promises

Sappy but still good.

hedwig_edwiges posted a comment on Monday 7th January 2008 10:48am for 4 - Promises

I don't know if someone already asked that or even if you answer that in some list or group, but what Pansy wrote on Mrs.Black's canvas? I read and re-read this story and I always try to imagine what it could be. But you probably have a much better comeback than I ever could think of.

Jonathan Northwood posted a comment on Sunday 23rd December 2007 5:42pm for 4 - Promises

I have read this fic close to a dozen times, and this chapter never fails to leave me weeping.

cutecess posted a comment on Sunday 8th July 2007 6:33am for 4 - Promises

It might be the website mucking stuff up, but Sirius's will seems slightly over paragraphed, if it could be. Also, I don't think you need to put speech marks in every paragraph, just once (or twice, I suppose) for the whole speech. I love this story :)

rasberitwist posted a comment on Thursday 13th July 2006 4:11am for 4 - Promises

at first when i started to read this i was very sceptical , but i have really enjoyed reading this so far ...well done

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Sunday 25th June 2006 10:00am for 4 - Promises

The saints and sinners line was especially good. I almost felt sorry for Snape having to crawl through to the Chamber but the idea made me laugh too hard. I love the way Pansy kissed Harry AND Remus. They can’t seriously think they’ll break Harry and Pansy up, at least not when they seem them together. Happy death day song was evil but so funny as were the extensive Monty Python jokes. The use of turpentine was genius. Daphne made me laugh. “Wave a revolution in front of a Slytherin and the first thing they do is ask to sign up” made me laugh harder. That last scene was so sweet too.

Meg posted a comment on Saturday 25th March 2006 6:45pm for 4 - Promises

Tim, this is about the 4th time I've read this chapter, and I still sob at the end.


Looking forward to more of "Hope" as I re-read WKGQ. It's the awesomeness. :D


Viridian posted a comment on Friday 24th March 2006 12:25am for 4 - Promises

Ginny's epiphany was particularly well done!

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Tuesday 31st January 2006 7:52pm for 4 - Promises

Ch.4 - - This was great with Remus coming to Harry's side, and McGonagall doing what Harry would want even though she isn't doing it for that reason.

I loved McG's determination that her potions students would do better than Snape's.

Harry did a great job of winning over Daphne. Well written

Terrific dialogue!

Christina C. Keimig posted a comment on Friday 9th December 2005 7:24pm for 4 - Promises

God, how I laughed at the will-reading! I just love Life of Brian!!! Especially the end song.

Kyle Bissett posted a comment on Wednesday 16th November 2005 11:09am for 4 - Promises

If Sirius was going to go Python-esque during his will, he should have told Harry to watch out for blancmanges (In the science fiction sketch, which came out eleven years before Harry was born, a man named Harold Potter was the first person to be turned into a Scotsman by man-eating blancmanges from Andromeda as the first step of their plan to win Wimbledon. Seeing as Harry is the son of a prankster, you have to wonder if the name similarity is intentional.)

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Friday 16th September 2005 1:06pm for 4 - Promises

Each chapter gets better and better. You tell a mean story. I love the tenderness and love, the friends being true friends. This is so much more fun to read than most of the doom and gloom stories. I am hooked, you write and I'm gladly read.


mashimaromadness posted a comment on Tuesday 12th July 2005 12:10am for 4 - Promises

Oooh, I loved that. They're so cute together. I can't wait to read on. I'm so happy for them, it's so adorable. I loved it!!!

frazzled posted a comment on Saturday 9th July 2005 6:53am for 4 - Promises

Chapter 4 and I'm a blubbering wreck again!

I love how you are able to blend the serious, the sad, happy sad & hilarious so it reads so well!!!