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Quizer posted a comment on Monday 23rd January 2006 5:25pm for Part 08

No matter how often I read this story, I'm still as addicted as ever. Did I mention that I've never seen a single episode of Buffy on TV? It's writing skill such as yours that can make people read this stuff despite that.

...Peter, James and Harry being the original owners."

Three names, and all of them familiar from the other type of fanfiction you write. I wonder if this is coincidental. Is it? :D

I also noticed a spelling error in this chapter that you might want to correct.

“Sorry, last track of time.” (Ian)

It's probably supposed to be 'lost track of time'.

You might also want to check the various stories for inappropriate apostrophes. Contrary to popular belief, pluralization does NOT require the addition of an apostrophe under ANY circumstances. I keep seeing this a lot, weirdly enough especially from people who write really good stuff, like you. I had to remind 'Bobmin' of the same mistake already and I think I saw it on one or two other stories from this site network. WHO THE HELL TAUGHT YOU THIS?!!
I strongly advise you search for the keyword " 's " through all your documents and remove whatever issues of pluralization apostrophes you may find. Honestly, it hurts seeing this kind of n00bish-looking mistake in an otherwise perfect piece of work.