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Starrarose posted a comment on Wednesday 26th November 2014 11:46pm for Part 01

Something that always disturbed me about Buffy and Angel or Spike. They're vampires. They have no bloody low because they have no blood. So... HOW exactly do they get it up?

jessicanewby posted a comment on Sunday 10th October 2010 4:32am for Part 01

Great introduction to the story, the only thing I might change is the scene where Dawn sees Spike and Buffy kissing, because all of a sudden she is frozen and then she is asleep while they have sex, so there needs to be at least a line about how she goes back to her room before they have their conversation.

elked posted a comment on Wednesday 4th March 2009 10:46am for Part 01

Hiya Jeconais,

a few days ago I found this story at the XanderZone. I really liked it and just couldn't stop reading. It was so interesting that I read the 15 parts posted there in one night. While looking for further parts I found an additional chapter at this archive.

And here we are: a couple of days later and I still got some questions in my mind about a few points. So I decided to read the whole story again (albeit at a much slower pace).

I confess that I haven't seen all episodes of btvs, but I thought that Spike fought for his soul because he loved Buffy. So why would he kiss someone else? Is he kissing the dark haired person to set up Dawn and get her to confront Buffy?


Infin1x posted a comment on Monday 7th May 2007 9:54pm for Part 01

Excellent story. I escpecially liked hom easy it was to hate Buffy in the beginningbut it slowly evolved to the point where you can only pity her. While I appreciate how quickly things are moving, it gives a good feel to the story, a week for all this to happen seems a bit to fast.