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jamie posted a comment on Thursday 22nd June 2006 11:03pm for 8 - Hogwarts


hi umm this is kinda weird but. since i dont have you email i guess this is the only option i have.

i was wondering if you knew any fleur/harry fanfics, that you can recommend to me.

plz reply to,


by the way great story you wrote (hope).


TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Friday 12th May 2006 1:54pm for 8 - Hogwarts

Very good story. I love the family stuff and the way you are doing Harry's friends. Really good stuff.


Jim_xinu posted a comment on Thursday 11th May 2006 3:58pm for 8 - Hogwarts

I might have commented on this before, but I *love* Krum in this chapter. :-)

m4r13 posted a comment on Thursday 11th May 2006 11:24am for 8 - Hogwarts

Well... Re-reading it for the eighth time this week. I just love it. I can't find something to point out as out of place in this story, I just love it. ^^


Syl posted a comment on Wednesday 10th May 2006 10:24pm for 8 - Hogwarts

I was hunting around for an update to S'Tarkan's NoFP and found a mention of this story. I don't really read much Harry Potter fanfiction these days because I find most of it trite, cliched, and repetitive.

Those terms did not once pass through my mind as I read your story. This very easily COULD have been a trite cliche (Veela mate), but the clarity your writing brought stopped that as soon as it started. The fact that there actually IS a plot beyond "Harry + Gabrielle = OMGSOHAWT" is an incredibly welcome aspect.

So - thanks for writing an enjoyable story. You gave me a couple hours of quality enjoyment, and there are probably ten thousand other people who'd say the same if they took the time to.

noylj posted a comment on Tuesday 9th May 2006 2:54am for 8 - Hogwarts

Need a bloody update. If possible, make this a 20 chapter story. I want to savor the destruction of the greasy git, the moussed blond, and the manipulator. May they become the dregs of society.

noylj posted a comment on Monday 8th May 2006 8:47pm for 8 - Hogwarts

Please don't end this too soon. This is a story that is too good not to cover several years. We want lots of Harry/Gabby

C. Harris posted a comment on Saturday 6th May 2006 6:33pm for 8 - Hogwarts

Hello, I just wanted to say that this was a wonderful chapter. I especially like the line,

"Run as fast as you can into that tree",

because it made me laugh. Thanks for the amazing work. I can't wait to see what you give us next!

JustBlaise posted a comment on Saturday 6th May 2006 10:27am for 8 - Hogwarts

Good story so far. A few complaints with the antagonists of the story: while the shift from "Dumbledore the all-knowing/benevolent/sometimes mistaken" to "Dumbledore the all-knowing/manipulative/self-serving" was fairly easy to stomach, the characterization of Snape and Draco are grossly inaccurate IMO. I hate them as much as most others in the HP universe do, but they're really not that stupid. They're stupid in the sense of their opinions and prejudices, but I'd like to see them with a little more common sense then you've portrayed. It's funny, but hardly believable, and takes away from the story I think. Trelawney having a part in anything underhanded is also a stretch as well, but she's been an insignificant character so far, so it doesn't matter.

This could be all moot, as I don't see how any of it would somehow influence/change the story, and it hasn't stopped me from keeping up with it so far. But you like reviews, so review I did.


Bryan Sherrell posted a comment on Friday 5th May 2006 2:18pm for 8 - Hogwarts

Wow, this is the best Harry/Gabrielle story I have yet to read. I really hope you update this soon and post more chapters without taking a 3 month delay. Good work and keep it coming!

Neopyro posted a comment on Thursday 4th May 2006 8:12pm for 8 - Hogwarts

I love it....

Though I'd like to point out that it's been three months since your last update. Any chance of another one soon? Please?

ArxSerpens posted a comment on Wednesday 3rd May 2006 5:53pm for 8 - Hogwarts

great work, love an update ^^

chrisellis posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd May 2006 1:57pm for 8 - Hogwarts

Thankyou, Sir for one of the most enjoyable reading experiances I have had in a long time. Thankyou. Excellent as always.

xpotter posted a comment on Monday 1st May 2006 1:38pm for 8 - Hogwarts

are u going to update it again...plz.... this is one of the few non standard pairing story that is near completion which also has a good story line. update soon

Sara3 posted a comment on Monday 1st May 2006 9:09am for 8 - Hogwarts

I love this fic! I've never read a Harry/Gabrielle story before this, You've definately got me into them! I love chapter 8, I especialy liked the end.Can't wait for the next chapter! Please update soon! :)

Patches posted a comment on Friday 21st April 2006 8:56am for 8 - Hogwarts

Dear Tim, I tried to write to your e-mail but is isn't working so here goes. Thanks for the update about Hope 9 going to betas. I really appreciate you taking the time to write these stories. I really appreciate your efforts. I know it will be a little while but it helps to know it is on the way. Thank you so much! pms

Yojo posted a comment on Saturday 15th April 2006 7:47pm for 8 - Hogwarts

I'm rereading this and cannot wait for you to update this story; it has to be one of the best nonmainstream pairings that I have come across (and there are only two other stories that I can think of that compare to this, and you are the author of one of them). I pray that you will continue this story eventually, as I can't wait to see how Harry deals with Draco, the Hogwarts match, the eventual unveiling of H/Gab's relationship, and the removal of Dumbledore. Please consider continuing this story as soon as your current projects allow.

Justin W. Conley posted a comment on Friday 14th April 2006 11:12am for 8 - Hogwarts

Well, I must say that I have LOVED this story thus far, and will eagerly await the next chapter.
I have sat here trying to find a critique, and am failing rather miserably. Just keep up the great work!

Jarvey posted a comment on Thursday 13th April 2006 10:56pm for 8 - Hogwarts

Oi! Update this one... (That is I, the demanding, unpaying reader demanding your time and effort.... hmm... Promise I'll review?)

fx posted a comment on Thursday 13th April 2006 4:37am for 8 - Hogwarts

another brilliant piece of fic! i'll be waiting anxiously for an update :)