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yeKnotteMaster posted a comment on Saturday 30th July 2005 11:00am for 7 - Consequences

I'm very impressed- this story is great. A very believable variation, with excellent explanations for all of the events.

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Saturday 30th July 2005 10:49am for 7 - Consequences

Whether Hermione breaks up with Ron is up to Ron. (Harry *did* give Ron a wake-up call, however.) Quite honestly, Ron has a small chance to save himself (and his relationship with Hermione). What has me smiling is the depths shown with *DeLuscious Daphne Greengrass* (not exactly a primary character in HP), but what surprised me is that *Ginny* discovered the *other* side to Pansy's nickname (from Daphne) and actually used it in a joke (about Harry) to Pansy, and Pansy was late picking it up (and amazingly, *I* caught it right away).

Kyoko posted a comment on Friday 29th July 2005 10:08pm for 7 - Consequences

I love your story! ok now that thats out of the way i want you to know that you are a geneus when it comes to whighting and i cant wate for the next chapter.

David M. Potter posted a comment on Thursday 28th July 2005 7:37pm for 7 - Consequences

I do hope thst chapter 8 is not the last chapter. I love this fic and hope it continues.

ecocd posted a comment on Monday 25th July 2005 6:00pm for 7 - Consequences

I have only discovered this fanfic and I have to say that I love it. I just set aside the contrivance about the Parkinsons at the beginning to set up the plot and settled down to enjoy it. I have to admit I think the Harry's harem is a little odd, but I'm hoping that sooner or later Gin and Daph will find their own flames to chase after. At first I didn't really believe Pansy's "sharing" of Harry, yet after I thought about it, I decided it must just be in her character to do something like that. It certainly is a straightforward way of dealing with Ginny and I can see some (twisted) logic in it.

As far as chapter 7 goes, I really thought we would see a proposal, so I have to admit I was a little miffed. If you go through Chapter 8 without such a scene, you'll have a mutiny on your hands. ;) Keep writing, I'll keep faithfully reading.

Hexnut posted a comment on Monday 25th July 2005 5:08pm for 7 - Consequences

Small nitpick re Ginny's “So this is cereal?” — cereal is apparently available in Hogwarts, so I'm not sure why Ginny would be unfamiliar with it. E.g., Neville eats cornflakes in PoA.

maga posted a comment on Monday 25th July 2005 10:20am for 7 - Consequences

Ever heard of "Jeconaddiction"? I definitely needed your story to get over the frustrating experience of reading HBP. Thanks for keeping your readers alive!

Darkmoona posted a comment on Monday 25th July 2005 8:07am for 7 - Consequences

I discovered this story some weeks ago, when there were only six chapters but I don't remember if I reviewed then, so I'll just do it now as if it was the first time. I must say I'm extremely surprised to see how much I have enjoyed your fic, because I'm usually a slash reader and I only read het if it's very very very good and very very credible at the same time as exciting, which means it's usually a traditional pairing like H/H or H/G. I'd never read a H/Pansy before nor I would have believe it to be credible. But I read your story recomended in a yahoo group and they talked so well I decided to have a look. And now I'm in love with this pairing, so much that I think I'm going to look for more that are similar to your story. I love both your Pansy and your Harry; they are young but confident and hard working, I love that they are not quite light nor quite dark, that Harry is so powerful because he's worked for it and love how he takes charge. Pansy's parents are very interesting characters as well and just what Harry needed. And the whole Ginny's problem is focused in a very mature point of view.I look foward to reading more, so please, update asap because I'll be waiting, but take all the time you need to keep up the good quality and the length of the chapters. See you soon! (I'm sorry for any posible mistake, english is not my native language)

stormmaster posted a comment on Sunday 24th July 2005 10:57pm for 7 - Consequences

hoo boy! didn't see that one coming! and by "that one", i ment dumbledore's comment at the end. excellent chapter as always. keep it up.

Carlos posted a comment on Sunday 24th July 2005 5:24pm for 7 - Consequences

wow, great chapter, you are terrific writer and all of your stories are amazing and always leave me wanting more.

