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Tildessmoo posted a comment on Friday 6th January 2006 11:39am for part 12

I love this story so far! Keep it up (and I notice you switched from calling Xander a "brunette" to a "brunet;" as a fluent francophone, I must say good for you!) I'm quite interested to see where this goes, and also to see how Dawn lands Xander in the end. And how Spike really feels about Buffy; even with all the betrayal and Betrayer stuff he seems to care about her, if not her friends. Only one problem I see: Glock, eww. Cheap, jam every tenth shot, no stopping power. Xander's Sig doesn't just look cooler, it works better, and a decent Colt, S&W, Baretta, H&K, Llama, Pheonix, Desert Eagle (they don't _just_ come in .50 cal), etc. outperforms without outpricing by too much. Sorry, my father and brother are such gun buffs I couldn't help but pick something up. But, really, talk to a cop who was around when their department switched from whatever they were using before to Glock 9mms; they'll tell you how much they suck in comparison.