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Amamama posted a comment on Monday 21st May 2007 3:43am for Introduction

LOVED IT! I don't usually write in capitals, but it was needed now. Fantastic series of vignettes, but as with all fantastic series, I want more! Is there more, or will there be more eventually? There's such a lot that can come as a continuation of this... And I long to read it.

Thank you all, for bringing this on. I've had a blast, reading it.


John1 posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 11:29pm for Introduction

I want you to know that it is your stories that even had me conteplating Pansy, Daphnne or Gabriell they are a good read, I have enjoyed them and the other stories in this set are as fun to read as Perfect situations.

Wolff posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 10:22pm for Introduction

I don't have the eloquence to describe how amazingly awesome this is. I'm sure that you'll hear too much the only complaint I have: it's not longer.

I have always had one surefire way to tell when I've just finished a good book: when I've turned the last page, and read the last words, everything in my head is quiet, no song stuck in my head, no internal monologue, no feeling of thoughts bouncing from one side to the other, just a moment of pure quiet. Sir, your works have given me that pleasure on many different occasions. This is just one more of them, as I've come to expect from your writings.

I chose to read these tonight in chronological order, because sometimes I have trouble keeping things straight otherwise. Now that I have the shape of the story in mind, I am very much looking forward to, in a week or two, going back and reading them in the "Pulp Fiction" sequence. I'm sure I will see a few things in a different light when I do.

Jiapa posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 8:12pm for Introduction

I just spent a couple hours reading the prequal eulogy and then all these vignettes. They're lots of fun.

Of course, I want more, but then, when I read something I enjoy, I always want more.

If any more stories in this universe come to mind, I'd love to read them, and if not, then than you for gifting me with an enjoyable evening.

scott2 posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 7:22pm for Introduction

highly enjoyable and addictive, a trade mark of yours, I believe? :)

BloodTalons posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 6:40pm for Introduction

I thought these were great pieces when they first appeared on the Yahoo Group and that opinion hasn't changed.
I would make two suggestions...
1. Include the link for "Perfect Situations" at the top of this list, since quite a few of the "Vignettes" refer back to Daphne's eulogy for Harry.
2. I think "Wings of a Prayer" needs to occur before "Sing A Song of Sixpence, A Pocket Full of Weasleys (1/4)". The reason for this is that Percy's thoughts make mention of Ginny taking the first step towards reconciliation, but Ginny doesn't do so until eleven hours later.

Now for the obligatory comment in hoping that this series continues. I am curious as to what might be found in the Egyptian tomb; the effects and the implementation of the cure for lycanthropy; and the final changes that Harry and Daphne make. At some point, the truth should come out about Harry or is this to be a case of the "worst kept secret" (everyone knows he's alive, but no one will acknowledge it in an official capacity).

Plus, there has to be more torture of Dumbledore to cover and his final fall from grace.

thumper posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 5:55pm for Introduction

This is a Great story

Musings of Apathy posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 5:24pm for Introduction

I have liked these since you first worked on them.

You should add a mention and link to the story they are Omakes from.

Thanks for posting and writing.

Mike (MoA)

darthme1011 posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 3:29pm for Introduction

looks like there could still be more? will there be?

t_gebhardt posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2007 2:38pm for Introduction

why didn't 'An Island vistor' didn't make it?