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Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2014 9:26am for 3 - Normandy

Too damn noble for his own good, that boy!! *GRINS*

Keeroo92 posted a comment on Thursday 20th January 2011 2:45am for 3 - Normandy

Damn!!! That's one he'll of a revelation! Poor Harry, he never gets to control ANYTHING in his life...

LadyJade7210 posted a comment on Monday 6th December 2010 5:03am for 3 - Normandy

i must say this truly explanes the bond of a veela and her mate if only a true veela could explane things this easyly......

ficbob posted a comment on Friday 15th January 2010 2:18pm for 3 - Normandy

Great chapter with a bit of mystery and the start of a game of romance. Looking forward to more

Cassie_Heart posted a comment on Friday 18th April 2008 10:02pm for 3 - Normandy

this was the most dramatic thing i think i have ever read of urs, i luv it, it is creative, dramatic, romanic and more. i totally luved it. keep writing PLEASE. i luv ur writing. its like no matter how many times i read this it just gets better and better, like when i read the HP books. sry u will have to get used to me speaking my mind sometime i type, think, and speak without thinking. it is like i just do it cause it is natural and much easier then tryin to think things through even though it can get me into trouble. oh crap im doing it again. sry. any way i do luv this chapter of the tale of a girl and a boy with a small strand of sometimes unforgiving HOPE.

Scott Spieler posted a comment on Monday 13th August 2007 2:45am for 3 - Normandy

There's something wrong with your time in this one. 2 ends with He will ask Jean tonight about dating Gabby, then he sleeps at their house before asking him. Guess it could have been a nap but I didn't get that impression when reading it.

Excellent chapter though I think Harry should have quizzed her harder before leaving. His anger seems too sudden.

Well written and I love the story.


Daily Prophet Reporting posted a comment on Monday 11th June 2007 11:09pm for 3 - Normandy

Wow! That was one serious turn to the contentious. Obviously you'd made it clear that Harry was beginning to put the pieces together, but I didn't expect the revelations to be so sudden or explosive. Still, I must say I'm pleased and impressed.

It's obvious there's not going to be an easy romance now, and I find that encouraging. It seems you've set a stage where your characters are going to have to grow and develop trust to fit together and I think that's a nice change from your other novel-lengths. You've also set a stage where you could have gone dark just as easily as turn out a happy ending. If I didn't know this was a "fairytale", from this point I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this end with an honorable but miserable Harry or an insane Gabrielle.

I appreciated that the rest of the chapter was was set in a way that it let you give us a good close-up look at many of your secondary characters. It's interesting, for example, that Jean calls Harry a knight when he better fits the description himself. A war hero of obviously cultured taste who is a leader of men and lives in a castle? Doesn't get much more knightly than that.

Aimee is also an interesting character because, though she's half Veela and Gabrielle is envious of her looks, it's her intellect and intuition that stand out most. From their first meeting she reads Harry better than just about anyone else in the story, and she also knows exactly to catch his attention. The combination of her instruction to Gabrielle and her subsequent entrance to the pool-side scene might be the most clever -- and pleasantly vivid -- images you've given us so far. I also enjoyed the interplay between Harry and Bill. It helped lightened the mode, and I think it strengthened your connection to canon roots nice.

But my favorite character in this fic so far is probably Ron. I liked his resistance in Chapter 1 and I was really impressed by how easily you made him understand and accept the consequences of his actions in this chapter. It's obvious he wants what's best for Harry, and so far in this story that makes him pretty unique.

I wasn't a big fan of the flashback, though. Structurally, I think you would have been more natural to use first person and let Jean really tell his story if you needed to have a secondary flashback within the flashback. And I thought the idea of Harry systematically hexing all his allies over an extended period of time was a bit much to take, both on the Super!Harry scale and within the characterization of him as noble, inspiring scale. But maybe that's just me.

Either way, I'm very much looking forward to seeing where you go next. You've thrown your characters into quite the quagmire and It'll be fun watching them try to dig themselves out.

Thanks as always!

Viridian posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 7:48pm for 3 - Normandy

That conversation between Hermione and Ron was just a little scary. But I do like how you are writing a grown-up Ron.

Nice answer for why Harry goes arse over teakettle in the Floo... I wonder why that never occured to me before!

The wine tasting exposition was educational, but there seems to be a contradiction between 'more color=older' and 'red wines get paler as they age'. I know very little on he subject, but those two facts seem to conflict.

"starfish on the bum" = Bwahahaha!

And the big revelation that caused all the controvery. I still think they were wrong to conceal it all this time... Harry not only couldn't form romantic attachments, but he had no way of knowing it wasn't him. Damn lucky it didn't trigger a suicidal depression at some point. But we've beat that horse to death.

MonkeyAxman1302 posted a comment on Monday 7th May 2007 2:57pm for 3 - Normandy

I'm glad that you didn't drag the manipulation out for that long. Good chapter.

Hermetic Alchemist posted a comment on Monday 9th October 2006 5:55pm for 3 - Normandy

And I just realise I screwed up the quote. It should of course be

"Cry Havoc! And let slip the dogs of war" (Mark Anthony - Julius Caesar)

Hermetic Alchemist posted a comment on Monday 9th October 2006 5:37pm for 3 - Normandy

I've thought it several times and finally am posting this.

Shurely it should be

"Cry God for Harry, England and St. George".

And while we're quoting Shakespeare how about using "Cry Havoc! And loose the dogs of war!"


xBizzle posted a comment on Saturday 9th September 2006 5:39pm for 3 - Normandy

I like how you displayed Ron and Hermoine in this chapter. The way they appear as a married couple is a lot like how I believed they would've turned out. I LOVE how you described Harry's reaction to learning out that he has been manipulated. How Gabrielle begged him not to break the connection, but all thought I think having her in a bikini would've proved more comical/sexier. I also believe his attitude towards learning about the bond is correct as well by having fought a war and having it affect Harry the way it did. I like how mature Gabrielle and how grown up she is. That is the kinda girl Harry needs. Bravo!

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Monday 26th June 2006 8:49am for 3 - Normandy

Was the for England and for Harry a deliberate Shakespeare quote? Silly girl, as if he would break the bond knowing what it would condemn her to. That's not our Harry. Excellent chapter though.

Harpy Prince posted a comment on Tuesday 16th May 2006 1:20am for 3 - Normandy

It's eerie that that was the precise outcome that would have happened when Harry found out, the anger, the begging, the ripping of the wards, the only thing that was different was the location. I thought it'd be in Beauxbatons.

Faith1 posted a comment on Friday 10th February 2006 10:26pm for 3 - Normandy


sirius009 posted a comment on Monday 30th January 2006 4:31pm for 3 - Normandy

finally a decent h/gabrielle fic

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Monday 9th January 2006 8:23pm for 3 - Normandy

Very good story. I am enjoying this very much.


phsname posted a comment on Monday 26th December 2005 1:08pm for 3 - Normandy


very well-written.

you truly give life to these characters.


mashimaromadness posted a comment on Monday 14th November 2005 10:12pm for 3 - Normandy

Wow, that is utterly fantastic. Really nice work on it. I'm almost afraid to see what happens next, but I'm sure I'll love it, so no worries. Goodnight!

Stone Cold posted a comment on Monday 14th November 2005 12:42am for 3 - Normandy

So far very excellent. As always you are able to paint a vivid world, and have excellent characterizations.

I am always thrilled to read a story by you, and it looks like in this one, I won't have the dissapointment of it turning into a threesome like the Harry/Pansy one did.