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mysinger posted a comment on Monday 7th May 2012 12:48am

This was a fantastic story! One of the best HP stories I have read, and I have read many. It was funny, romantic, had a great plot and the ending was thoroughly satisfying. Thank you.

Ironhair posted a comment on Saturday 14th April 2012 1:17am

Thank you for persevering and finishing this interesting fic... Quite long and well rewarding for its readers.

94juzzy posted a comment on Wednesday 11th April 2012 12:26pm

Hi... I just made an account so I could review!

I have read this story about six times and I re read it like the re read the original potter books along with melandaleo, I love this story, it is funny, touchy and down right entertaining, it's exactly how I wanted the books to play out; Harry discovering he is powerful, not just an ordinary person (kinda).

i just want to encourage you if you ever wanted to, to write again especially an "after the war" fic with the canon unfortunately being j rowlings ending, coz I know you said you wouldnt do another one for TMW.

And if not, again, I love this and it is amazing! I will forever re-read it!


Madams73 posted a comment on Tuesday 1st November 2011 4:04pm

Absolutely wonderful story. Thank you so munch for all you hard work and time that you put into it and still be willing to share for free.

thank you

Sweetdoggie posted a comment on Friday 1st July 2011 6:55pm

You know, I thought I'd read this already, but somebody on a list pointed it out as a great story, and I often reread ones that I particularly like so I thought, why not? Then I found that I hadn't read it! What a treat, a great story, one I hadn't already read, with fantastic plotting, just the right amount of intelligent, powerful Harry, and some wicked characterizations. You did an excellent job here. This is definitely going into my reread file as a favorite. Thanks so much for sharing your work.

Em Bug posted a comment on Tuesday 31st May 2011 4:13am

This is a very, very, very awesome fanfiction. It is most definitely, without a doubt, my favorite one on the internet. I like::
a)The good grammar and spelling, punctuation, et cetera
b)Bella & Narcissa's parts, they are very...interesting
c)Mmail-you should get a trademark or something for that!
d)Hermione's code, and Draco's....relationship-very different and Muggle-like
e)It definitely hints at adult content, but isn't way off limits? IF that makes sense???
f)Aberforth and HAOBb, quite original
g)The necklaces, as they are close to bonding, but aren't.
h)Well, I could go on and on, but I really don't think it would be useful.
1 thing: Your chapters are lllloooonnnngggg, and I suggest you break them up into shorter ones? I mean, they're fine, but...very long.
Oh, and the multiple animagi are great too, not overexaggerated, but there. :) Great Story!!!!

Andrius posted a comment on Tuesday 10th May 2011 12:54am

Loved it! A classic Jeconais story with strong characters, plenty of humor and action. It even made me like Ginny a lot more.

Andrius posted a comment on Monday 9th May 2011 2:15am

These Mmail things are hilarious, and an interesting concept too.

mikkpisst posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd March 2011 5:11pm

This is an amazing story. It absolutely the first harryginny storuy ive read that i liked, including canon!! It has been an amazing read and i salut your abilities as an author!

Opressedcashew posted a comment on Monday 7th March 2011 3:35am

I've read this story a few times, and I can say without a doubt that it is the best story I've ever read. The story is funny, hilarious really, yet when it gets right down to it, it's serious. That is the best recipe for a story. When you can get a message across to your readers and still make the story interesting, that is the sign of a story of epic proportions, and This Means War fits the bill. Congratulations on a truly remarkable story.

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Wednesday 19th January 2011 12:28pm

That was fantastic! I originally started reading this because one of my favorite fanfic authors recommended it in one of their authors notes. I think it was Abraxan but I'm not sure. Anyway, loved it! Some of my favorite parts were Ginny kissing Snape, the twins contemplating an explosive end, Ginny punching Cho, the Holy Grail Voldemort taunts, and the Mmail about Ginny and Harrys sounds. Very funny! I enjoyed reading it.

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Wednesday 19th January 2011 7:28am

Wow. The ministry should just be emptied of all former employees and start again from scratch. The incompetence is staggering! Great chapter, as always. ;)

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Wednesday 19th January 2011 6:11am

Oh my gosh! That scene with the Teddy got me choked up a little! It was so sweet! Well done!

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Wednesday 19th January 2011 4:44am

Vernon and Petunia can die. I don't care about them. I hope Dudley and Sheryl make it out ok though. Although, now that I think about it, Vernon and Petunia should get more punishment than a quick death.

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Tuesday 18th January 2011 5:51pm

Haha!! Best prank ever! Great job!

Rick D Gale posted a comment on Wednesday 29th December 2010 9:47pm

This has to be one of the all-time classic Harry Potter stories.

The concept of M-mail is just incredible! And the way you use it is truly an art form – That’s why I’m reading the story again.

With this story, along with ‘Hope’ and ‘White Knight / Gray Queen’ (and others – but those are my favorites), you have insured yourself a place in the Harry Potter Fan Fiction Hall of Fame! (Now if you could get RossWrocks to finish Power of Time we can all be happy).

Thank you for your talent and your willingness to share it with us mere mortals.


reddude posted a comment on Thursday 16th December 2010 4:55am

Great story, love it

Quincy posted a comment on Thursday 9th December 2010 9:33am

I generaly don't nitpick too much, but I'd like to point out that you state earlier in this fic that butterbeer is non-alcoholic and then include a hangover cure for it in this chapter.

Dragen posted a comment on Monday 22nd November 2010 9:50pm

Great work mate, but I have to say you never did explain what 'Amorous Mode' of the map did... do you know what it does and if so could you email me what it does at

Tammin posted a comment on Monday 18th October 2010 6:03pm

I'm happy to see this finished. You realize that this is so far one of the only stories that the cannon relationships worked. I don't think the spear tackle was to oc as Hermione knock out Malfoy with a right cross in cannon and as was elaborated in the story she acted without thought. Good job adding the movie references and keep up the good work.

PS. Can you imagine the looks on the faces of the Purebloods when they found out that the WizardNet was created by an American Muggleborn working at Bern in the 1980's. The Horror, The Horror. Agony, Oh Agony.