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reader1writer1 posted a comment on Monday 9th July 2012 12:07am for Part 1

I've enjoyed this. I look forward to more

wcm posted a comment on Monday 2nd July 2012 4:36pm for Part 1

Can't wait to see the last (?) chapter of the series. Does Albus finally come around? Do we finally get to see what Harry's capable of?

McShane posted a comment on Thursday 14th June 2012 5:54am for Part 1

Excellent! I've been waiting for this :D

Banner posted a comment on Saturday 9th June 2012 2:28pm for Part 1

I reread this series from the beginning, and I am thoroughly delighted by it. You've kept the Addams just as creepy and sophisticated as they should be. This story is bookmarked in my favorites file, and I can't thank you enough for it.

Wolf470 posted a comment on Tuesday 15th May 2012 2:00am for Part 1

Great start, I'm compiling these into a single volume for my kindle.

npetrenko posted a comment on Saturday 12th May 2012 9:33pm for Part 1

Wonderful chapter. Please update soon.

Eric Oppen posted a comment on Thursday 3rd May 2012 6:23pm for Part 1

This is wonderful! Keep on going! I love this kickass version of Harry!

JeebusV1 posted a comment on Sunday 29th April 2012 9:21pm for Part 1

One of my favourite series' around, glad to see you continuing with it. So rare to find a good Potter/Addams Family crossover, despite how much fun can be had with them. Keep up the good work.

Almadynis posted a comment on Sunday 8th April 2012 10:02pm for Part 1

I Love this story! I can't wait for more. Thank you for writing!

BaronDracniil posted a comment on Friday 30th March 2012 6:07am for Part 1

hope you continue

Chiyo posted a comment on Friday 23rd March 2012 1:48pm for Part 1

It's not really possible to express how much fun these stories are

Mistress of Potions posted a comment on Wednesday 21st March 2012 4:01am for Part 1

This story has takken more than a few twists, each better than the last. I look forward to reading more, hopefully soon.

Zamia posted a comment on Tuesday 20th March 2012 7:10am for Part 1

Nice start to the year. As they say, no pain no gain. Suerly Harry & Wednesday need some easy time. Very enjoyable read. Cheers.


Tenchifew posted a comment on Monday 19th March 2012 10:34am for Part 1

This is one of the best series I have read ever.

The best Addams/Harry Potter crossover without peer. Simply brilliant.

Characterization, politics, battle scenes... Everything is done extremely well.

Snape, a character I usually depose, and with good reason I like to think is believably transformed into someone I like. Incredible.

Thank you very much or sharing this grand tale, eagerly looking forward to next chapter.

WillLack posted a comment on Monday 19th March 2012 7:45am for Part 1

i seriously love this story - but would love to have more of Harry and Wednesday's private interactions or even pillow talk - I assume Daphne & Hedrmione are going to involved physically with Wednesday if not Harry - love the Minerva & Marcus byplay lets have more of that

darkplayer35 posted a comment on Monday 19th March 2012 3:36am for Part 1

Great chapter. I have always like this series and look forward to seeing what animal they picked. I also look forward to seeing how Harry and the others' Fourth year will change. It has a ton of potential. Please update soon.

Silly_Billy posted a comment on Sunday 18th March 2012 4:55pm for Part 1

Welcome back with this great story.

Plots within plots, a promise of future the generation AND sexual innuendo!

Who could ask for more?...well, all of us really.

Fantastic word pictures – I love it!

kyoshi posted a comment on Saturday 17th March 2012 7:01am for Part 1

I'm really glad you returned with the Addams family as they are so fascinating! Your writing is so professional I feel like I'm reading a Patterson novel. Who are going to be the bad guys I wonder, hope their unique. best regards kyoshi

keichan2 posted a comment on Thursday 15th March 2012 7:25pm for Part 1

A giant white leopard? It seemed a cool one... I wonder what they wanted it replaced with... I'll take a guess and say two powerful magical animals (a dragon and a nundu?) It was a great chapter, as always. I hope to read more soon!

brad posted a comment on Thursday 15th March 2012 2:09am for Part 1

Certainly no love lost between Narcissa and her ex-husband! The idea of her having only a Victorian understanding and appreciation of marital relations was amusing. Not sure about a fourteen-year-old Wednesday tutoring her in same!