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deloresrenelewis posted a comment on Monday 8th May 2006 2:42pm for Part 11

I like how you call Daryl the nerd. gives the fic character.

ShadeHawk posted a comment on Wednesday 15th February 2006 5:59pm for Part 11

It's nice to have author who knows a little bit about hacking, and knows about Linux (and LKML). But I don't think that one would choose twm as a Window Manager. It is lacking major features, written as an example of WM in bare XLib, and not really low on resources. I would think that one would choose WindowMaker, Blackbox/Fluxbox/Openbox, IceWM or FVWM or some other less known Window Manager, but not twm!

And it is Firefox, not Firebird from some time now. Although... which year the story takes place? First was Mozilla, then browser only version appeared under the name of Phoenix, then the name changed to Firebird, and shortly after to Firefox.