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Mistress of Potions posted a comment on Tuesday 14th June 2016 4:11am for Real Forms

Nice switch about Tonks' base form. I haven't seen that before.

Feno3000 posted a comment on Friday 4th March 2016 5:46pm for Real Forms

Cheeky. I'*m sure it was a lot of fun to waltz all over the stupid fandom cliché that she'd be uncomfortable with that level of kinky sex play.

Of course i also think you've overshot it a bit with having him go all out on the "promise" right from the start, but the first half was amazing enough to make the rest seem unimportant.

As for Tonks... Ouch... where did HER ideas come from? Come on, why would he want her to look like Hermione or Ginny? If he'd really wanted to get them, he might have had good chances at bedding either or even both of them and would not need a poor copy. That "suggestion" was just as dumb as the overused "i want to know how you look" and then him confessing that's absolutely his most beloved look of all times. Makes me think that it might be nice to write someday something about them having a real heart to heart about what will get him hexed to the crotch and what is fair game in such a relationship. Pretty sure i've never seen that done before. After all he easily can admit to be absolutely uninformed about any rules in the boy / girl dance and getting some pointers before doing something stupid is maybe the cunningest way to go. Having her come back home every day with another form and him still be able to recognize it's her and not the pizza delivery service girl or a friend she invited home, would work also. hehe, seems this little gem is a real thoughtstarter. Thanks alot.

Nytefyre posted a comment on Saturday 26th January 2013 2:49am for Real Forms

Nice short... thanks for posting

LordSia posted a comment on Wednesday 8th December 2010 10:52pm for Real Forms

Point to you.
Same thing (well, not really, but the general idea is similar) with Animagus forms; if there was even the remote possibility of being able to transform into an animal, I would take it. So why doesn't Harry? I mean, connecting to his father and god-father, getting Hermione off his back, *and* learning a kind of magic which no one stop him from using during the summers?

shawn151 posted a comment on Saturday 17th July 2010 5:01am for Real Forms

I think this is the only story I've ever seen where Harry actually wants her using her powers to look like someone else, or his idea of a dream girl. That fact makes it the best Harry/Tonks pairing story I've ever read. There should be far more stories that have him asking her to take specific forms.

flynhghr posted a comment on Thursday 19th November 2009 1:39pm for Real Forms

Hilarious! Absolutely perfect contrast to all the Honks fluffy drivel out there. Oh, and if she can re-make herself a virgin I need to find me a metamorphmagus... Heck if she can do that I wonder what she could do with her tongue... gah! you've ruined me!

Simply-Hugs posted a comment on Friday 28th August 2009 9:10pm for Real Forms

*giggles quietly*

cool... good work ^.^

darthme1011 posted a comment on Wednesday 27th May 2009 1:00am for Real Forms

lol funny

Blaise (yes really) posted a comment on Friday 12th December 2008 11:19pm for Real Forms

Oh. My. God. That was... funnier than... anything I've ever read. Holy crap! It took a full three minutes for me to stop staring at my screen before I could laugh! Really, I wasn't even sure it was funny until about six minutes ago, then I went, Mother fucking Christmas on Halloween! That was HISTERICAL!!!

noylj posted a comment on Friday 28th November 2008 12:39am for Real Forms

The important question that Tonks should have is if she lost her magic, would Harry still love her. She may want to play with her looks and play games in and out of bed, but she should still be loved for who she is inside...that doesn't change. Right now, the relationship seems to be one of rutting and not loving.
Like it though, too bad you stopped when you did.

Vukk posted a comment on Thursday 12th June 2008 11:55pm for Real Forms

Never see that in any of the Harry/Tonks stories...

Ezra'eil posted a comment on Monday 31st December 2007 8:08pm for Real Forms

Well... Thats... Unique?

Nielso posted a comment on Friday 28th December 2007 7:48am for Real Forms

HaHa Nice! though in the most tonks/harry fics tonks still looks great in her natural form

hogwartsprincess posted a comment on Wednesday 26th December 2007 11:38pm for Real Forms


gadriam posted a comment on Friday 16th November 2007 4:19am for Real Forms

Wonderful. I'm working on a similar scene right now, and it's gonna be hard not to simply clone this.

kyle_spielhagen posted a comment on Friday 7th September 2007 2:28am for Real Forms

i think this is hilarious and good unfortunatley not many people write good harry/tonks sorry bout my spelling in a hurry

Alex Potter posted a comment on Sunday 2nd September 2007 5:48pm for Real Forms


I enjoyed it

M2J MandalorianJedi posted a comment on Tuesday 28th August 2007 10:28pm for Real Forms

Good god... Definitely something different. I liked the new spin on something old.

Stygius posted a comment on Friday 4th May 2007 3:45am for Real Forms

rofl... i normally love harry.tonks... but this is something i have not thought of before... tonks actually embracing her abilities and wantin to use them.. congrats... i would love o see a full story.... lol

ahyanah posted a comment on Tuesday 24th April 2007 3:41am for Real Forms