Talix posted a comment on Sunday 24th July 2005 12:06pm for 7 - Consequences

Excellent story so far! I'm really loving it (as I do all your stories, I must admit). This is a pretty good reason for not updating This Means War!, I have to admit. ;-) I can't wait to see the ending to both of them.

Thank you very much for writing, and sharing it with us!

Jadeite posted a comment on Saturday 23rd July 2005 9:22pm for 7 - Consequences

Oh My god! Another long wonderful chapter from you. You are really one of my favourite author. I really hate it when an author came up with a good story then gave it up in the middle of the story but I have never had that problem with you.

I prefer this story to Ginny/ Harry story. No any offence or dislike to Ginny but there are so many Ginny/Harry out there it has become clique.

A Harry/Pansy is more difficult to find and well written ones are harder.

Give your self claps and pats on the back ^_^

nurray posted a comment on Saturday 23rd July 2005 2:26pm for 7 - Consequences


I'd say a lot more but I stay up all night reading this and now as it is 08:25 in the morning I am going to bed.
Will be looking forward to reading the next chapter.

Thats the problem with a good story, you eventually get to the end of it.

Richard posted a comment on Saturday 23rd July 2005 12:45pm for 7 - Consequences

Very nice part. Loved how you ended it. Who is going to teach DADA now?

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Saturday 23rd July 2005 10:55am for 7 - Consequences

This story impressed the hell out of me. Let me know when you update.

Sam posted a comment on Saturday 23rd July 2005 8:37am for 7 - Consequences

That chapter was so cool! Dumbledore's finally getting with the program. You better not let anything happen to Tonks! Is Harry finally going to battle Voldemort or are you going to make us wait? YOU BETTER UPDATE SOON.

Youri posted a comment on Saturday 23rd July 2005 2:36am for 7 - Consequences

wow... never had i thought a harry/pansy pairing would be so enticing. i read it in 2 goes, mainly because i had to go to sleep in between goes. in a way, it's better than TMW, because it doesn't have the sugary sweetness of that one. if you write a story like this or like TMW with a harry/hermione pairing, you'll be my hero forever.

what i find a bit strange is that you didn't write what happened with pansy and ginny talking after the kiss. i'd think that would hold some pretty important things. and perhaps as a different story, cause i can't see you fitting it in this one, write harry with 2 girls, choosing between the pansy of this story, ginny and hermione. i've got no doubt you could make it work. i'm now eagerly awaiting chapter 8 of this story.

one thing i'm a bit off about is the r/hr pairing. that doesn't really concern you, as it's a personal thing. i don't really like ron, far to jealous for my liking. also, with the last book, i've added hypocritical in the mix.

anyway, hope to read an update of any of your stories soon, cause you're a hell of a writer.

PS. whoever is doing the pics in TMW, make them draw more, they're very good.

Christopher L. Estep posted a comment on Saturday 23rd July 2005 12:18am for 7 - Consequences

*Thunder and Lightning*! (I'm not talking about the Parkinson horses, either.) Harry rather sneakily co-opts Croaker, Shacklebolt, Moody, and *all* the Weasleys (except Percy) while capturing Nott and getting him to confess with the literally oldest trick in interrogation, wizard-style (good witch, bad witch, worse wizard), which then enables Harry to co-opt Tonks, frighten Snape, and, amazingly, co-opt *Dumbledore*. And this was *after* frightening Umbitch into resigning and getting Snape fired, not to mention co-opting *Aragog* and his kids, and even painting Fudge into a corner.


Matt posted a comment on Friday 22nd July 2005 9:49pm for 7 - Consequences

Great job! You've carried the characters forwar nicely and given them more depth as usual. I'm not sure that ron is capable of the one-day epiphany and assume that you will explain his miraculous recovery from what I would only wish could be terminal stupidity later. Maybe your Ron is simply learning the things that he needs to in order to truly become one of the three. IN any case, thanks for a great (and most extensive) read.

tlslick posted a comment on Friday 22nd July 2005 7:23pm for 7 - Consequences

Ilove this. I have found to enjoy this more than the last book. please keep wrighting.