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Art Mulder posted a comment on Monday 27th June 2005 9:12am

Hi Tim,
For some reason I felt like browsing this old piece of yours, just for a laugh. Do you cringe when you read your old stuff? The core is really fun, and I think you could have written a fun A/U with it.

There are a couple of glaring canon errors: Parvati Patil having blonde hair? Ron claiming he'd been taking Divination for the past six years? But I doubt that you care about this thing to fix them.

Thanks for at least leaving it around in public so we can have a look if the mood strikes us.

Have you ever thought of putting a publication date at the top of your stories? I think it would be nice to be able to know just when the story was written.

Hmm, since you store your stuff in a database that would be a field you could add, and then you could add the option to your archive: List by publication date, list by pairing, list by ...


Anne posted a comment on Tuesday 21st June 2005 1:30pm

hey! i just wanted to say that i think that this fic is awesome, why did you abandon it?!

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Sunday 12th June 2005 8:56am

I've seen that last little speech before. Oh, that's right, it's from White Knight, Grey Queen. Awesome. Anyways, sad you've abandoned this, I would have loved to see what would happen next. But alas, you have already made a decision about the story. What could one do? Anyways, I loved it. It was fantastic

len vandiveer posted a comment on Friday 10th June 2005 12:01pm

Very good AU story. This point of view is not one I have seen before and I like it!

Danielle posted a comment on Sunday 5th June 2005 7:44pm

Yay! I think this is an awesome plot, haven't really stumbled across many fic's where Harry isn't known to Ron and co. Please continue, I fully support this fic. =)

Julia posted a comment on Sunday 5th June 2005 1:45pm

are you kidding? You've abandoned this?!?! Wowzer. I think that you really should continue if you ever get the chance because it's really great. Do you realize how many reviews you would get if you posted this on I've really enjoyed reading this, and if you ever have the time, please add more.

Stephan posted a comment on Saturday 4th June 2005 1:24pm

i like this story, but is there going to be more?

Patches posted a comment on Friday 3rd June 2005 11:01am

I really like this story. I understand that you abandoned it but I wish you would reconsider finishing it after you finish TMW and WK/GQ.

I would like to see how Harry and Sirius do on training their groups and how it works out.

Maxennce posted a comment on Tuesday 31st May 2005 5:15pm

Great chapter, definitely presents a completely different view as to what might have happened if Harry had been given to Sirius and trained for the remainder of his life. It also gives a perspective of what sort of a person he would become compared to that of what he is in the books now. I'm glad I read it. Keep up the great work Tim and I hope you had a great birthday

Biggie Smalls posted a comment on Tuesday 31st May 2005 1:40am

Well I agree with everyone so far. This is a wonderful AU, and I hate to see it go nowhere. I sincerely hope that you will pick it up at a later date. He's not so much Mr. Connor from The Terminator as he is Sagara Sousuke from Full Metal Panic. Please, please write some more of this.

Makieus posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 1:46pm

Like so may others, wish you wouldn't abandon this one, but we also want you to finish the others. Thank you so much for providing your writings. I cannot imagine the time and effort, not to mention the cost probably involved with your fics.

Keep up the good work


Brad Crawford posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2005 1:23am

wow i cant wait to read more of this story tim it sounds absoluteley wonderful! I cant wait to see what happens  between ginny and harry! 

Julia posted a comment on Monday 23rd May 2005 6:24pm

Hekate posted a comment on Friday 20th May 2005 6:53pm

Matt posted a comment on Tuesday 17th May 2005 9:41pm

I haven't read this in a while, but it's still enjoyable.  I do wish you would consider completing it.  Maybe make Harry's enemy himself.  Perhaps have Lucius play upon his dark side, the weapon that he is.  Anyway, it was just a thought.


Greydon Creed posted a comment on Monday 16th May 2005 2:40pm

It's a shame that you have this fic in the abandoned section, it looks to be a real winner.  Please reconsider that status, as I ( and many other readers I would wager ) would enjoy reading this story.

Besides, who would not like reading about a Harry Potter that seems to be crossed with John Connor from the Terminator movies? *grin*

Hoping you restart this story,

As Always,

Greydon Creed

parakletos posted a comment on Monday 16th May 2005 1:50pm

I do like this Tim. I know it won't get finished, but I did re-read it last week and enjoyed it a lot.