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DarkPrinceOfClowns posted a comment on Sunday 1st April 2018 3:57pm for Part 1

Just a small note in you're interested in accuracy:

1. The Addamsess are VERY insistently believeing that they are perfectly normal, avrage american's everyone else that is weird. And I've seen them having guests in the old tv show... they really think a hardwood bed with a berskin on is the ultimate comfort for the guestroom, and vultures sings pretty. They also expect everyone else to agree with them.

2. The children call their parents Mother and Father. Apperantly, being called 'mom' is a horrifying thought to Morticia. (There was that episode were Pugsley rebeled and joined the scouts and started acting like a normal, healthy kid... they dragged home a shrink to help him.)

3. Remember how grandma served those guests hemlock and other poisoned plants sandwitch? Yeah, they don't understand that other people tend to...well...die... Hermione's best chance of surviving the Addams' kindness is to claim many, MANY alergies, especially to poisenous plants. (Roadkill is safe to eat tho, when prepared by an expert.)

Oh...ther Order is FUCKED! Good guys only do what they do because they believe 100% in that what they do is -good- and more importantly, that their enemy is EVIL. Shades of grey makes them hessitate and doubt if they're doing the right things, and will end up sowing discord and confusion.... I can't wait to see that! *Grins*

Edale1 posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd February 2016 11:02am for Part 1

I just discovered this fic, and am reading it for the first time. I noticed a rather glaring plot hole, waited until I got to the next part to see if you mentioned it in your author's notes, and found it not mentioned.

In year 1, when Dumbledore suggests having Harry resorted, the hat goes into an explaination of how once a child is sorted, they can't be re-sorted or else it's magic would fail.

In this chapter, "All a student needs to do is request it and it's done." and all the staff who heard the first explaination don't bat an eye.

So either Year 3 is going to see a itty-bitty tiny bit of fallout from Hermionie's resorting... or you goofed.

Noble Korhedron posted a comment on Wednesday 4th June 2014 9:24pm for Part 1

W.T.F?! :-O Why would he leave Sirius in jail!?! #confused #baffled

whydoyouhavetoknow posted a comment on Saturday 19th April 2014 6:44am for Part 1


Molly needed that smackdown.

namelis posted a comment on Friday 21st December 2012 7:27am for Part 1

i was just reading this again and i noticed that in first year the sorting hat implyed that once a house is chosen that is the students house and for them to go to a diffrent house would mean that the soting hat had failed and if it failed then it would no longer have a purpose and thus be unmaid

but in seccond year its suddenly ok or is the hats purpose not to sort students into the houses that they belong in based on personality and charictor or what ever is implyed by the songs

but to sort students into the houses they want to be sorted into and thats all it looks at when on there head is there choice and everything else is just smoke and mirrors like is implyed in second year where the hat says all hermiony had to do is ask

im just curious if it was an accadent or intentional that the hat controdicted itself while makeing the same point both times that point beaing that its always up to the one beaing sorted were they will go

and sory about the bad spelling but this review thing doesn't have a spell check and im to lazy to open somthing that does

ILikeToRead posted a comment on Saturday 8th September 2012 3:40pm for Part 1

Great to see the start ot Harry's second year. Interesting times with Lockhart and who is teaching DADA now? I wonder if Sirius is out of prison now after Gomez was there for a bit? Thanks for sharing!

reader1writer1 posted a comment on Sunday 13th February 2011 8:54pm for Part 1

Different, but interesting. Quite a departure for this particular Harry Potter.

Slytherin66 posted a comment on Tuesday 11th May 2010 10:57pm for Part 1

An outstanding chapter it is so rare for Severus to be happy, nice twist regarding the Potter's. Such a pity Ginny did not try anything with Harry Ginny being crushed would be good. I enjoyed the fate of Lockheart.

BioHazard82 posted a comment on Sunday 18th April 2010 1:57pm for Part 1

I think Lockheart should have gotten worse, but I did enjoy the end of the chapter tho.

Europec posted a comment on Tuesday 13th April 2010 10:20am for Part 1

I think that was the most interesting and most brilliantly done Albus-Harry-Molly conversation in fanfiction ever!

Amapapa posted a comment on Friday 19th March 2010 8:55pm for Part 1

Haha.. I love this Snape. I'm sure Alan Rickman would do that just GREAT as well.

Jonathan Langford posted a comment on Thursday 21st January 2010 7:35am for Part 1

Very, very nice. The only conceivable excuse for a story like this is to pull it off impeccably, which you so far seem to be doing.

Tiamac7 posted a comment on Thursday 21st January 2010 6:30am for Part 1

Good story. Harry's a bit darker than he is in most Addams family crossover stories but it works. I'm curious to see how/if Luna fits into the story.

00_Knight posted a comment on Thursday 21st January 2010 6:16am for Part 1


You're back from vacation! Awesomeness to the extreme! XD

Its good to read something new from you Jeconis! After reading this post, I realized just how much I missed your personal brand of literature. Sure I've had other authors to occupy my time, and while most were superb, they just lacked your style. Its refreshing to read your work again, and I look forward to more of it in the future!


PS: Anything you're "Not exactly happy with," is still going to be excellent. Glad to have ya back!

MistressSayu posted a comment on Thursday 21st January 2010 4:59am for Part 1

Yay update! At least Lockhart got what he deserved and Ginny ended up in Slytherin. She can hang around Harry, the Addams, and Hermione.

Jonez227 posted a comment on Thursday 21st January 2010 2:46am for Part 1

oh thank god. i feared that you would never be back to make new stories. hallelujah. i love this story. i love all of your stories. i'm very happy you decided to go ahead and publish this. i can't wait for the next chapter to come out. please don't wait another year and a half. that's torture that is.


Cozzaretta posted a comment on Thursday 21st January 2010 1:45am for Part 1

I was so excited when I saw an addition to the Wednesday/Harry storyline. It is one of my absolute favorite Harry Potter stories.

goodwin posted a comment on Wednesday 20th January 2010 8:45am for Part 1

I so hoped you would one day continue this story, but I had lost hope recently (as in the last 2 years? more or less...)
Of course Wednesday is not Pansy, are they blind? This fic is written in a true Addams fashion, and has Nothing to do with "White Knight, Grey Queen".
Keep up the good work!
PS: please remove the last chapter from "Hope". I enjoyed that story like you wouldn't believe. Were you to remove the last chapter (or change it) and tone down Harry's reformist vein (when he's been given the job of flight instructor and it looks like he wants to change the way the whole school works) and it may become my favourite fic ever (not that you should care) and I also truly believe it would be a big improvement... posted a comment on Wednesday 20th January 2010 3:25am for Part 1

Outstanding chapter!!!!! I'd wait ten billion years as long you keep writing!!!! Do keep up the outstanding work and update soon please!!!!:):):):)

Lyman Louie posted a comment on Tuesday 19th January 2010 10:03pm for Part 1

Thank you for the chapter. Wondering when you would have you would have updated it since you have posted on your yahoo account that up to year 4 was already written.