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BAFan posted a comment on Saturday 4th July 2015 4:18am for Chapter 9

All I can say is this grows more interesting with each new chapter! Harry is like Hogwarts? Can't wait to see where you take that.

OriksGaming posted a comment on Wednesday 24th June 2015 2:21pm for Chapter 9

Yay, Harry's getting together with Fleur! My only comment, short review, I've commented on most of the great things you've done in the story that stood out to me. Great work and keep it up!

Aries-Antares posted a comment on Monday 18th May 2015 5:47pm for Chapter 9

Incorrect - Age of Consent in France is 15 and has been like that since 1945. Before 1945 it was 13, which it has been since 1863, before then it was 11. The only European country with a low AoC is Spain where it is 13. In Germany it is 14. In the UK it is 16 as far as I know, but Gabrielle is french and if the old fanon thing about the magical world being behind the muggle, then the age of consent in magical France would still be either 11 or 13.

bgoldnyxnet posted a comment on Saturday 14th June 2014 2:41pm for Chapter 9

Well, I can get why you put the fighting in, but it struck me as extraneous.

Aside from that... a lot of Mary Sue, but then most fanfiction is.

gtgrouch posted a comment on Thursday 29th May 2014 8:11pm for Chapter 9

As a father of three girls, I found Gabrielle's earlier relationship heartwarming and charming. Now, it is something else, but I don't know what. I hope it continues with both innocence and intimacy, at least until that point at which it can flower fully - perhaps in an epilog.

sh8ad8ow posted a comment on Saturday 11th January 2014 3:25am for Chapter 9

Excellent chapter, and it ´s good that you won ´t have them simply end up together just coz you can and are going to do it as realisticaly as you can.

kewllewk posted a comment on Sunday 22nd December 2013 1:31am for Chapter 9

I absolutely love the insight to Gabrielle's character in this chapter. It conveys a message very well, and the message explains a lot.

Lostinfantry posted a comment on Monday 8th July 2013 12:16am for Chapter 9

The way you're describing how Gabrielle feels about Harry, makes me think that when she's older, she gonna have seroius issues trying to find someone who will match up.

The Resident posted a comment on Monday 18th February 2013 10:57am for Chapter 9

Quite an interesting chapter. I enjoyed it immensely. (But then again, I have enjoyed all your stories.) Keep up the great work.

Rexnos posted a comment on Wednesday 30th January 2013 9:28pm for Chapter 9

I really liked Gabrielle's point of view in that last chapter. I know that children have a tendency to put their parental figures on a pedestal, but I don't think I've ever seen it done for someone else. At the very least, I've never read and understood that point of view quite so effectively.

On the other hand, I'm worried about Gabrielle when she finally realizes that Harry isn't really a god. Granted, this is Jeconais fan fiction, meaning he's probably pretty damn close, but I'm sensing a rather unusual darkness here. Harry is strong, yes, but the conflicts within this story haven't been of a physical nature. They've been mental, ideological, and political. You're not pitting Harry against Voldemort, you're pitting him against society, his friends and himself. Those are conflicts where physical and magical strength just don't matter.

I'm also curious as to where Harry's relationship status is going to go. I get the feeling that he's mostly just along for the ride, so I can only wonder how this odd triangle thing will work out. Kate is pushing him towards Fleur, Fleur isn't conflident enough in herself to accept, and Kate seems to have written herself off entirely.

As far as I'm concerned, Kate has grown on me considerably since the beginning of the story. Originally she was a devastatingly beautiful courtesan, but she's become something more as the story progressed. She's more than a tutor to him, she's someone he can depend on. It wasn't Fred or George or Hermione or Dumbledore that he went to after he killed Snape; it was Kate. Whether Harry realizes it or not, that really means something.

Anyway, this really feels like a step up from your previous writing. As much as Hope is one of my all time favorite fan fics, the conflict had already passed in that story. Hope was more of an extended, very happy, epilogue. In this story, Harry is still fighting his battles and absolutely everything is still up in the air. Harry is remarkably powerful, but the world is giving him a run for his money. It's happy, but there's tension and uncertainty. It's very good.



TheGrimmChaos posted a comment on Tuesday 29th January 2013 1:39am for Chapter 9

Loved it!

Update AsAp!


BigIrishLug posted a comment on Monday 28th January 2013 8:14pm for Chapter 9

Just a great story and you write it so well

myleftpickle posted a comment on Friday 25th January 2013 11:33am for Chapter 9

So it would seem that every time I read one of your stories, the first chapter makes me grin, and by I'm at the last (or in this case, most recent) chapter, I'm in hysterical laughter. Every one of your stories has something new and unique to it, and that's a very difficult feat, even for the best of writers. I applaud you.

jua-chan posted a comment on Monday 21st January 2013 5:11pm for Chapter 9

Yay, another chapter. I am really enjoy this story, it is so funny but also very serious at times.

The revelation about Fleur is interesting. I didn't expect that at all. I wonder how that part of the story will proceed.

I absolutly love Gabrielle. She is so well writen. It really shows that she is not a normal human child but it is also obvious that being a Veela is not all about sex.

Hope to read more from you soon. Well done.

AzurePrince posted a comment on Monday 21st January 2013 3:17am for Chapter 9

Oh, I just read one review that asked what would happen if anyone tried to hurt Gabrielle, in my honest opinion I think that would be perfect to put in. Would probably see a raging Harry! Thank you again for this wonderful story.

AzurePrince posted a comment on Monday 21st January 2013 3:13am for Chapter 9

I'm loving this story so far, I am happy there is no proper pairing with Harry for once. But the complex situation you put between Harry & Fleur makes me wish they get together for good, it's just the power of your writing making me feel that way because I certainly did not feel that way when you first mentione the will be no Harry pairing. I can't wait to read what will happen next in Harry's life.

Any news on when we can expect the next chapter at all?

X_Matt_X posted a comment on Monday 21st January 2013 2:31am for Chapter 9

Very interested in the romantic drama you're setting up. Equally curious as to how you're going to handle it!

keichan2 posted a comment on Friday 18th January 2013 8:04pm for Chapter 9

"dancing a romantic slow dance with the Durmstrang boys" Bwahahaha! I knew it! :-D "and I needed a week to recover!" :-) I do wonder if he will need more time for this one ;-p "You have the body of a Greek goddess, combined with fashion sense of a Swiss nun" Ouch... "You just have to be Annie" When you mentioned that it was the same club, I wondered if she would be there... "before remembering her promise not to get involved with Harry herself." I had wondered what was happening... "It would be nice to have a new sister." :-D that's what I thought would happen, too. "and Harry would react, and it would be terrifying." Well... I think that Harry would react the same way if someone hurt Hermione, even though she is NOT one of love interests... What would really be terrifying, would be if someone ever dared to hurt Gabrielle. THAT would be terrifying! "Like living stone. Like Hogwarts" That is an interesting comparison... And I can't help wondering if it have any link with the title of this fic... Thanks for the new chapter. I hope to read more soon!

LordSia posted a comment on Friday 18th January 2013 2:51am for Chapter 9

I do like it. Especially the parts where you don't have everything fall in line, but still avoid making a complete train wreck of it all.

Mmend15 posted a comment on Friday 18th January 2013 1:30am for Chapter 9

interesting to see how seriously you took Harry's forced growing up. not many people remember or even admit that growing up forces you to lose something important in yourself. great story i really enjoyed reading it