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Nytefyre posted a comment on Monday 28th January 2013 1:04am for More Things

Interesting teaser in a mystery flashback as told to someone else style. Could have been fun to find out what it was and just how big a badass HP became.

Thanks for posting.

lwj2 posted a comment on Friday 4th May 2012 11:17pm for More Things

It's neat, Tim -- if this plot bunny revives and bites you on the arse again, I'll enjoy whatever the results happen to be.

Thanks for sharing.

gadriam posted a comment on Thursday 22nd October 2009 6:49am for More Things

Hmm. Whenever i start reading certain stories, i get a chill that tells me "This is going to be sooooo good!". This one had that chill. The perspective of the storytelling, the darkish, black-and-white feel of the story was something i haven't encountered before and i was certainly enthralled.
It's too good to be left like this. Perhaps it should remain a short story, but it's worth a few hours of think'n'type, in my opinion. In your own time, of course. Whatever you write is certainly readworthy.

Hell, I'd read your grocery list....


Lathena posted a comment on Sunday 31st May 2009 8:49am for More Things

This sounds interesting. If you ever pick it up, it would be fun to see where it goes.

noylj posted a comment on Friday 28th November 2008 12:14am for More Things

Who is she talking to and what happened to her and Harry?
why was Harry smoking?

Lady-Hope posted a comment on Friday 4th July 2008 6:45pm for More Things

*snifflesob* i really want u to continue this story. and, wonderfully, there is hope. a slight hope that i am holding on to. pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease


goddessa39 posted a comment on Thursday 12th June 2008 1:24am for More Things

Oh damn. I knew I recognized that quote from somewhere! I was figuring it must have been just a fic with a hint of xoverslang but it was Hamlet in the epi. nice.

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Friday 23rd May 2008 5:53am for More Things


perspicacity posted a comment on Thursday 27th March 2008 5:30pm for More Things

Loved it, but then I really enjoy this kind of work. I'd be most curious where you take this, if you do someday.

And if this is "atrocious" grammar, as per the disclaimer, then I should be so lucky as to be so atrocious.

Aelita posted a comment on Monday 17th March 2008 2:40pm for More Things

I definitly think that u should pick this up again, it sounds really good

Meteoricshipyards posted a comment on Friday 28th December 2007 12:20pm for More Things

Well, that's quite a start. And we're left wondering what sort of Lovecraftian horror has been unleashed by some Death Eater spawn who didn't die at the last battle.

Pulls you in. But who is she telling this to?

Hope you continue this some day.

Tom A.

Lady_Hope posted a comment on Saturday 3rd November 2007 3:51pm for More Things

UGH. i realllllllly shouldnt have read this. cuz theres no more and i want to know what happened. UGH.

M2J MandalorianJedi posted a comment on Wednesday 1st August 2007 5:17pm for More Things

A drabble with a lot of potential, I do hope you pick this one up again. Keep up the great work!

Convexbaka posted a comment on Tuesday 24th April 2007 6:38pm for More Things

errr "recant" or "recount" in the blurb? But please keep this one going too! (I can see you've got a lot on your plate but maybe on the backburner or something?)

mac_gin posted a comment on Tuesday 24th April 2007 4:14am for More Things

Reference to your notes. As many people would agree, many of your "throw-aways" are a lot better than many 30 chapter dull monsters ( and lets not start on the speel checkers ).

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Monday 23rd April 2007 9:16am for More Things

This was good. I liked the thing in the dark especially. Hope that this is continued some day. More please.

Fishburne posted a comment on Monday 23rd April 2007 8:03am for More Things

Drabble my sweet Aunt Fannie.

Now you Gotta! You just Gotta! keep this one going.

Amazing and intriguing at the same time.



Jay-F posted a comment on Sunday 22nd April 2007 9:06pm for More Things

hmmm... would love to see the rest of this.

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 22nd April 2007 6:57pm for More Things

Quite dramatic. Of course Harry is the only one it could have been to save her. Can't see Harry smoking though. I can see him wearing dragon hide. Was it just Susan's imagination? Her own heavy breathing? You wrote! Do you know? Thanks for writing. I enjoy your mind ticklers. pms

KenF posted a comment on Sunday 22nd April 2007 1:50pm for More Things

OK, this is just wierd. It might be a good opening for a longer story.