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PhoenixAnkaa posted a comment on Friday 3rd February 2006 7:33am

I have been successfully avoiding reading this particular piece since seeing the abandoned tag placed on it. Against my better judgment a friend highly recommended the read so after a little internal battle I relented. I am now quite upset I did so...

I really hope you reconsider in your abandonment of this piece. It is a very different take on Harry's story and quite a fun read. I am enjoying Harry's character and of course any form of Malfoy bashing is received with my utmost pleasure. I think you have a very promising story started and feel it would be a waste if it were never seen to its conclusion. I REALLY hope you reconsider!

PAT MAHALA posted a comment on Thursday 2nd February 2006 7:31pm

Are You grooming Harry to be the next DADA teacher? Harry is far better off with Sirius and the army (what army?) then the Dursleys, which gave him nothing.

Hood posted a comment on Thursday 2nd February 2006 8:45am

I was just looking at a story on and came across a story by onoM that is her continuation of your stroy aftermath did not know if you had heard about it yet just thought i woulsd let you know and to thank you for the wonderful stories you post

Aaran St Vines posted a comment on Sunday 29th January 2006 6:10pm

This needs to be a story going forward. Harry the weapon needs to be come Harry the human being, teenager, and regular guy to some degree.

I look forward to it.

Excellent concept!

ridmania posted a comment on Saturday 28th January 2006 11:21pm

love it

Jay-F posted a comment on Friday 27th January 2006 6:24pm

I rather like this, hope to see more soon,
Thanks for wrriting,

Cycla posted a comment on Monday 23rd January 2006 11:27pm

I just finished reading this chapter, and I so hope that it will be jound by others very soon.

I am really enjoying how you are portrying(I know spelling is not my strong suit to say the least.) Harry and Ginny in this story.

I also find it funny and can see that Hermionie reacted just that way to the new clothing that Harry made for them.

Gena posted a comment on Friday 20th January 2006 2:12pm

this story is really good i wish you would right more

Gena posted a comment on Friday 20th January 2006 7:19am

this is so good i hope you will keep it going...
I think it would be cool if Harry goes trys out for the team... Ginny being a chaser and Harry a seeker and well that the thing with malfoly happens as you say... harry is near a beater and takes the bat and a bulger comes at him and he hits it at malfoly....
Or better malfoly is picking on ginny and a bulger comes at harry and everyone thinks it is going tohit him but he goes and chaches the bulger out of the air and throws it at malfoly.... yeah that would be so cool.... Have a sadie hakensons at the school with the ball... I think it would be cool if you had some how have it so they find out he can speek snake malfoy thinks that that will work against him and harry talks to the snake and half way thourgh have him put a spell up so everyone knows what he is saying.... I really like this it is very good i hope you write more...

Harry talks to Snape about Ginny - asking for love advice. Snape is as embarrassed as hell, and doesn't know how to respond.
Harry - not dating Ginny yet - visits the Burrow for Christmas. When he gets there, Fred and George are pranking, and he shouts, "Down and give me 20" and Fred, George, Bill, Charlie, and Percy all drop and start doing press-ups... because they all know Harry pretty well, because they worked with him during the war.
A Quidditch match, where Harry is a beater (size and strength) agaisnt the Slytherins... He see's Draco as Seeker foul Ginny as Seeker, and whacks a bludger as hard as he can - straight into Draco's face - knocking him out and letting Ginny get the snitch.
The duel with Sirius
i like all of them they are so good and have harry ask snape about girls before he goes to the burrow and stuff then have harry take ginny to the dance before hand... But as friends... Or have him go with someone else please this is so good keep writing it is so good please write more please... i really can't wait... i had to wait till i got to school to review because my computer at home won't let me well bell just rang got to go.... And i can't wait to read more it is so good...

Rachel1 posted a comment on Saturday 14th January 2006 8:31am

I don't see why you abandonned this story, I love it! I really think you should continue it.

Elle T posted a comment on Monday 9th January 2006 9:41pm

This is soooo goood
are you going to continue it ?
if your aren't please do continue
as i jsut love this story!!



ps send me an e-mail some time
Thankx again


LadyCathain posted a comment on Monday 9th January 2006 7:03pm

I was so pleasantly surprised with this story. I am enthralled by the uniqueness of the plot. Please finish this. I will eagerly await another installment.

I believe this is the first time I've read any plot like this. It's an exceptional idea. I'm quite intrigued by the notion that Harry still gravitates toward Ginny even though they do not share their history together in the Chamber. I'm also interested to know how Dobby came to be free at Hogwarts eventhough Harry did not free him. Interesting I must say.

Bernd Jacobitz posted a comment on Monday 2nd January 2006 1:36pm

This would be a brilliant start for a most fascinating story.
Any chance for more of it?

noylj posted a comment on Sunday 1st January 2006 9:29pm

Is there more to this story or is it dead. I like this Harry a lot. And Ginny ain't bad either.

Puck1 posted a comment on Sunday 1st January 2006 5:26pm

Would you be willing to let me take this story over?

EricThorsen posted a comment on Thursday 29th December 2005 9:23am

Interesting idea, would make a good longer story if you continued it sometime.

Denea Bertles posted a comment on Monday 26th December 2005 9:16pm

I really love all your fiction, and I especially enjoyed this story. I'm sad that you have abandoned it, but I do feel like it should be said that the fellow who has picked it up is butchering it quite terribly. It's not so much that he is writing a bad story, but in continuing yours he has no respect for what he started with. I don't know if this is important or not, (and it certainly doesn't need to be) but I know that I would be upset if someone did that to one of my stories.

Hoss posted a comment on Saturday 24th December 2005 12:37pm

So so

piad2691 posted a comment on Sunday 18th December 2005 5:14am

I noticed that this story was aboned, but I liked the way you wrote "This is war", so I could´t help myself.I had to read it......

It´s great, kind of beautiful.

Please, do go on with "Aftenmath". It could be very interesting to see, just how HP will act together with "normal" people, now that the really big bad wolf is gone.

Matt posted a comment on Sunday 11th December 2005 7:10pm

I know this has been abandoned, but I still think it has a lot of potential. I know Harry is 'all powerful' and everything, but there's one possible enemy out there for him to fight: himself.

After being trained for war all of his life, he is his own worse enemy. Throw in the diary and Basilisk and you could have an interesting story.

And it would give us whiny readers something else to read. :-)

Enjoy your holidays and tell your mother I said hello.