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Jonn_Wolfe posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd September 2014 6:13am for Part 3

This is a deliciously dark series, and I hope to be reading more soon. Currently, I'm sitting here with a rather large grin on my face while nibbling my cigar. Fantastic work!

James Benfield posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd September 2014 3:52pm for Part 3

This series has quickly become my favorite fanfiction, adding in the cenobites was an act of genius, especially considering how you have characterized Harry and Wednesday. Cheers!

Tammy Driver posted a comment on Monday 25th August 2014 11:17pm for Part 3

Do you know when you might be updating this story? I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment.

winoniel posted a comment on Tuesday 12th August 2014 11:32am for Part 3

Great chapter! You've created some really compelling characters, and I really like watching them interact! Can't wait to see Dracine....

truly_charmed posted a comment on Thursday 10th July 2014 12:27pm for Part 3

I've been trying to wait to read this until it was complete brcause I knew I wouldn't want to put it down! I simply could not wait any longer though. I would love to see the next chapter of this and how their fourth year rounds out. The face of magical Britain will be changed drastically and dumbledore found obsolete. Fantastic. Besides the relationships between Weds and Harry, Snape is awesome in this and shows how with the right motivation a person really can change. <3

enji-benjy posted a comment on Sunday 6th July 2014 10:32am for Part 3

While I really liked this story, I think the Munster part was really out of place. You tried billing them as a big rival to the Adams clan, yet they have never been mentioned before. It just seams that if they were such a threat as they were made out to be in this chapter they would have cropped up at some point in the 3 years before this...

The Seeker posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 5:54pm for Part 3

I somehow missed this update, so you can imagine my excitement while meandering through your list of HP stories and finding this update. Highlights for me included the deepening relationship between Severus and Narcissa, especially her sexy, intelligent and spot on comments and observations. Fun stuff. Severus taking over the meeting from Albus. What a way to show the changing of the guard. Narcissa's verbal slap upside the head to Albus, though I wonder if he was listening. And, finally, the sea change in both the Addams Clan and at Hogwarts now that Harry and Wednesday have come of age Addams-style.

While all of these actions were well written and involving, the upcoming Triwizard Tournament dominated the chapter, though it was primarily in the background. I can't wait to see how you handle the Tournament, Harry's assumed participation in it, and its effect on Hogwarts, and Albus especially. In your creative hands, I can only imagine that it will be highly entertaining and very original!

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Tuesday 27th May 2014 5:57pm for Part 3

The Munsters really don't fit as opponents. The entire tone of their series was different. Unless you are talking about the recent reboot Mockingbird Lane, which may have some crossover utility but it would mostly be butting heads with Sam Dracula.

Loved the chapter otherwise.

chrwain01 posted a comment on Tuesday 29th April 2014 4:22pm for Part 3

good fun, compelling and well written. A lot of focus on Snape and Cissy here and less on the kids, but a great effect for all that.

Will look forward to more, I am already wondering what Harry/ Wednesday's reaction to his name appearing might be (although I do rather assume that he won't be bound involuntarily by anything least of all a cup)

whydoyouhavetoknow posted a comment on Saturday 19th April 2014 8:36am for Part 3

I approve heartily of your smackdown of Albus Dumbledore. *nod*

Dezwijger1982 posted a comment on Wednesday 9th April 2014 9:54am for Part 3

Love your stories and this one is one of my favorites though i have one question. Maybe it's even asked before but where is Luna in your Perfect Slytherins stores because as i see it she would be fantastic Addams Material.

codemaster posted a comment on Tuesday 8th April 2014 4:58pm for Part 3

when is the next update?

Riegert8 posted a comment on Wednesday 26th March 2014 11:52pm for Part 3

Sometimes i have to wonder about Dumbledore

Embeker posted a comment on Monday 24th March 2014 11:51am for Part 3

Will you post next chapter Please! Whith ripe cherry on top!

btwood posted a comment on Sunday 23rd March 2014 3:51am for Part 3

Amazing as usual.

brad posted a comment on Saturday 22nd March 2014 4:00am for Part 3

FYI, I don't believe I received any e-mail notification from fanficauthors for this new chapter. Luckily I saw a comment in a Yahoo group. I had to grin every time I saw a mention of the clan's battle against the MUNSTERS. Hee. Not sure if Herman's family have been mentioned before and I just missed it.

Todd Rodgers posted a comment on Thursday 20th March 2014 11:36pm for Part 3

I find the inclusion of the Munster->Addams rivalry interesting, but did I miss where it had been introduced previously? I'm going to have to go back, but it seems like that would have been alluded to more seriously if it was going to pop up now. I also didn't see as much seriousness as I've grown to expect from Harry/Wednesday->Severus/others alluding to the future, but this is just into the first part of year 4 and that's more preference than your plotline, which is always excellent (to my tastes anyway). Still, I thought it was missing more of the Harry/Wednesday arc than we had seen. I will say I'm curious as to what Wednesday gave Harry for his presents, but maybe I missed a clue.

You've made me have to add Hellraiser to my to-watch queue, since you've written this arc into the series a few times and I've enjoyed the stories.

I look forward to your updates, as always.

perpetualblyss posted a comment on Tuesday 18th March 2014 5:17am for Part 3

I can't wait to see Fleur's reaction to Harry and Wednesday's reaction to Fleur!

Harry needs another student antagonist. Not every student can think he farts rainbows.

Liking Narcissa's reactions and commentary.

I hope we don't have to wait a whole year for another update. Kudos on this great work.

perpetualblyss posted a comment on Tuesday 18th March 2014 4:09am for Part 3

I was just rereading this and saw that you had added a chapter. Yea! I will comment again after I read. ( I am giddy like a schoolgirl for this update)

DawnofAzazel posted a comment on Sunday 16th March 2014 9:55am for Part 3


For years I have read literally everything you have written without reviewing, due more to apathy than anything else and yet today I find myself compelled.

I enjoy every word you write, you are without a single shred of doubt in my mind one of the greatest fan fiction writer's whose work I have ever had the privilege to read and so I would like to sincerely thank you even though I am sure you don't do it for my gratitude you have it nonetheless.

Wishing you continued joy in writing,