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nounours4 posted a comment on Saturday 27th January 2018 12:01pm for No Good Deed

À maximum of sweets. I'd liké it.

SanJose32 posted a comment on Friday 1st July 2016 8:26pm for No Good Deed

I really like this story, particularly as an ardent Harry/Cho shipper. This has to be my favorite all-time one shot with this pairing. I also like the Snape/Draco/Crucio stuff that goes on too and the Harry-Dumbledore interactions. The first person writing is good and unique. Seems to capture where Harry's mindset is at this point in his life. The idea that Cho would help the good guys wage a PR campaign is an interesting one. As far as the rarity of this pairing, are the only other ones on this site the two chaptered fics by Draco664, to whom you dedicated this story?

I confess to not fully understanding the part about only changing one thing. The change was that Cho didn't see Harry on the Hogwarts Express at the beginning of year five? Does that mean nothing happened between them that year? The crying kiss scene in your story seems to reference the crying kiss scene in OOTP as Harry says he doesn't mind the tears this time, so I'm not sure. Also, the rebirth of the Defence Association with Snape's leaving, wasn't that title coined by Cho?

To summarize, I really enjoyed your story. It was sweet, clever, interesting, unique, well-written, etc. Cheers!

Nytefyre posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd January 2013 3:17pm for No Good Deed

Interesting to see maturity on both sides. The answer to the Cruciatus is innovative, yet has a nice logic to it. I like Cho's ideas about PR, too.

Thanks for posting.

sanbeegoldiewhitey posted a comment on Sunday 23rd December 2012 7:44am for No Good Deed

I did not know I will like it this much. And I finally read a nice Dumbledore. There's just too much bashing of that character.

LordSia posted a comment on Friday 4th May 2012 6:01pm for No Good Deed

Very interesting. And a brilliant point - ignoring the walking talking charlie-foxtrot that is Dumbledore, if Harry had the first clue about what he was doing it would all have been over by the end of the sixth book.

Marauder Neyo posted a comment on Monday 20th February 2012 1:15pm for No Good Deed

LoL! This story has it all! Drama, action, romance, humor, etc. ;) Loved it! :D Everything really is unexpected when it comes to Harry... :)

eddiecurrent posted a comment on Friday 25th June 2010 2:35pm for No Good Deed

I think only Harry Potter and the Autumn Swan has done Harry/Cho as well. And it's a "hell you thinking, people?" couple for me, so it takes more to make me accept it. You do it here.

Ryder654 posted a comment on Wednesday 10th March 2010 2:41am for No Good Deed

This has to be one of the best Harry/Cho fanfics ive read. Good job!

delrusant posted a comment on Friday 21st August 2009 10:12am for No Good Deed

Nice twist of fate, the butterfly decided not flow with the current this time ;-)

Loved it.

Hytekrednek posted a comment on Wednesday 8th April 2009 2:00pm for No Good Deed

I really liked this story as well. Yes, I'm probably going to sit and read all of your stories before I find another author to read. This one chapter has definitely got the possibility for a pretty good bigger story. Looking forward to the rest of your work.


Aelita posted a comment on Thursday 27th March 2008 5:41am for No Good Deed

Wow, not a fan of Harry/Cho fics but this one was really really good! I loved it! Thank you so much! Could there maybe be a sequel?

kyoshi posted a comment on Wednesday 26th March 2008 11:37pm for No Good Deed

great story wish you would have kept it up though. Best regards

xtp11 posted a comment on Tuesday 11th March 2008 9:09pm for No Good Deed

I've read a lot of fan-fiction, and I just want to say that this story ranks right up there in the top-10 short stories. Excellent point, and well-told. Almost sorry the story was complete, I liked that relationship a lot, it was nice to have something other than the usual pairing.

rune1806 posted a comment on Saturday 8th March 2008 7:14pm for No Good Deed

very well done, was beliveable that it could happen that way and how no man (or women) knows all. It takes many ideas to form a plan that works.

Mionefan posted a comment on Friday 25th January 2008 11:59am for No Good Deed

Hmmm, I'm not a big Cho fan, but this one seems to work well. I must say, I like your writing style

Mark Willson posted a comment on Monday 14th January 2008 2:11pm for No Good Deed

This is brilliant. Is there gonna be any more?
I'm amazed that I actually like Cho in this story. Well done.

Drifter950 posted a comment on Monday 12th November 2007 5:22pm for No Good Deed

I enjoyed this reading this one too.


May the MUSE be with you!!!

Kali_Potter posted a comment on Sunday 4th November 2007 12:57pm for No Good Deed

I like it.

Aelita posted a comment on Sunday 28th October 2007 6:25am for No Good Deed

Love it! Great job, I usually only read Ginny pieces but I am really glad I read this one!

ladyimmortal posted a comment on Tuesday 17th July 2007 6:03pm for No Good Deed

I *LOVE* how you write Harry in your stories! You give him a mature edge he is missing in so many other stories. It's not overdone but he's not the immature, whiny, kid he was in so many stories (or the books) either. HE THINKS.

Sure he has to be hit over the head sometimes with a bludger - and Cho wields a good one.

And I liked your Cho - a mature, kind and very, very intelligent Cho - just the kind of girlfriend Harry REALLY needs...