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kcgx23 posted a comment on Wednesday 1st July 2009 1:57pm for Part 02

I love it, looking forward to more.

elked posted a comment on Wednesday 4th March 2009 12:00pm for Part 02

Hiya again,

another question(s) from me. As promised/threatened I am slowly going through the chapters.

According to your description at the beginning of the first chapter the fight against the First went different than in canon. But what happend between Xander and Spike that they hate each other that much? I mean yes, in the beginning of canon they hated each other, but over time they started to hate each other less. I don't know if you could call it friendship or just truce, but the hate you describe here wasn't there anymore. So, what went different?

Why is supporting Buffy the only way for Willow to get what she wants? And how was Xanders reaction to Willow predictable for Spike? He didn't know that Willow would take Buffys side, did he? Or did you only mean Xanders reaction to the engagement?

Why would Xander negotiate the rebuilding of the High School for the first time five years after the not-ascending of the Mayor? Wasn't it rebuild before the fight with the First? Dawn went there and Buffy worked there, didn't they? And didn't the Scoobies get to the First by going to the Hellmouth which lay beneath the reconstructed High School?

Btw, I really liked your point about the Spike-babysitting-Dawn-thing. I mean yes, at that time he had the chip and the soul, but even before the chip he was hurting them all a lot more with his schemes and his words than with actual bodily violence. So what should have stopped him harming her? Having a soul doesn't make you a saint.

I hope you don't mind all these questions. Any answers would be most welcome.


P.S.: Sorry if the answers to my questions should be self-explanatory, but English is not my first language and quite often I don't understand things in their entirety.

Arkeus posted a comment on Sunday 4th December 2005 3:53am for Part 02

ouch. Seems like buffy and spike aren't in your favorite list lol, maybe things will get better. Am a bit disappointed in willow though.