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gara5289 posted a comment on Thursday 12th July 2012 5:06pm for Chapter 2

I'm having trouble finding a job after college and your story literally cracks me up when i need to laugh. On a unrelated note, you write an awesome Hyuuga. People make them so one-dimensional and boring. Glad you're original

gara5289 posted a comment on Wednesday 27th June 2012 3:28am for Chapter 2

Flat out i now want my own pirate ship.

gara5289 posted a comment on Tuesday 12th June 2012 5:32am for Chapter 2

Also, you write a great Hiashi. You also are great at using the 'hn.' To many authors overuse it in an attempt to make the Uchiha into an ass and instead make their story painful to read.

gara5289 posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd May 2012 4:26pm for Chapter 2

Again, your fox is awesome. Though i am confused, first chapter Kyuubi said it was an it and then later it's all about vixens and now it seems to be a woman. I will admit it's possible i missed something when laughing but yeah. Seemed weird.

XxXlexxibabeXxX posted a comment on Sunday 20th May 2012 4:21am for Chapter 2

And I don't even mind you kissing my mum!!!

Best. Thing, Ever.

dan26 posted a comment on Saturday 1st January 2011 9:17am for Chapter 2

Part of maturity is experience, and Naruto, through massive over-use of clones, is certainly getting that. That's true but I think he used them to get use to the concept of maturity slowly but surely

LordSia posted a comment on Thursday 9th December 2010 4:52am for Chapter 2

... And the second chapter convinced me that my opinion of the first one was completely accurate.

Tammin posted a comment on Monday 4th October 2010 12:23am for Chapter 2

Great chapter. I just found the new additions and I am looking forward to reading them greatly. Thank you for sharing this with us.

keichan2 posted a comment on Sunday 8th August 2010 12:06pm for Chapter 2

Oh dear God!

This story is wonderful :-D

I LOVE the humor and the chaos generated by Naruto!
The jutsu Naruto comes with have me howling with laugher :-D

Please, update soon!

kainboa posted a comment on Friday 30th July 2010 3:41pm for Chapter 2

Moar, we want MOAR!!!!
with that out of my system, this is friggin hilarious, i can't wait to see what happens when they arrive back in Konoha

wolfey posted a comment on Thursday 29th July 2010 10:49am for Chapter 2

Gotta love it and hope you update this and hogwarts dawn soon.

KingDark posted a comment on Friday 23rd July 2010 9:44pm for Chapter 2

This Naruto is certainly powerful. Although I think it was a bit quick. It could've used some more character development. But then again you can't waste too much time on that or it'll become a big information overload problem.

Good work in any case, I'm looking forward for the next update!

Ancalador posted a comment on Tuesday 6th July 2010 4:34pm for Chapter 2

Very nice!! XD

looking forward to seeing what Naruto does next

Dragonmage182 posted a comment on Wednesday 30th June 2010 10:29am for Chapter 2

AUGH!!! Must have more!

LKK posted a comment on Saturday 26th June 2010 6:43am for Chapter 2

That's quite amusing. I love your Naruto, he's very good entertainment. The new jutsus are quite unpredictable but that' s why they're so fun. Kawaii no jutsu? Hilarous. The best part of that is that he targets Hanabi for his glomps despite all her protests. Irritating no jutsu is quite funny to read about as well though I suppose that is the point.

goddessa39 posted a comment on Sunday 20th June 2010 12:08pm for Chapter 2

Abso.L. love it!

Quincy posted a comment on Thursday 10th June 2010 4:10am for Chapter 2

I'm making a habit of leaving a review every time I read something awesome 3 times. Keep up the good work!

Kali_Potter posted a comment on Sunday 6th June 2010 4:46pm for Chapter 2

This is totally epic, and awesome.

Houseki_Megami posted a comment on Sunday 30th May 2010 11:45pm for Chapter 2

this story is insane because of this i want to know if you want a beta for spelling issues and grammar issues i am writing somewhere around fourteen different plot bunnies right know so i cant help with the story propers find me through my email of

BrotherBludgeon posted a comment on Sunday 23rd May 2010 6:22am for Chapter 2

You made a Yojimbo pun.

You are now one of my favorite people ever.