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loretta537 posted a comment on Saturday 3rd November 2012 12:38am for Chapter 9

this is a great story, i cant wait to see what will happen next

agnar posted a comment on Friday 19th October 2012 8:27pm for Chapter 9

I realized my review for last chapter mostly was about a possible mistake, and found myself feeling guilty. So I wanted to be sure and review here, and mention how excellent the fic is and how much I'm looking forward to more.

I love this fic for various reasons. The humour is an obvious one. But I love the more ninja-ish attitude towards how to fight and naruto's repeated 'we're not samurai' point which is too often missed in naruto canon and fics.

Also great was the quick and clean disposal of danzo and the 'advisors' along with the hilarious de-fanging of the cliche civilian council. Way too many otherwise good fics lose so much appeal, by having danzo, the elders, and civilians pushing around the Hokage in a village that ought to be a military dictatorship.

You removed those cliches and headaches in a quick, clean, and funny manner, well done! Also nicely done in showing us Naruto has obvious 'issues' from all the crap he suffered through. But doing so without overloading us with angst, and having the Ninjas acknowledge that all serious Ninja have issues of some kind, that's part of thier lifestyle.

kitsu524 posted a comment on Monday 3rd September 2012 11:51pm for Chapter 9

Wow I dont remember where I first heard about your story but daaayyyuummmm I love it. At first it was kinda chopy but I still read as the idea of naruto's clones having personalities makes me gidy... when done right and I must say you really did it right :).

It definatly gets better the further into the story as you go more depth per scene(? sorry spelling is my bad point and seeing as I have been up for 20 hours I cant be damned to look it up for each word I'm not sure of) instead of being just a road map to a good story it is the story. Yes it does kinda skip and the pace is fast... but then again... if you watch the anime/ read the manga/ or even any real book the pace is just about what it should be I think... you covered aproximatly 6 months (if I go by cannon I think again tired lol) in 9 chapters in what took aproxamatly 50 episodes not bad for a read that took me about 4 or 5 hours. So yeah I loved it so far.

Love the fact that they know they are insane and embrace it with open arms XD for truely how could you see Naruto and his clones as one person anymore? lol. The clones .... wow finding myself repeating things and trying to go over everything in my head but seeing as I stayed up 4 hours past when I normaly set aside for going to sleep hence the being up 20 hours just to finish reading this I figure I'm not doing to bad even if my delete key is getting a work out lol.

I guess I am just trying to get this review out while I still have the emotions in place for this story... In all honesty I love this story not for being well writen or any overt charachter scheems or 1XXXXX times amazing story plot but because it was enjoyable at first and then became more then a simple fic IDK how exactly but this story will truely have a special place in my heart :) and Im a bit sad to hear that it will end soon lol at the same time would love to actually read a story that finishes (no idea how many of the best writers seem to just kinda die off on these sites.... its always a little sad but thats life... some how wonder if Im a little bit of a masochist lol) Speaking of being a Masochist I cant help but think every time you refer orochimaru as a gimp I cant help but think of Scorpious from the tv show farscape.... dont ask me why it just does lol.

Also love the nice...? kyubi lol always do that always tends to lead to a higher rating from me when ever kyubi is not just some raging evil demon lord with the thoughts of wonton distruction :) its actually the reason why my name is kitsu524 lol started out as kitsunoyoko XD then went to this lol

So finaly sorry for this horably writen review(mainly sentance structure and run ons and gramar and everything I just had to review now before I head to bed)

Always reading in hope


traviswj posted a comment on Monday 3rd September 2012 12:19pm for Chapter 9

This story is awesome!

Trscroggs posted a comment on Thursday 9th August 2012 6:03pm for Chapter 9

I really like this story, it's hilarious. In fact my only real problem with it lies in this chapter. Naruto starts it down, recovers, and then is down again by the end of the chapter. Espetially after he came to the realization, jsut earlier ni the chapter, that he could subsitute offensive clones in to take blows instead of himself.

alucard964 posted a comment on Tuesday 7th August 2012 10:11pm for Chapter 9

love this story was just wondering if you were gonna continue it?

rowil07 posted a comment on Tuesday 17th July 2012 1:49am for Chapter 9

I love the story and hope you finish it, not asking you to rush and no criticisms needed. I love the fic.

Selkor posted a comment on Monday 9th July 2012 2:32am for Chapter 9

I just want to say how much I like all of your stories that I have read so far. This must be the only naruto story where Sasuke is gay and it is not seen as some horrible personality defect, so thank you ^^.

LoganBlackisle posted a comment on Friday 29th June 2012 2:56pm for Chapter 9

Certainly not at the same quality as your other fics, but awesome just the same. I look forward to the last few chapters.

Logan Blackisle

gara5289 posted a comment on Tuesday 12th June 2012 2:24pm for Chapter 9

Gonna be real sad when this story is over. It's unqiue but i think my favorite of all of yours. Really looking forward to the next chapter.

gara5289 posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd May 2012 6:17pm for Chapter 9

Great story, easily my favorite of your Naruto stories

phnxfyr posted a comment on Sunday 15th April 2012 7:31am for Chapter 9

great story can't wait for more

Ashley Reveur posted a comment on Saturday 31st March 2012 2:57pm for Chapter 9

ZOMG <3 If you don't know, I'm kinda fangirl squealing right now. This is AWESOME. :D Granted it's the first Naruto fanfic I've ever read, but your style is just... perfect.:D Me loves!! :D You're soo evil ya know?? Now I'll look at every other Naruto fic I come across and find them somehow lacking even if they're awesome in their own way... :p ZOMG I CAN'T WAIT for the next chappies XDDD THANK YOU!! XDDD

Davideg posted a comment on Sunday 25th March 2012 11:35am for Chapter 9

thank you for sharing this fantastic story please continue to update a.s.a.l.a.

Tenchifew posted a comment on Tuesday 20th March 2012 10:47am for Chapter 9

Just reread the whole thing.

Great, great story. Love it. A unique approach, great characterisation, Well written action. And Four. Everything is better with Four in it.

Thank you for writing this great story, looking forward to more of it.

Michael10 posted a comment on Sunday 18th March 2012 1:24am for Chapter 9


Getting a major kick out of the clones and their quirks. keep up the good work and give us more as life allows.

ficbob posted a comment on Saturday 17th March 2012 10:09pm for Chapter 9

Jiraiya should not have ordered the ANBU off to a distance without at least a nod or handsign from the Hokage . . . just my thought on the chain of command in an interesting chapter.

Looking forward to more


HopelessDreamer posted a comment on Saturday 17th March 2012 9:55am for Chapter 9

Y'know, the fic's really changed from the first chapter, which is really bashy. Now it seems more trying to uplift those characters, which is an improvement.

joeBob posted a comment on Saturday 17th March 2012 8:07am for Chapter 9

Entertaining. Thanks for the update.

But why, the Hell, do you have spellcheck="false" set here?!?! >:-(

keichan2 posted a comment on Friday 16th March 2012 8:08pm for Chapter 9

Thanks for the new chapter!

I have to confess that I REALLY like Four ;-)

I hope to read more soon!