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Sml posted a comment on Tuesday 23rd October 2012 4:09pm for Chapter 6

... Kinda hypocritical of Naruto to be dating multiple women and then threaten Kiba for dating one. Hinata or not. Good story otherwise.

Alrissa posted a comment on Thursday 30th June 2011 1:56pm for Chapter 6

1. Brilliant
2. Amusing.
3. Plausible. (Mostly :P only 2.6% suspension of disbelief needed.)

Summary: Keep up the good work.

Rayah posted a comment on Thursday 30th June 2011 3:40am for Chapter 6

Oh man! I do love this fic ^_^ and I'm really glad that you're still writing it (for a bit there I was afraid it had been abandoned)

wonderful part! and looking forward to more

Genericrandom posted a comment on Tuesday 21st June 2011 2:43am for Chapter 6

You know what's totally awesome? Is when a story you've been avidly looking forward to more of updates, and you miss it until like two months later when you finally run across it in the middle of a terrible drought of stories.

Good stuff. Nothing to particularly comment on, because I liked... pretty much all of it. Any scene you can work 'look like you slapped them with a wet fish' into is always a good scene, and Hanabi the devious loli always ends up being pretty entertaining.

I really wish I could find something to criticize so it wasn't all praise here, but between what I was expecting and what I got, things matched up very well. I'm really looking forward to what comes next.

Darkspear posted a comment on Sunday 5th June 2011 8:58pm for Chapter 6

Hmmm...Having just sat and read this thing from begining to end I think it has a lot of potential, not that it hasn't already used it. I certinally hope that you will update this again soon.

BaltaineShadow posted a comment on Friday 27th May 2011 6:43pm for Chapter 6

Totally cool :)
I hope you'll update soon - I hardly get to read anything as funny as this piece of art!
Greetings, Baltaine

Hytekrednek posted a comment on Tuesday 24th May 2011 6:28am for Chapter 6

Dude you have so got to finish this story.. It is by far one of the best Naruto stories that I have had the pleasure to read in at least a year. Please say that you are going to update soon.


dan26 posted a comment on Monday 16th May 2011 11:05pm for Chapter 6

The ninja’s in masks removed them, and smiled at her. “Tenzou,” she nodded to the one that had been wearing the Tiger mask.

“Lady Tsunade,” he said, going down on one knee.

“Rise, I’ve told you before, you’re kinda family.”

“Kinda,” he agreed with a slightly amused look

Tenzo does it out of respect I believe

migele posted a comment on Sunday 15th May 2011 10:38pm for Chapter 6

mmh, I have to say as for something you started as a spur of the moment thing the fic is shaping up really nicely and amusing.

remember to introduce Hana sometime, having some girls only talk (I'm including 4 in that) would be fun too.

a few minor word mostakes in this chappy from what I saw but nothing major.

other things ... I see a distinc lack of Shikamaru in this fic. He might have fun fun influences as well, or get a headache due to the total illogical way Naruto acts.

Hanabi is plain fun, pity she has to update her list though.


lydiakate98 posted a comment on Saturday 14th May 2011 4:24pm for Chapter 6

Really enjoyed this chapter. I have a feeling that Hanabi's future plans might blow up in her face. I actually like Naruto and Anko as a pairing, with or without Kurenai.

lydiakate98 posted a comment on Saturday 14th May 2011 4:19pm for Chapter 6

I have a bad feeling that Hanabi's plan is going to blow up in her face a little bit. I am happy that you don't have him and Tsume together. It takes it out of Super Harem land, and leaves it in the realm of something more believable. Have I mentioned how much I am loving this fic, even though it is just a little bit crackish. But I love the crack, really I do.

dan26 posted a comment on Monday 9th May 2011 7:28pm for Chapter 6

It will be interesting to read how Hanabi tries to get naruto to notice her in the romantic sense. At least Hanabi doesn't blush, fidget, poke her fingers together, or faint like hinata does despite it being naturally cute to see.

jgkitarel posted a comment on Sunday 8th May 2011 1:17am for Chapter 6

Awesome, just Awesome. As usual, even when you do crack/ un-serious stuff, you put out some good work.

ficbob posted a comment on Saturday 7th May 2011 10:34am for Chapter 6

Thank you and good gracious but the end of this chapter is funny.
I am enjoying this and your others fics and I do so hope that there will be more soon cough Wild Horses cough.
Thanks again

marcelhm posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd May 2011 11:17am for Chapter 6

as always, great read great fun big laughs :D.

I must admit as to being a tad disturbed about four. The clones are basically in love with themselves.... narcissistic much? :S

Davideg posted a comment on Tuesday 3rd May 2011 2:48am for Chapter 6

thank you for sharing this fantastic chapter please continue to update a.s.a.l.a.

Tenchifew posted a comment on Sunday 1st May 2011 6:11pm for Chapter 6

Thank you for a great story! Characterization and personalities are great, humour delicious and it is certainly not the standard "harem" approach. I am very curious to see how it will turn out. I thank you for your writing.

Loopy Dane posted a comment on Sunday 1st May 2011 12:52pm for Chapter 6

This chapter is just FUN! Thank you.

shaggy8285 posted a comment on Sunday 1st May 2011 1:03am for Chapter 6

Loved the new chapter along with the rest of the story, plz continue doing what you do, will be waiting patiently for the next chapter

Tammin posted a comment on Saturday 30th April 2011 10:23pm for Chapter 6

A great chapter. I was wondering how you were going to continue this, and so far I have enjoyed this immensely. Thank you for this gift.