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The Resident posted a comment on Wednesday 12th September 2007 11:08am

Absolutely what I needed. A wonderful bit of silliness that brought many smiles and chuckles during the time it took me to read the existent chapters. I do hope your stream of consciousness decides to sprout another carrot like these. Keep up the great work.

Vayne posted a comment on Tuesday 31st July 2007 12:43pm

Very impressive. One of the flat-out funniest fics I've read lately.

Amarin Rose posted a comment on Sunday 29th July 2007 8:05am

*snerk* Oh, this is funny! I do so hope there will be more of this; Bugs trying to find a Lola for Harry has got to be one of the funniest concepts I've ever heard! :D

Adam posted a comment on Sunday 29th July 2007 1:38am

Now this is a lot of fun, thank gods I found it whilst working the weekend, it really brightend up the morning lol. At least with bugs around we can rely on the humour factor remaining high :)

anyway now I have found this I will keep and eye open in case you poast another chapter.

Alice Kendalwood posted a comment on Wednesday 25th July 2007 3:42pm

Ha! That's one of the funniest things I've ever read, especially Susan's little ploy at the end. I love Bugs Bunny!

Nights_Silhouette posted a comment on Friday 20th July 2007 6:57am

Please keep it up.

Arkantos posted a comment on Wednesday 18th July 2007 1:24pm


this story is just too hilarious!

i cant contribute, as i have a very drab imagination.
but i beg you please continue this.


Kal posted a comment on Friday 8th June 2007 1:58pm

Just reread this as I despritly needed a laugh today. Ever get scooped.... on your dissertation project? My brain hurts terribly, but now I have laughed enough that my coworkers have questions about my sanity.
Fanstastic work! Thank you for writting!

Brian Campbell posted a comment on Thursday 31st May 2007 11:31pm

I haven't laughed this hard since "Make a Wish" on Please, Please, Please write more!

See, I'm not too proud to beg!


Hutcho7188 posted a comment on Wednesday 30th May 2007 11:03pm

SWEET GOD MAN HOLD EVERYTHING!!! This is the greatest single peice of writing i've ever read...
and thats saying something considering i've read the rest of your fics.

Travis Slone posted a comment on Tuesday 29th May 2007 5:43pm

By all that is holy, if Bugs' magic depends on it being funny, what happens when he meets the Twins? It's bound to happen once Harry mentions that he's part owner of a joke shop.

Chris Steadman posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 4:35pm

I do hope you go on with this one, in whatever way works for you. I've not laughed *this* hard reading an HP fanfic is a *long* time.

It's just too funny to be properly described! Kudos to you!

Puck1 posted a comment on Friday 18th May 2007 7:06pm

Love this, Jeconais!!!

Evan Mayerle posted a comment on Thursday 17th May 2007 4:53pm

*snicker* Taking another look at this, the scene with Hermione reminded me of a line from John Ringo's "Through the Looking Glass", "She failed her sanity roll."

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Wednesday 16th May 2007 4:40am

Well, I'd hope that all the coven decides that its wasteful to fight, and why noth share Harry instead? Will be really looking for more of this in the future, and with Sam thrown into the mix, as well as the girls getting really into it now, can't wait to see Voldemort made to maybe sing opera untill he explodes.

Wonderbee31 posted a comment on Wednesday 16th May 2007 4:33am

Great to see this, always loved Pepe and his attempts at love, and the fact that it wa Minerva made it both funny and creepy at the same time. Also nice to see that Harry saved her, and the way things went from there. Can't wait to see more of this in the future, and who Bugs might set Harry up with.

brad posted a comment on Tuesday 15th May 2007 11:02pm

Heh, is it sad that I found Bugs' ruminations on Harry's need for a girlfriend somewhat touching? I guess Lola Bunny might claim that I'm a romantic as well.

Of course, Bugs and I are at cross purposes here, because as you know the ONLY girl for Harry is one Hermione Jane Granger. But I fear his criterion - 'no hero needed to be nagged over doing hero stuff' - was put in explicitly to disqualify my girl? :-( I note you didn't mention her in your Author Notes :-(.


Stories like this remind me as to how darn clever and fascinating this fandom can be, with clever things like this being written. Bugs Bunny at Hogwarts!?! It's fun stuff, thanks!

Donald McLeod posted a comment on Monday 14th May 2007 2:18pm

Haaaa haa. I love Slytherin Pufs ther soo miss juged. I feel sorry for Sam..NOT. Never much of a Ginny fan I think that the coven girls all have a good run for Harry even Prof McGonagall (she'd have to have great fur and a brilliant smile). Ok she do'nt have a smile jest great fur. Well its over the top goog thank you.

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Monday 14th May 2007 4:57am

The Coven of Hogwarts is a great idea. And Harry being the target of all those girls will be great. And I loved Susan's manipulation of the slytherins.

And as for Ginny, it will be funny if Bugs sees her as someone who's trying to get between Harry and his girl-bunny.

Hmmmmm. Luna in a bunny suit....

Sorry. Zoned out there for a moment.

Great job. Very funny. Thank you.

Tom A.

ed king posted a comment on Sunday 13th May 2007 7:16am

Oh dear. I just thought of the future. A toon for each house..
Wile E. Coyote-Slytherin
Elmer Fudd -Hufflepuff
Marvin the Martian-Ravenclaw.

I'm a bit conflicted by the last but I can't remember anyone else who fits the "brillient" catagory except "Wile E. Coyote, Super-Genius. I've already found a house for him..