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Tildessmoo posted a comment on Friday 6th January 2006 12:28pm for Part 14

You know, the Orb of Isis is starting to remind me of the Eye of Hazimel (or Hazimael (which, incidentally, is Arabic for "The Betrayer")). Might you be one of the lucky few to have read the Vampire Clan Novels? I miss Anatole. Though he wasn't _quite_ right about the Queen of Apples.
I thought Willow was smarter than that, though. Judaism is between five and six thousand years old. The basic animism, druidism, etc. on which Wicca is based are prehistoric, yes, but Wicca itself is only a couple of thousand years old, and Wicca as practiced today doesn't bear as much resemblence to the original religion as Judaism does to the religion of the ancient Hebrews (though both are much closer than Zoroastrianism; just a tidbit).