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Hagrid posted a comment on Sunday 6th June 2010 3:25am for 2 - Paris

I hate ter admit I ever said "Great Man Dumbledore," with out the "ipulater" after the word man. I don't think I've been as shamed since I meself was expelled from Hogwarts in my 3rd year. Now you take are of out 'Arry

ficbob posted a comment on Friday 15th January 2010 2:09pm for 2 - Paris

I like this Harry that has grown into a curious and strong man.

Nico.S posted a comment on Tuesday 8th September 2009 9:51am for 2 - Paris

Magnificent story,
absolutely one of the best I ever read
your style of writing is close to professional standard, I think
loved it
sry about my english, it isn't my first language

Cassie_Heart posted a comment on Friday 18th April 2008 9:14pm for 2 - Paris

okay this tale just gets better and better as each chapter goes on. I have read HOPE at least 3 times and i absolutly luv it. i mean every time i read it, it makes so much better i cant explain it. But it is just how i feel when read the HP books over and over. if i have said it once i have said it a million times this tale so fits the title. just a boy and girl hangin and clingin to a very thin strand of unforgiving HOPE. i luv it. but i do have to ask i have read quite a few of ur writings even though i havent commented on them all but any way back to my question is there a reason why in quite a few of ur tales or chapters Dumbledore is the bad evil guy. i mean have you never noticed it or is there a reason.

ROBERT_1958 posted a comment on Saturday 2nd February 2008 12:55pm for 2 - Paris

I like this story.

Keep up the great job.

Scott Spieler posted a comment on Monday 13th August 2007 2:41am for 2 - Paris

I love how they quickly find comfort in being together. Harry doesn't articulate that feeling but he never seems to manage it.


Zane posted a comment on Thursday 12th July 2007 4:14pm for 2 - Paris

I have to admit, the way you write Harry's internal conflict (with just about anything) is very well done.

Daily Prophet Reporting posted a comment on Sunday 10th June 2007 1:03am for 2 - Paris

Since I've already started, I've decided to keep going with this story. But don't think I've forgotten your recommendations. They're high on my (rapidly expanding) list of things to read.

First of all, I was happily surprised by the ending here. I appreciated seeing that Harry was wise enough to realize that his strings were being pulled. But I liked it even more that, rather than just getting mad or sulky, he needed to take an active approach to figure out why he was being manipulated. Of course, that advances your shipping plans nicely, but it also hints that there could be significant points of conflict between Harry and his allies down the line and that's only got me more intrigued.

Elsewhere, I realized as I was reading this that another thing you like to do in your stories is have Harry and his closes allies mold the environment around them to suit his needs or desires. You did it to a certain extent in WKGQ and TMW, but you're even more overt about it here. It certainly serves to show how powerful and respected Harry is that he can walk into a school for the first time and completely restructure the way the place runs the first week. And you obviously do need some sort of system of subdivision to do what you want with Quidditch, though with as little as we know about Beauxbatons, I'm not sure why you didn't just set the school up that way to begin with. Looking for extra reasons to make Harry and Gabrielle work together?

Anyway, back to Quidditch. I love the idea of an inter-school tournament. It's a really nice way of bringing fanon in line with what we see in the real sports world. It also gives you even more freedom with your setting (It'll be very interesting to see what you do with Durmstrang). But that it's such a tense subject is what's even more interesting. I can't say I'd ever considered the possibility of Harry's returning to Hogwarts for a Quidditch match being one of the biggest points of conflict in a fic. But if you're going to play up Quidditch in a story, you might as well play it up big time, right?

And that brings me to Dumbledore. I'm having a hard time wrapping my HBP-influenced mind (Dumbledore's man through and through) around the fact that he could have alienated Harry so much to make him avoid Hogwarts so vociferously. But I suppose it's a logical enough worst-case conclusion to have drawn from OotP, and like I said, it makes for a very thought-provoking point of contention. It also forces your Harry (both here and in WKGQ) to act more independently, which can only help develop Harry's character when you make him as powerful as you do.

Anyway, I know I'm rambling tonight, so I think I'd better leave it there. But Thanks as always for the interesting read!

Viridian posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 6:52pm for 2 - Paris

The 'cursed hair' line made me laugh out loud!

