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Marauder Neyo posted a comment on Monday 2nd April 2012 4:28am for 9 - London

'Ich Bin Ein Berlinner'? What does that mean exactly? I am cluless. Tsk tsk...


And putting the GRYFFINDOR QUIDDITCH TEAM back together was a complete bonus! I really cried during that part... :')


Keeroo92 posted a comment on Friday 21st January 2011 5:21am for 9 - London

Great duel! I wouldn't have thought of diverting the cruciatus to Harry. Nice job!

token posted a comment on Tuesday 17th August 2010 1:17pm for 9 - London

"Oliver Wood was in the sort of mood where every single shot was a personal offence and was treated as such." This is my fav line in the whole fic. Really you write some very very good quidditch.

Abraxan posted a comment on Saturday 3rd July 2010 1:13pm for 9 - London

The Quidditch game between Harry's team and the Hogwarts staff was terrific, but that duel was priceless!!! Well done! I am well and fully entertained! I LOVED seeing Malfoy so excellently trounced!


Mistress of Potions posted a comment on Sunday 25th April 2010 5:10am for 9 - London

Your betas were right.

ficbob posted a comment on Saturday 16th January 2010 3:36am for 9 - London

Harry's relationships with Minerva and Viktor is an excellent touch. And then you top that with a superb quidditch match. And Draco gets stomped by his own stupidity. Excellent all. Thanks

fallenhunter posted a comment on Monday 14th December 2009 8:26am for 9 - London

I love this, and have not even finished reading it.. I only have one question.


I have read, at last count.. near 50,000 books(hell, I own a fifth of that myself) in my 40 years.. and I have RARELY seen an author who could mix, serious issues, with a spat of TRUE comedy, while staying focused, believable, and REAL. I only wish I had an inside to someone at a publishing company that I could send a copy of this to... even if its unpublishable (other than as not for profit fanfic), its a damn good work that shows your talent.

Someone find a publishers talent scout and get this man (or woman, as case may be, please forgive my ignorance), a CONTRACT!

I think what I have said, revels what I think of the story, I have seen few if any problems... minor grammar and spelling issues any good paid editor would have fixed. Not that Fanfic Betas are not DA BOMB... but still.

I will be reading the rest of the work that's published by this artist, and quickly before someone gets him/her under contract and they force it off the web!

Aberbadger posted a comment on Sunday 24th May 2009 10:06pm for 9 - London

one obvious team name, if they can build a ground there, would be the godric's hollow griffins...

dimriver posted a comment on Thursday 9th October 2008 5:24pm for 9 - London

It's amazing how much joy I get picturing Malfoy running into a tree.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Tuesday 17th June 2008 5:10am for 9 - London

Good chapter to a good story.


arwen posted a comment on Thursday 8th May 2008 5:56pm for 9 - London

I really love your writing. I've read this story about four times so far :)

I just have an issue with morality in this chapter. Fred and George state that their consciences prevent them from keeping money they win on a sure bet.

I accept that Harry bends a lot of rules to improve life for a lot of people, but is cheating at betting really one of these stupid regulations that are all right to break? Even if you donate the money that you steal, that doesn't make it all right. If somebody stole your wallet and donated the contents to charity, would you be all right with that? Fred and George had insider information and used it to cheat.

Betting on Malfoy is not a crime. I find it hard to believe that every person who bet money on him deserved to have their money stolen, even in fanfiction. Gambling is not a crime either. Don't you think Harry would be a little indignant if Malfoy found some way to win the whole thing, betting and winning millions of galleons on it?

Logically, either taking money from people on a sure bet is moral or it isn't. If it is moral (which I don't accept), then keeping it is all right. If it's immoral, donating to charity doesn't make the fact that it's stealing all right. What you do with stolen money does not change the fact that it's stolen.

Cassie_Heart posted a comment on Saturday 5th April 2008 10:57am for 9 - London

this was so cool and i really like how harry thinks through this all that his friends have really moved on and they havent they are always there for him when needed so great please never stop writing is is so good to see the way others view what could of happened

Jitz posted a comment on Friday 8th February 2008 12:39am for 9 - London

Oh man i wish u had written Professor McGonagall's reaction to the team!! It would have been priceless for i imagine she would have found great delight that the best team ever to play in Hogwarts is the team that she holds close to her heart!! It would have been great to see her reaction!!!! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BRILLIANT!!!

Aurilia posted a comment on Sunday 14th October 2007 3:07am for 9 - London

I agree with you - I've only ever heard it as 'another thing coming' too.

Matthew Blair posted a comment on Thursday 23rd August 2007 4:19am for 9 - London

Hey I really like this story just wanted you too know that the tick tock dinner, that is well known is in Clifton, NJ not in NYC sorry I hate people who point out small stuff but I am from the area so I knew it and assumed you didn't know. But like I said I really like this story kinda wish you would add a epilogue too it.

Viridian posted a comment on Friday 1st June 2007 11:51am for 9 - London

Er, didn't Harry cook breakfast a lot for the Dursleys? Why was it said earlier that he couldn't cook?

Professor Vector as a beater was a nice mathematical pun.

I should have seen the 'forming our own club' thing coming a mile away, and I didn't... Great job sneaking that up on us!

I agree with you on 'anothering thinG coming' I've only heard it pronounced that way, and since this is dialogue, the common usage argument stands.

Okay, and now he is cooking? Okay, you explain it. But seriously, is it such a big jump from cooking breakfast to other meals? Even I can do a pretty good Bachelor Hash...

My goodness, Trelawney displaying competence?

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Sunday 13th May 2007 10:32pm for 9 - London

Yay for the amazing-ness that is this, the greatest of stories. I don't know why I only just got your alerts, but it has happened to me before with you site. Not that it bothers me all that much, your stuff is worth the coming to check. I love it, it's even better than I remembered, and that's really saying something.

Oh, by the way, I can almost garuntee that it's "another thing coming." I've never heard it any other way. Not that I distrust the skills of your betas, but as far as I know you're right...

Cale posted a comment on Saturday 7th April 2007 10:34am for 9 - London

You are a wonderful, wonderful author. Truly. I feel sad that for now there is no more, as I want more.

Go for it.

netty820 posted a comment on Wednesday 4th April 2007 7:54am for 9 - London

i am absolutely loving this fic and would love for you to update soon

Ron posted a comment on Monday 2nd April 2007 2:34pm for 9 - London

Tim, any idea when you will update the .PRC files for download? TMW is complete, but the final chapter(s) haven't been put in the PRC file. Neither has this latest chapter of Hope.