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These Dreams was updated on 2nd Feb 06

Status: Completed - Rating: Mature - Chapters: 2 - Word count: 18,798 - Genre: Action/Adventure,Angst,Drama,Tragedy

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"From the beginning, there were a few things I knew for certain: Mum and Dad loved me; dragons were way cool; and Harry Potter was the bestest wizard in the whole world. More things became certain over time, and a lot of those things developed nuances over the years, but the core truths were unshakable."

The last in the Heart trilogy, comprising off All Night Long and Alone

1 - These Dreams
Word count: 15,081 - Reviews: 142 - Rating: Mature - Uploaded on: 25th Jan 06

2 - These Dreams :: These Dreams - Epilogue
Word count: 3,717 - Reviews: 123 - Rating: Mature - Uploaded on: 2nd Feb 06