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Author Notes:

Welcome to a world of fairytales, where good is bright and beautiful, and evil is dark and ugly, and skulks in corners, hiding from the light.

Welcome to the spiritual successor to Hope.

Hope was a story that wanted to be a fairytale, but didn't go far enough, and because of it, it fell a little flat at the end.

Happily Ever After has no such pretensions toward being anything other than what it is.  Happily Ever After is a story of a handsome prince and a beautiful princess.

This story was born from a innocuous post from Ishtar, a simple idea, that I quickly became obsessed with.

The idea referenced Sleeping Beauty, and from tiny acorns, oaks can form.

I have taken some liberties here and there — I occasionally use Pensieves as a plot device to introduce a flashback rather than have the person viewing see the memory, and I completely ignored (because I wrote it before the announcement) the whole Albus/Grindelwald thing.

Like its predecessor, Happily Ever After is meant to be enjoyed with a nice glass of wine, and some chocolate.

So relax, sit back, and read a story that began not so very long ago, in a place quite near, in an old graveyard.

"It’s time for bed," Hermione said sternly.

"Tell us a story first, Grandma," Sebastian begged.

"Yeah," Samantha agreed.   "We’ve been good all day!"

"What about when you got ice cream all over the kitchen?" she asked with a frown.

The two children turned to face their grandfather.

He coughed.   "That might have been my fault," he confessed.

"Oh, Ron," Hermione sighed.   "Okay, one quick fairy tale before bed.   What do you want?   Hansel and Gretel?"

"No," Samantha said quickly.   "Tell us the story of Sleeping Handsome."

Hermione raised her eyebrows.

"That’s Sleeping Beauty," Sebastian protested.   "That story is boring.   My teacher told it to me."

"No, it’s not," Samantha retorted.   "It’s the Wizard version, and all my friends say it’s the best story."

"Really?" Sebastian asked.   "Then tell us that one, Grandma."

Hermione smiled slightly, and settled back in her rocking chair.   "If you sit very quietly, I’ll tell you the real story of a Prince and his Princess, and how they changed the world."

"Yay!" the kids cheered together, before sitting down on the floor, pulling blankets up to their chins.

"A long time ago," Hermione started.

"How long?" Sebastian asked.

"Over a hundred years," Hermione responded. "Now, no more questions, or it will be straight to bed."

The two children mimed locking their lips shut and throwing the keys away.

"Now, a long time ago, in merry old England, there lived an evil wizard, and his name was Voldemort."

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