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OmicronFayt posted a comment on Friday 5th May 2017 3:06am for Horcrux Raider

Wow, just wow. this has to be one of the best written crossovers I've seen in a long time.

Most ignore parts of the pre-divergance cannon - like making Harry into a Saiyan, for example - I'm glad to see that this story doen't do that.

Out of curiosity, did Zero0000 ever take this plot on?

If so, could I get a link to it as I spent about 2 hours after reading this looking and I can't seem to find it anywhere....

....I lurk without reviewing because I know I'm not good at constructive critisism, and I feel that a review without such is a waste of time, both to write and to read.

Exivus posted a comment on Saturday 11th April 2015 5:42am for Horcrux Raider

This could easily be continued in a very interesting short story.

Nytefyre posted a comment on Saturday 26th January 2013 2:48am for Horcrux Raider

This was a fun start - and an interesting combination. Thanks for posting.

Chaos Dragon posted a comment on Thursday 21st October 2010 2:22pm for Horcrux Raider

Oh, very interesting. I understand that you have no intentions of continuing in this vein, but it does make a hell of an interesting tidbit. Should you ever continue there's at least one reader who will be pleased.

Abraxan posted a comment on Saturday 24th July 2010 2:29am for Horcrux Raider

What fun! This could been a fascinating story


Riegert8 posted a comment on Monday 4th January 2010 10:44am for Horcrux Raider

This is a very good story

liz5893 posted a comment on Wednesday 11th November 2009 9:50pm for Horcrux Raider

I think this story could be good, but only if you want to do it. If not Id ask that you let someone else take it, id love to read it.

bookaholic_au posted a comment on Monday 26th January 2009 5:48pm for Horcrux Raider

I love the bit about the falling statute. Must have been pretty heavy reading.

Taillon posted a comment on Saturday 19th July 2008 6:05pm for Horcrux Raider

Oooo i hope you add to this one some day!
While all of your work is original(except for the purpose cliche in some), this is an absolute one of a kind. It doesn't help that harry potter and tomb raider are my favorites.
(Goes back to lurking)

digger posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2008 8:10pm for Horcrux Raider

personally i think you should flesh this out and turn it into a real story

Puidwen posted a comment on Wednesday 28th May 2008 2:25pm for Horcrux Raider


Ronnee posted a comment on Wednesday 21st May 2008 5:47pm for Horcrux Raider

This is a fascinating start with lots of intriguing hints at the backstory. I regret that it's in the dead story file because it seems like it would be far more interesting and well written than either of the last two books in the series.

Regina Noctis posted a comment on Sunday 30th March 2008 7:56am for Horcrux Raider

Oh, come on, there is SO much you could accomplish with this plot! I just watched Tomb Raider a few nights ago, and if I knew anymore about the characters, I'd pick it up for you!! Really. Is it available? ^_^


Runningpotter03 posted a comment on Tuesday 11th March 2008 9:24pm for Horcrux Raider

sounds like a good start to a story. i would like to see this develop if possible

zero0000 posted a comment on Friday 12th October 2007 3:45am for Horcrux Raider

He you think I might be able to borrow the idea? I'm trying to think of an entry fic into the Harry Potter fandom and I think I might be able to make this work if it was teh movieverse.

Jeconais replied:

Feel free - drop me a link if you do and post it somewhere...


Adam posted a comment on Wednesday 8th August 2007 10:51pm for Horcrux Raider

now this is an interesting start. hope you come back to it one day as I would be interested in seeing where this could go.

xtp11 posted a comment on Friday 1st June 2007 9:44am for Horcrux Raider

An interesting pairing.
I vote with the others, this one has a lot of potential; please continue if possible. I always like muggle/magic crossovers.

Shawn Cullipher posted a comment on Thursday 3rd May 2007 4:03am for Horcrux Raider

Tim, I so wish you would pick this one up and run with it. I never played the Tom Raider games, but I can definitely picture in my mind the sarcastic wit of Lady Croft with a mature Harry Potter. Don't abandon this idea, let it sit and percolate for a while.


reverse posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd May 2007 7:03pm for Horcrux Raider

Okee, I realize that this would be extremely hard to continue, and prolly too much work entirely. But, would it help if I begged?

Preeeeeze!!! :P

bukay posted a comment on Tuesday 24th April 2007 10:52am for Horcrux Raider

Harry Potter/Tomb Rider crossover... never seen that... if Harry was to be like Indiana Jones with Dumbledore like magic it might be a good, light read... I'd like to read that :)