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Slytherin66 posted a comment on Saturday 1st May 2010 9:42pm for 7 - Honest Abe

Brilliant chapter a nice surprise about Bella, they capered around the table in an unholy dance is an image I may laugh about until my last day. What a place to end the chapter.

joy glennie posted a comment on Friday 24th October 2008 1:19pm for 7 - Honest Abe

what a cliffhanger!

Cassie_Heart posted a comment on Sunday 27th April 2008 9:12am for 7 - Honest Abe

great chapter. luv this tale

MOD posted a comment on Thursday 13th March 2008 3:06pm for 7 - Honest Abe

Hey! Did someone tell you that you are really good!

Jabe Washburn1 posted a comment on Friday 23rd February 2007 1:13pm for 7 - Honest Abe

I love the benevolent Harry, always willing to help out anyone, any time...

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Friday 26th January 2007 10:51am for 7 - Honest Abe

I loved the song, it was good, very origial. I absolutely loved it, as always. I know, my reviews are boring, but always complmentary!

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Tuesday 26th December 2006 10:45am for 7 - Honest Abe

Good stuff.


rocky_griffin_az posted a comment on Saturday 2nd December 2006 7:55am for 7 - Honest Abe

the cliffys are always good when subtle. this was defenatly a good one. i thought i would point out that my machine needed restarted before i could go on to the next chapter and my family was on line so i could not read the next chapter until later. even with reading it before it was still a nag to have to wait. oh and i found a mistake to insted of too, i'm a terible editer so when i find one it's shear luck so even more so with this author, and bata

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Tuesday 27th June 2006 6:41am for 7 - Honest Abe

The Weasley boys are so funny. Pansy had better think twice about setting Harry up like that — I don’t think he’d be so magnanimous in his revenge against a non-family member. "Working for the downfall of the Dark Tosser for fifteen years" was a brilliant change. I loved it. Tommy boy was also genius. Ooh, ow, poor Harry!

Christopher Estep posted a comment on Thursday 12th January 2006 2:31pm for 7 - Honest Abe

Severus Officially Gets A Clue, and smacks down Minerva in the process (concerning Harry). Harry is growing both as a person, and magically, with an ease that is plain and simply *frightening*. He's getting just as powerful using wandless magic as he is using a wand (if anything, he is elevating wandless magic to an art form). The Mmails are flying fast and furious between all parties. Pansy talks Marietta into trying to set Cho after Harry again, and Bellatrix wants out of the Death Eaters (you DID read that right; in fact, she sent several Mmails to Severus on the subject and wants him to bend Harry's ear). Harry and Aberforth talk to Fred and George about kickstarting Honest Abe's Original Butterbeer and create Original Butterbeer plc (A Brit Master Limited Partnership with a 30/30/30/5/5 split with Fred, George, Aberforth Dumbledore, Harry, and Ginny). Abe also becomes a consultant to WWW.

Wooster posted a comment on Thursday 17th November 2005 8:50pm for 7 - Honest Abe

ok, you must have the most awesome betas alive because there are so few mistakes in your fanfic. i really don't like to nit-pick, and i normally don't catch little mistakes b/c i'm too caught up in the story...but i'm REreading this amazing fanfic and i caught this word...and i figured i'd alert you. normality, i'm pretty certain is not a word. i believe the correct word is 'normalcy'

hoping that you update this amazing story, and soon..."Bertram Wilberforce Wooster"

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Friday 4th November 2005 12:28pm for 7 - Honest Abe

Really good stuff. So enjoying this.