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AngorMike posted a comment on Friday 13th September 2019 1:47am

I'm liking the story.

One thing that stuck in my mind was how you had willow complaining about their ages, being five years apart. It really shows how Willows can be viewed as a touch hypocritical in this instance, seeing as how she was encouraging a 17 year old Buffy to date a 200 year old vampire.

gadriam posted a comment on Monday 29th June 2015 7:48am

You know, this story is soo close to being finished. The way you write these days would lend itself nicely to a story like this, so why not use it for my amuse...I mean, why not use your powers for good? You obviously had an outline for it and even made a brief teaser comment.

Refusing to give up hope,


MasterRahl posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd December 2014 4:28am

Your story is intense and I like it. I kind of had the feelling Xander is going to wish he just shot Buffy and Willow and then Caleb when the two protected the vamp, Buffy and Willow have clearly been compromised.

chrwain01 posted a comment on Thursday 23rd October 2014 12:26pm

Rather enjoyed this, despite that certain squick factor of experienced women in young girls' bodies. (Could she not have mojoed/ potioned herself older/ found a freind to help?)

Caleb as smart rather than simply unstoppably nutty was a nice touch and the Wednesday inclusion was both unexpected and refreshingly original..

Thanks for sharing :)

MATRUCO posted a comment on Thursday 21st August 2014 7:20pm

I really like it, wish it was updated

the DragonBard posted a comment on Friday 2nd August 2013 5:43am

Started out interesting, then became a Buffy-Bash, and I lost all interest.

gadriam posted a comment on Wednesday 5th October 2011 3:01pm

You know, this really is a captivating story. What it needs now is a strong twist. Buffy deciding to side with the First, because at the time of the First, no concept of evil would exist so the first evil couldn't be evil. It's dumb enough for her, and twisty enough to make a good plot from. On the other hand i understand i you never finish this. It's a bit like a strategic computer game. When you have all the pieces in place, the conclusion isn't very interesting. Ah well, you brightened my day. Thanks.


Addlcove posted a comment on Tuesday 29th March 2011 6:15am

still waiting for that final part :p

enjoyed the reread though.

LordSia posted a comment on Thursday 9th December 2010 7:30am

Awesome. Now update! Me want more!
You get cookie!

NuitTombee posted a comment on Saturday 6th November 2010 4:43am

I do hope that you can eventually come back to these wonderful BtVS stories.

Good luck and kindest regards,


P.S. I think reading your BtVS stories might have ruined regualar BtVS stories for me.

Jim_xinu posted a comment on Friday 30th April 2010 5:37am

Very nice... Again, I never had an interest in Buffy stuff before, so it's my first reading. I see a few similarities to your later Addams/HP cross in places, but I like this a lot. Thanks for sharing it with us.

darthridian posted a comment on Friday 23rd April 2010 1:54pm

just found this story mate, great writing and hope u finish it sometime.

keep up the great writing.

loatroll posted a comment on Saturday 17th April 2010 8:05pm

Interesting stuff!
Thanks for the excellent read!

Paul Blay posted a comment on Sunday 28th February 2010 9:02am

Nice story, but the "future summary" section starting with
'As Dawn had said...'
rather messes up the flow of things.

Wolff posted a comment on Tuesday 19th January 2010 7:30am

I've always loved this story. It's got pretty much the perfect mix of action, humor, and drama. Dawn is amazing, and Xander is exactly the kind of badass most of us secretly wish we were. ;)

I realize that you're sort of revisiting this concept with Perfect Slytherins, but I hope that someday you pick this one back up.


crazyfoxdemon posted a comment on Saturday 21st November 2009 4:33am

This is pretty interesting... I like how you've used the Soilder's memories to integrate Xander into the military..sort off.... I hope that you may continue this... Please?

gadriam posted a comment on Friday 23rd October 2009 2:03am

This story really needs finishing.
Otherwise, I'll never be able to grow my nails out, and that means I'll never be able to pry the lid off the USB port of my brand new cellphone.

How's that for an argument?


Jhawksun posted a comment on Wednesday 26th August 2009 1:40pm

please update this soon.

wolfey posted a comment on Monday 18th May 2009 11:59am

wow this is the best dawn/xander i have read. plz update it soon.

pyrobabe7713 posted a comment on Friday 12th December 2008 7:54pm

uuuuupppdddaaaaattttte. yooooouuuuu knnooowww yooooooouuuu waaaaannt toooo... haha please? consider it a christmas present to all your adoring fans.