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Hannah posted a comment on Sunday 9th October 2005 10:52pm for Satisfaction

Poor, poor Ron. His fault. DAMN!!!!!! Wish I was Ginny purely for the *sigh* sex...oh well

goddessa39 posted a comment on Saturday 13th August 2005 9:33pm for Satisfaction

Lol! Loved the end. Happy that they're happy. And I have a strange fascination for twins... I mean making others have twins. Not ... You inderstand. Grr!

Sheena posted a comment on Friday 29th July 2005 5:58am for Satisfaction

this is great really good stuff cant wait to see what happens in the end.
hope new chapters will be up soon

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Wednesday 20th July 2005 10:28am for Satisfaction

“Sister. Harry. Kitchen table. Didn’t stop. Told me get out. Harry destroyed fireplace.”

It'll be funnier if the group that manages to grab his kids causes the parents to show up sans clothes becuase of the rush and Ginny blasts them into oblivion before they both port out again.

Jess posted a comment on Monday 20th June 2005 4:34pm for Satisfaction

OMG! Poor Ron! Man I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! Man that was good!

Fiona Potter posted a comment on Thursday 9th June 2005 12:09pm for Satisfaction

Tim... I printed off this story as it stands so far and started reading it in bed. Martyn, my 15 year-old, came in wondering why I was so hot in the face and did I feel alright.

ALRIGHT!!! No I was not alright! That story is one of the hottest H/G fics that I have read anywhere. Boy could I imagine Ginny standing on the platform with Harry.... well I won't go on more now but I think you get the picture.

Please update soon, my frustration is killing me!

The only bit that was safe to read out loud to Martyn was the dialogue between Hermione and Ginny talking about the use of the pensive. Even then I had to stop myself from going on too long and Martyn's curiosity caused him to make a grab for the papers. My husband, Don, wondered what on earth we were up to with me wrestling the text away from him and Martyn's curiosity getting the worst of him.

(Don read the story in bed... all I can say is thanks... nuff said?)

Cxjenious posted a comment on Tuesday 7th June 2005 4:58pm for Satisfaction

this is great.No, it's beyond great. It's beyond amazing. I can't describe it. Just... keep up the good work.

sonicdale posted a comment on Sunday 22nd May 2005 8:19pm for Satisfaction

Has this been laid aside?

It's too good. Despite the sex, it's a good story. And the sex isn't half bad. Heh. Good work.

sonicdale posted a comment on Sunday 22nd May 2005 8:18pm for Satisfaction

Has this been laid aside?