Gabby's comment on Fleur's performance in the Tournament was a trifle harsh, wasn't it?

Is the arriving 15 minutes late a real French custom, or a Beauxbatons thing?

With the possibility of corrosive liquids or poisonous gasses being released, is the fourth floor really a good spot for a potions lab? Even with charmed floors, etc... I don't think I'd want the room directly under that one...

Seeing Harry go into combat mode was chilling, and definitely sets the reader on edge. Foreshadowing? And now we know why he won...

Jean's soliloquy on how great Harry is seemed a little... maybe overdone? Like he was reciting a formal speech. Maybe there's a reason I'll discover farther in, but it was sort of jarring right then.

The vampire impression was a nice touch. Intimidating without breaking the Statute of Secrecy!

"“What have you done now?” Hermione sighed." Had me laughing out loud again. I guess some things never change, do they?

Albus' little stunt definitely takes the story into a darker direction as the plot kicks into gear, and segues nicely into Harry's growing suspicions.

Again, nicely done!

Silo posted a comment on Thursday 17th May 2007 3:24am for 2 - Paris

koool so are u going to update today so we get number 12

MonkeyAxman1302 posted a comment on Monday 7th May 2007 12:42pm for 2 - Paris

"I shall teach these ruffians what happens when they interrupt Nosferatu’s dinner" Absolutely hysterical line!
I like that Harry is suspicious, he just isn't dumb enough to fall for this.

I think that Harry helping to re-develop Beuxbatons school into this house systems seems a little far fetched for someone who is a flying instructor.
Thanks for writing.

Steve Stephan posted a comment on Monday 29th January 2007 9:13am for 2 - Paris

I have to say that I'm with Harry on this one, it's feeling artificial(sp) and rushed. I think Gabrielle would stand a better chance if she came clean.

xBizzle posted a comment on Friday 8th September 2006 1:06pm for 2 - Paris

WoOt..another chapter done! Boo!Draco Malfoy. Maybe he dies sometime at the end or turns out gay maybe? HAHA. WoOt for my new favorite ship...Harry and Gabrielle!!!

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Monday 26th June 2006 8:34am for 2 - Paris

Harry’s vampire impression was fantastic – how could I not love it? Love the normal rules not even talking to Harry. Poor Boy, he gets manipulated at every turn.

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Monday 9th January 2006 7:06pm for 2 - Paris

Outstanding story.


phsname posted a comment on Monday 26th December 2005 12:38am for 2 - Paris

excellent ending to this chapter...

this story is developing very well, im enjoying it immensely.


Bharath posted a comment on Friday 18th November 2005 4:36am for 2 - Paris

Brilliant stuff... I like how you're able to find the right kind of romance between Gabrielle and Harry... I was obvious that they couldn't have an exactly conventional relationship, and you've incorporated that really well. Update soon!

kupchoi posted a comment on Sunday 13th November 2005 2:15pm for 2 - Paris

Great story,keep up the great writing

Rocky235 posted a comment on Friday 4th November 2005 5:16pm for 2 - Paris

I like the story and the characters.

Your writing skills are first rate

Junky posted a comment on Friday 4th November 2005 11:42am for 2 - Paris

Hurrah for Tim!

I'm sorry, but today was the first time I saw all the stories on your site.

A long time ago, on the first day you opened Cacaphony on, you gave me the direct link to your Harry/Pansy story. At that time, I did not even glance at your other stories and am regretting it.

Just today, someone gave me the link to the site again, recommending it and I saw the increase from the previous 2 writers i.e. you and Draco664.

And ... I read every single piece of fanfiction on the site. Marvellous work, I tell you.

Unfortunately, what this site doesn't have ... is the update date. I have no idea when you last updated so I cannot possibly irritate you about releasing another chapter which, unfortunately, I often do since my craving for excellent works such as yours cannot be satisfied.

I love this story as well and hope that you may update it soon.

As usual, Tim aka Jeconais has outdone himself.

P.S. I did not want to post a single review for every story, so I just wanted to thank you for the Harry/Daphne fic; it was brilliant, and the Harry/Padma fic which was equally so.

Now I am off to delve more into the wonderful world of Jeconais fanfiction. Good luck!