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Oldwolf posted a comment on Thursday 27th October 2005 7:49am for 8 - Finishing

Screwy and hillarious. An awesome series, though I think it might be best to reclassify this as Harry/ Pansy/ Ginny, but that's just me.

Ginger posted a comment on Thursday 20th October 2005 10:45am for 8 - Finishing

Please write what happens next please... pretty please with sugar on top please... Come on I read it too many times need more story... please

Kate posted a comment on Thursday 20th October 2005 3:13am for 8 - Finishing

Great story, not the biggest fan of the harry, pansy, ginny thing but it seems to work :D.

Really looking forward to the follow-ups, especially the quidditch match... But now I need to sleep! Your chapters are the longest I've ever seen.


Archean posted a comment on Wednesday 19th October 2005 10:07am for 8 - Finishing


This is one of the most realistic stories i have read. I've loved the way you have woven shades of grey into the story.

But somehow i find the story a bit incomplete since it stops midway between the last fight. Maybe it is a glitch in the server or a broken link.

Could you please look into it as this piece of fiction is rather addictive


Stone Cold posted a comment on Sunday 16th October 2005 9:58pm for 8 - Finishing

Excellent story. I truly loved reading it.

One of your best works.

And it really is awesom if my only complaint is that including Ginny somehow taints the great relationship you had building with Pansy and Harry. I'd somehow hoped it wouldn't turn into a three way, so I'm a little dissapointed in that.

Cliff Bryner posted a comment on Wednesday 12th October 2005 12:48pm for 8 - Finishing

Dear Jeconais'

I apologize, I haven't read your bio, or any of that. I just read your story, and confess that I couldn't hardly put it down. It was a masterful work. I'm a senior, and, although I don't want any of my 5 children (only one minor now) to read many of the fanfictions I run into, I would highly recommend yours (I'm talking of the morals, etc.). You must think a lot like me, as far as your treatment of right/wrong. Your story was by far in the top 5% of the skill and crafting, and very very enjoyable. My compliments.

C (a 56 year old HP fan)

kdorian posted a comment on Monday 10th October 2005 2:57pm for 8 - Finishing

I'm more of a slashe reader than a het reader, but I enjoyed reading this!

Spike of Doom posted a comment on Monday 10th October 2005 11:49am for 8 - Finishing

Fantastic story that will be one those that in a year from now ill read again! Hope to read the rest of your work. Ill never sneer at another Pansy/harry/Ginny?(is there any others lol) fic again.

josh charles posted a comment on Saturday 8th October 2005 3:44pm for 8 - Finishing

Awesome, incredible story! Is there a sequal? This is the story I've been looking for ever since I started reading hp fanfic, or rather the type of story I was looking for. I really hope there is a sequal already in existence, or being written, because you have alot of story to write still! thanks so much for taking the time to write this and I look forward to reading more of your stories.

Justin posted a comment on Wednesday 5th October 2005 10:11pm for 8 - Finishing

I'd tell you that this story was brilliant, but I think that might be an understatement. This is quite easily one of the best Harry Potter fanfictions that I have had the pleasure to read in some time; if not ever! You did a masterful job of mixing humor (loved Pansy ripping Draco a new one in front of the whole school) and romance (though, while I felt that while Pansy seemed to fall in love with Harry too quickly, you did a wonderful job of slowing the relationship down and having Pansy give Harry time to make his own decisions about how he felt and getting to really know Pansy for her true self and taking it from there). Good mix of action as well, the final battle scene must have been fairly tough to write, what with capturing wizards, muggles and any other variety of magical creatures and giving them their place in battle all the while making it realistic enough to picture in the mind. I look forward to the sequel for this story (please tell me you will be writing a sequel!) as well as the continutation of TMW!, truly one of the funniest HP fanfics out there. Once again, kudos for providing HP fans with some truly wonderful fanfiction and I also look very much forward to any new stories you might have cooked, HP related or original!

Manatheron posted a comment on Wednesday 5th October 2005 6:38pm for 8 - Finishing

Excellent story! just beutiful, and considering the fact that it took me nearly a day to read it (one of very few stories that has) an excellent oppertunity to waste a little bit of time!

I caught several Lord of the rings comments throughout this story as well as quotes from some rathero interesting inspirational writers in there to. also I had to take quotes on a couple of your characters, the thoughts you provided them with were far to in-depth to be limited to a single reading.

