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ficbob posted a comment on Saturday 16th January 2010 1:43pm for 11 - Sydney

The costume ball is a great idea and the prank pulled on the twins is excellent. Another awesome chapter. Thanks

Ezra'eil posted a comment on Saturday 31st January 2009 6:39pm for 11 - Sydney

You know... I was wondering, could you do an offshoot one-shot about Harry's relationship with Katie?

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Tuesday 17th June 2008 6:58am for 11 - Sydney

Very good chapter.


Cassie_Heart posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd April 2008 4:14pm for 11 - Sydney

that was just another great chapter to this neverending HOPEFUL tale. HOPE...HOPE...HOPE...HOPE. just a great tale and another great chapter

bookaholic_au posted a comment on Tuesday 15th January 2008 10:24pm for 11 - Sydney

Any Australian would tell you that their nation has three capitals - political is Canberra, economic is Sydney and for all fashion purposes, if your going to fly halfway round the world to get there, it's far better to go to Melbourne.

BloodRedJawz posted a comment on Wednesday 5th September 2007 3:50pm for 11 - Sydney

As amazing as this story is (and it's VERY amazing), a story with Harry and Katie using the same situation (or something similar) would be fantastic.

Anyway, this story right now is so unbelievably well-written that I plan on rereading this as soon as I'm done.

pfeil posted a comment on Tuesday 21st August 2007 7:13pm for 11 - Sydney

I'm torn. I agree with the beta that this story doesn't need the details of the other girl, but would love to hear it, especially if it's as well done as Katie's.

A separate one-shot, perhaps?

iamspammer posted a comment on Friday 20th July 2007 10:00pm for 11 - Sydney

I have only 2 words to say.
"Absolutely Wonderful"

Decumo9 posted a comment on Monday 28th May 2007 7:23pm for 11 - Sydney

update soon.

kirt30 posted a comment on Sunday 27th May 2007 1:43pm for 11 - Sydney

oh come on please update i really want to now what happens next please

jasongill83 posted a comment on Saturday 26th May 2007 10:40pm for 11 - Sydney

I am hardcore HPGW fan, but this is one amazing story i couldn't stop reading. I would so far as saying that this is one of the best fanfiction stories ever written in Harry Potter universe. Thank you writing and sharing it with fans like me :D

Lady_Hope posted a comment on Friday 25th May 2007 6:01pm for 11 - Sydney

are yout gonna tell us who this "mystery woman" is? aw come on, you know you wanna...

and i've finally caught up. this story rocks! please please PLEASE put the next chapter in soon. i'll be waiting...

Alan Johanson posted a comment on Thursday 24th May 2007 8:05am for 11 - Sydney

First of all, thank you for completing this story after losing parts of it. It is still a masterpiece to me. I do feel that the new chapters have lost a little of that glimmer of fairytale that the earlier ones had. I understand well how hard it can be to recapture that frame of mind again, and applaud your effort in coming very close.
Again, thank you for entertaining us with high-quality fiction. AJ

Mal posted a comment on Wednesday 23rd May 2007 10:43am for 11 - Sydney

sinsitra? That is who i think it is anyways. This story is great, the best part is that i have never read a harry and gabrielle paring before, cause it's always been harry and ginny but thanks to you i love this paring and am going to try and find more stories on them. Great job with this chapter and i can wait till you next update

Decumo9 posted a comment on Tuesday 22nd May 2007 6:46pm for 11 - Sydney

amazing story. Very original and kudos on taking a pairing almost unheard of and making a fic that is tremendously amazing.

Silo posted a comment on Friday 18th May 2007 7:10am for 11 - Sydney

so u ant going to update this fic angen

Silo posted a comment on Thursday 17th May 2007 8:13pm for 11 - Sydney

r u going to update today or not

GuardianOfLight posted a comment on Wednesday 16th May 2007 12:08pm for 11 - Sydney

Brilliant as always, two chapters at once, fantastic, I always re-read fics like this when new chapters come out and this one is always immensley satisfying to read, especially the staff quidditch match.

I believe I can now say beyond a shadow of a dought that you are my all time favorite author and that this is one of my all time favorite stories.

Keep up the outstanding work and please please please please please update soon.


mashimaromadness posted a comment on Monday 14th May 2007 9:31pm for 11 - Sydney

Cool, cool. This is just as amazing as always and I'm looking forward to the next update (also as always). It's so amazing I just don't know what to say except the sooner you update the sooner you get more rave reviews, and how much fun is that? Yay for this story. It rocks my socks off.

we9ge posted a comment on Friday 11th May 2007 12:59pm for 11 - Sydney

I have to leave a quick review- my first for this story. I've been reading fanfiction almost daily since HBP came out and have many hundreds of stories- all ships except slash and other genres besides romance. This is definitely in my top five favorite stories. Tremendously addictive. I believe you created this history and background on the veela, which I know has been copied by others and it enriches the story and makes it more than just a typical romance. Originality in spades!!! I like your portrayal of Gabby and Harry as well. I know the end is near but I hate to see it so even though it has been a long road. Congrats on such a beautiful and fun story. Look forward to more. I'm still trying to steel myself to read about the bunny though.