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Kail posted a comment on Monday 19th December 2005 8:38pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

I like this story - read nearly six times through so far, and will likely continue to reread it - it's that good!

Constructive criticism: nothing to point except the infrequent grammar errors that always seem to creep into one's writing (and while I am in no means in your league, I have a few posted stories, none of which I have been able to make completely free of such). Great characterizations, smooth flow from scene to scene, and a blend of genres that leaves you hungry for more (like you couldn't guess...).

About the only thing I'd like to know really is if there is a prequel story or chapter or two (and I did see the note directly above that states this is not a sequel or remake) as there are several things alluded to - such as the mmails that Harry kept sending off to Sirius that summer, and how Sirius eventually got back.

And now, I will step over to that corner and wait patiently (read: camp your site and check every day) for the final chapter. I agree whole-heartedly with your sentiment - write it the way it should be, don't be pushed into doing it - not that it's my decision, but I hate it when I see a good author stop writing because people keep begging for the next chapter. See ya!

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Thursday 3rd November 2005 7:14pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

Brilliant, that was some fine writing. I am enjoying this very much.


Ted Rolle posted a comment on Wednesday 21st September 2005 10:05am for 1 - Surprise Snog

A great read. Just a few typos. It needs shortening. Remove adverbs; actions require an active verb.

On to the next chapter!

Valerie posted a comment on Monday 13th June 2005 10:07pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

I love the story...i read what was on and i agree with the hypocricy over there. If you can't put a song that is imparitive to the plot in a freaking story than what good is the story line. anyways this is my second time reading it and i'm still hooked. love the story and already signed up for the update email. thanks so much for your story's. will always keep reading so keep it up please.bye

Andy posted a comment on Thursday 2nd June 2005 4:47am for 1 - Surprise Snog

I just started reading this - recommended by Alaranth 88... I love it so far!

Except Remus' middle initial is J. It's canon. :D

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Monday 30th May 2005 8:43pm for 1 - Surprise Snog

I am a faithful reader of this story, and I totally support your decision to leave I have been upset with them for a very long time, because they do have increasingly strict and rediculous rules, as you said, when all people really want to do is read and write. It's all innocent enough. So I have set up alerts for your site, as I cannot live without your stories. I do hope that these other stories you said you were going to post will be here, because I can't wait to read them. Always faithful to your writing, no matter where you move,