This has been a remarkably intellegent and adult story (A MAJOR complemnt I assure you) and I'm glad to see that you not only did NOT rush the relationships, but you kept everyone reasonably close to their personalities as well. Excellent! Keep up the good work!

Tom A. posted a comment on Monday 3rd October 2005 5:13am for 8 - Finishing

Good story. The various character's growth was done very well - Harry becoming more "realistic", Pansy becoming someone who Harry would like, her father becoming more legal, Ron growing up. All done very well.

I like the Marines blowing the hell out of Voldemort's army. The death of the giants was pretty funny. I'm glad you had the "deleted" scenes included.

I don't envision Tonk's morphing ability to work like it was presented, but it's not given in canon, so, acceptable.

Despite HBP, I still think Dumbledore has a lot to answer for, and still don't like him. You're depiction was very good.

Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

Tom A.

Thank you for writing,

Martin posted a comment on Sunday 2nd October 2005 11:01pm for 8 - Finishing

I really liked the ending. It was definitely unexpected. The battle was pretty interesting, and Ron finally using his head the right way was refreshing. As for the Harry/Pansy/Ginny thing, I kinda guessed, but I couldn't believe it cuz that's not your usual style. Overall, I think that this was marvelous.

KatelynEmma posted a comment on Sunday 2nd October 2005 8:05pm for 8 - Finishing

hi i just read your story again and love it but i have one tiff with it.....


Im sorry if i am being mean but i love harry and pansy together and you can hardly find any on the internet


Katelyn emma

Dax posted a comment on Sunday 2nd October 2005 4:31pm for 8 - Finishing

I'm not done with Ch 8 but I felt that this needed addressing before I continued. It didn't occur to me until recently but you are being a tad unfair to Ron. Harry & Pansy have had more than "x" amount of time to change their views of each other, their lives, etc via the Time Turner. Ron is being told that he has to change over night (Harry was skeptical at first too you know).

I know Ron is a prat and has done some EXTREMELY dumb things but unless you give him a Time Turner, let him go through the equivalent of wizarding Anger Management it's not really a realistic goal. He's told Harry how he feels; now Harry doesn't have to like what he's told but would he rather his friend be dishonest?

I’ve read up to Ron seeing Gin exit their bedroom and I’m sorry but if I were Ron I would have been wondering a thing or too (that’s a double take sequence at the very least). He asked a question, she snapped. He did nothing wrong (and if you address this I’m sorry but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Good story, will comment some more when I’m done with this chapter.

anaknisatanas posted a comment on Sunday 2nd October 2005 12:40pm for 8 - Finishing

Wow. I have to say this story was amazing! I think this is the best characterization of Pansy that I have ever seen! I am in awe over this story. This is probably my favorite het story in the HP fandom.

_GunFighter posted a comment on Friday 30th September 2005 2:29pm for 8 - Finishing

That was awesome. Really enjoyed this story and I do hope you will do some sequels. There is so much left to cover. Great story and very well told.


Lori posted a comment on Friday 30th September 2005 6:58am for 8 - Finishing

Thank you for hours of enjoyment. I've passed this link to two friends and they both felt the same.

I look forward to the rest of the stories.

Be well,

Aku Soku Zan posted a comment on Thursday 29th September 2005 10:16am for 8 - Finishing

You are responsible for my stupid all nighter... Thanks. The story was great, a joy to read. And now I am off to search for more of your stories ;) I look forward to the...sequals?? As they say in Borders "If you liked J.K.Rowling you'll love Jeconais"

Mono posted a comment on Thursday 29th September 2005 12:15am for 8 - Finishing

Brilliant! Although truthfully, when my brother told me about this story and how it had Pansy Parkinson as the female lead, I told him in no uncertain terms that I would rather bathe in bubotuber pus. No seriously, that's exactly what I told him. I'm a HP freak, I suppose.

I've got no constructive criticism, other than a single misspelling that I can't find anymore. Long chapter. (: I really liked the long chapter.

About the super redhawk, I happen to know that there is a revolver that is even BIGGER. Check out the Smith & Wesson Model 500. It's a new caliber, called the .500 S&W. It is 160% more powerful than the .454 Casull round, which is nearly 50% more powerful than the .44 Magnum. The bullet is about as big as a roll of quarters. It's frickin' HUGE man. Just thought you'd like to know. (:

So yeah, frickin' brilliant. And I know I'm not a Seer, but I think I see a threesome in Harry's near future! That would be so hot!