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SilverusSnape posted a comment on Wednesday 28th October 2015 4:55pm for Part 1

I am wondering if you have finished this yet? I SOOOOO want to see dumbles get his! I love this whole series and can not put into words how talented and wonderful I have found your stories! please keep up the good work!!


whydoyouhavetoknow posted a comment on Saturday 19th April 2014 8:06am for Part 1

I quite like Narcissa here.

WhiteElfElder posted a comment on Wednesday 6th February 2013 3:00am for Part 1

Oh lord, Narcissa really has no idea what she has gotten into with the Clan.

dreammyth posted a comment on Sunday 13th January 2013 2:23am for Part 1

Love it (As always!)

Can't wait for more!

OlorinBlack posted a comment on Wednesday 12th December 2012 3:51pm for Part 1

Needs to be more of the story. It's far too unfinished

wrhicks13 posted a comment on Friday 30th November 2012 5:08am for Part 1

could not find the contact button on your page

now that you are done with Hogwarts dawn are you comming back to The Perfect Slytherins

TEC posted a comment on Saturday 24th November 2012 4:12pm for Part 1

Fascinating tale. I really like how all the characters are coming together under Harry's Clan Addams banner and I look forward to finding out those answers you allude to.

kyoshi posted a comment on Monday 5th November 2012 2:10pm for Part 1

Great story.

Araytigre posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd October 2012 5:51am for Part 1

Good on Daphne. Just a SWAG here, but kinda based on Harry's Patronus, I think that his animagus form will be a Dragon, or at least something as powerful and magestic. Wendesday on the other hand, not a clue, but I'll throw out that what ever it is, she will be the female of the same species. WOW, I can't wait for the next chapter. This series is incredible. Thank You. TTFN

Mliyanagamage posted a comment on Wednesday 17th October 2012 2:51am for Part 1

Is this going to be updated any time soon? It's sooooo good. Please continue

Chessicfayth posted a comment on Monday 1st October 2012 10:06am for Part 1

I don't know how to describe what reading your stories does to me. I find myself laughing so hard that I cry, and can go from that to instantly questioning some long held beliefs about myself.

I have read nearly all of your posted work here, having discovered you only about two weeks ago. No matter what style, which characters, what themes (you even wrote a good crossover, making you the second author i've seen able to do so, out of thousands), you never fail to deliver a good story. I do hope that you find yourself with time to write soon, and while I admit to the selfish reasons for it, namely so that I can read it, you are also one of a few authors who I hope finds time to write because I can tell you enjoy it.

Thank you for sharing this with me.

johfra posted a comment on Tuesday 18th September 2012 5:53am for Part 1

have just finished reading have loved every word thank you

ILikeToRead posted a comment on Saturday 8th September 2012 11:14pm for Part 1

Great to see the inclusion of Cissy. Nice ritual and I can't wait to see their forms. Thanks for sharing!

James Barber posted a comment on Saturday 18th August 2012 11:17am for Part 1

wow I didnt even know this had been I reckoned its a good thing that I updated my profile to get mor mature and adult stories then....

you know there are some great and outstanding authors of harry potter fanfiction all over the net but I still think of your story "this means war' as the best hp fanfiction story ever written, then added bonuses are of course Hogwarts Dawn and the white knight with pansy story you have....thanks for writing them.....

Ken Warner posted a comment on Wednesday 8th August 2012 10:04pm for Part 1

Somehow I missed this when it came out in the spring, and am horribly sorry that I did.

I thoroughly enjoyed the family dynamics and the way you used them to build the plot

thaks so much for sharing your stories and the wonderful site.

fluffle posted a comment on Saturday 4th August 2012 11:43am for Part 1

Adore! more please!

Davideg posted a comment on Wednesday 1st August 2012 1:24am for Part 1

well just finish going back and rereading all these and i still love them please continue on to part two of year four soon please

johfra posted a comment on Saturday 28th July 2012 11:32pm for Part 1

i have enjoyed this story very much will there be more

kyoshi posted a comment on Wednesday 18th July 2012 9:29pm for Part 1

Great story. You've a brilliant mind. Hope you can add some humor, how about Luna? Or maybe the Weasley twins.

Pheonix84 posted a comment on Friday 13th July 2012 6:40am for Part 1

one of the best written stories I have read. When is the next chapter coming out?