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nitsuj.jarrett posted a comment on Tuesday 4th September 2007 10:35pm for Insanity

i would like to know what happens the other 6 days

bryce posted a comment on Thursday 30th August 2007 12:02am for Insanity

that was fucking great

HPdoesntdie posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2007 12:58pm for Insanity


finally_sso posted a comment on Saturday 14th July 2007 8:48am for Insanity

Very good story I like the battle between Ton and Harry. I is very smart to do some recret before having sex.

Karahly posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd May 2007 10:41pm for Insanity

Generally I object to (and abstain from) reading love-making scenes because a)the characters are usually not IN character,
b)there is really no point to the sex, it does not, in anyway, enhance the relationship and
c)to me, it seems crude to portray the act in such a callous, unmeaninful way as so many authors are so fond of doing.
That being said, YOUR scene was extremely...
delectable ;)!
It certainly DID enhance the meaning of their relationship, was NOT one-nighstand(offish), and was totally and completely SWEET!
Great job. I certainly do not object to your writing!

iantheaardvark posted a comment on Tuesday 17th April 2007 12:03am for Insanity

After the first chapter that's not quite what I was expecting :P

Oh well.

Really though, loved whole Harry/Voldemort fight, absolutely hilarious, and seeing both points of view, though it felt redundant at times, made for quite the . . . climax, shall I say? :)

Prajakta posted a comment on Wednesday 14th March 2007 11:49pm for Insanity


Kafire posted a comment on Sunday 16th July 2006 10:53pm for Insanity

Wow. This is simply amazing. How on earth do you come up with this? Your writing is some of the best I've read by far - thanks for the great stories!

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Tuesday 27th June 2006 12:20pm for Insanity

Harry’s teasing of Tommy Boy was so funny. The bit with Blaise and Ron was also great. Voldemort having a serious odour problem nearly knocked me off my chair, but the best bit remains Tom “I’m shit at anagrams” Riddle. Ginny’s rant was brilliant. I really loved the names you gave to the various authors too. Interesting dual perspective too.

Rocky235 posted a comment on Thursday 9th February 2006 4:55pm for Insanity

Holy cow! (Not ment to offend any religish beliefs.)

That was (gasp) a lot of fun.

Alice Kendalwood posted a comment on Sunday 8th January 2006 3:12pm for Insanity

Damn, sweets, that was fucking hot. If those books really existed, I'd make my man read them. You're great at this.

Wytil posted a comment on Thursday 20th October 2005 7:27pm for Insanity

Did Michelle do the practical to make sure you got the love scene down correctly? It would be very difficult to get both viewpoints down right.

LadyCathain posted a comment on Saturday 8th October 2005 8:17pm for Insanity

I edit manuscripts for people, but no other love scene I've ever read compares to this. I am absolutely impressed. Job WELL done.

James posted a comment on Thursday 25th August 2005 7:20am for Insanity

Not your usual thing at all and none the worse for that. Michael's demands paid off. And, in honour of the title, this seemed appropriate.

Welcome to the House Of Fun

dogbertcarroll posted a comment on Wednesday 13th July 2005 1:16pm for Insanity

Excellent. Love the dual view. It provided an
amazingly different scene.

anon posted a comment on Sunday 26th June 2005 2:11am for Insanity

omg you are good. that was so so good. do write more!

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Tuesday 14th June 2005 10:54pm for Insanity

Yeah, just a TAD explicit. You do realize you repeated the same sex scene twice, right? Just in case you hadn't noticed. I don't quite see the point, but hey, to each his own. I liked it!

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 5th June 2005 4:16am for Insanity

Very well done. Love and desire to perfection!