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OriksGaming posted a comment on Friday 26th June 2015 4:42am for Chapter 7

I was crying when Hedwig died here, just like in the books, but even more so, because of the perching near him for years, and her intense loyalty, it was very touching. I've always been sad that Hedwig died and I had forgotten about her until then. It was a good way to have her go. I applaud you, recognizing(also, adding in the detail) that Owls do not have lifespans as long as humans(though you could have made the case of her being a magical owl, I'm glad you didn't), and writing such a touching epitaph. Immediately after that, you had that song, which was great. You do have a flair for poetry as I noticed a bit in Hogwarts Dawn(sorry if I'm still getting the name wrong, but I'm still too lazy and too into the story to check), at least I think so, I hope I'm not confusing that with another author's story, but probably not. As I said in a past review though, I do happen to have a terrible short term memory. I was guffawing when you had the song, as I didn't think the prank was going to be quite so amusing as that, as I thought(before that) there was only so much that you could put into writing. You proved me wrong though, because unlike most FF authors, you put an extraordinary amount of detail in it, and wrote your own song(By the way, I only just read your author's notes, right after writing the review, and I'm leaving my gushing over the song just so you can see how silly it sounds, with the author's notes being right above... LOL). Also, I forgot to say it last chapter, but it also applies to this one. You've developed Fawkes a bit more, which is great, as I always have loved the idea of a Phoenix(It's my favorite magical creature, and that might be because of the Harry Potter series, though I don't really remember, so it may have more subconciously affected my decision) being at least a supporting character, and, as they are depicted in myth as intellegent creatures, I'm happy to see that you're showing that he has a brain and feelings, rather than just having a scene with him molting, and then have him used for a couple notes sent, along with Dumbledore's escaping trick, before having him leave forever with Dumbledore's death in HBP. Anyways, great job, sorry I had more than usual to comment on this chapter(unless you enjoy long reviews, in which case change the 'sorry' to a 'you're welcome.' Great job, and keep it up.

gtgrouch posted a comment on Thursday 3rd October 2013 1:16am for Chapter 7

I really like the new Hogwarts song!

Haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

BobVosh posted a comment on Saturday 9th March 2013 8:21am for Chapter 7

Nanny would be so proud.

gara5289 posted a comment on Monday 20th August 2012 2:16pm for Chapter 7

You write Dumbledore well. That's skill, he's often made into a one dimensional character that is really flat and boring character, like people often do to Lucius. Both take some skill and ingenuity to write well.

brat1234 posted a comment on Saturday 1st January 2011 7:27pm for Chapter 7

this was a wonderful chapter, and story so far keep up the good work

noylj posted a comment on Friday 24th July 2009 10:07pm for Chapter 7

Where is Castles in the Sky?
We need more Harry/Gabbi (and a bit more adult version of the fairy tale).

Ledivin posted a comment on Sunday 5th July 2009 3:48am for Chapter 7

Eh... I didn't really feel any sort of... urgency when Gabrielle was announced kidnapped. It just felt like Harry's response was "Uh oh. I should probably do something..."

This chapter definitely didn't shine quite as much as the others, Gabbie really is your strongest character.

bobman posted a comment on Wednesday 10th December 2008 12:27am for Chapter 7

"I’ve given away five percent of the shares so far, [...] which leaves me another thirteen to play with." "You are keeping eighty for yourselves?" Harry nodded. "Forty each for Gabrielle and me."

5 + 13 +80 = 98, what happened to the other two percent?

Other than that miscalculation, this is a great story, and I really hope you release some more of your writings soon.

Kalen Darkmoon posted a comment on Tuesday 2nd September 2008 1:35am for Chapter 7

I'm surprised Hedwig died. Poor Harry. I can only assume that it was really because of sadness from missing Harry rather than simply 'old age' as Hermione states since snowy owls in captivity live up to 28 years or more.

As for Harry's prank after that? ROFLMFAO!!!

SassyFrass posted a comment on Saturday 23rd August 2008 10:51pm for Chapter 7

So I absolutely love Natalie. The last bit with Minerva telling Dumbledore that she's friends with Harry because he apologized for using her in the prank is just hilarious.
But I have to say, the part about Hedwig makes me tear up every time. Sweet faithful Hedwig.

kutekess posted a comment on Tuesday 15th July 2008 3:08am for Chapter 7

Harry nodded. "I was trying to be fair, but I don’t want to lose control either. I’ve given away five percent of the shares so far, two percent each to Fred and George, and half a percent each to Padma and Su, which leaves me another thirteen to play with."

"You are keeping eighty for yourselves?"

I think your maths might be slightly out, because i get that as 2% missing.

I love the story, and I really like the way gabriella woke harry up

brad posted a comment on Friday 11th July 2008 3:46am for Chapter 7

I find it hard to believe in a 'good' or 'not evil' Narcissa. After all, she was married to a terrorist and murderer. Loyalty to and love of one's husband should only go so far, don't you think?

"Harry's invading France" -- at long last I've read that signature line of yours in its proper setting :-)

(It was a classic signature)

motherjenjen posted a comment on Wednesday 9th July 2008 10:09am for Chapter 7

I just reread this fic again
please update
i'm waiting anxiously for the next chapter and well i'm getting kinda crazy in waiting
please update or i'll i dunno turn you into Malfoy and give you to the a test subject....

gizachick posted a comment on Monday 7th July 2008 10:12pm for Chapter 7

Well, I'm certainly interested in seeing more of this. :)

GuardianOfLight posted a comment on Monday 7th July 2008 11:22am for Chapter 7

I knew she had been gone too long.

And kudos for use of Nanny Ogg's song (albeit a highly modified version) I literally howled with laughter when I read the first line.

Can't wait for more.


Graup posted a comment on Monday 7th July 2008 8:10am for Chapter 7

I guess it would have been way too cliche to have Draco being the bad guy.

My next guess was "The Lawyer" Remus, seeing as how our lawyer friends are only good for fish bait.

I never guessed it would be Albus, although looking back it was obvious. I guess good writers can always make that happen.

I love Harry' upheaval of the Wizarding World. About time...

I still don't get what is going on with Umbridge. Is she still in the castle? I must have just missed that reference.

Anyway, I loved the reference to Albus' family, especially Natalie. Good show, there.

Thanks for sharing the story, and I look forward to the finale...I hope it is a VERY long chapter with a "5 years later" epilogue.

Entilzah posted a comment on Monday 7th July 2008 6:06am for Chapter 7

Woo Hoo! France is finally being Invaded!

And any scene that can get Hogwarts singing "A Wizard's Staff" is pure win in my book.

Another excellent chapter, even without all the meat of the previous two. Greatly looking forward to the Finale!

cheryse posted a comment on Sunday 6th July 2008 7:10pm for Chapter 7

Awesome. I love Nat! Great character.

Amamama posted a comment on Sunday 6th July 2008 3:14pm for Chapter 7

Yay! I've said it before, and you're probably tired of hearing it - but I love this. It's fun, most of all, has a wonderful Harry with a good relationship to Dumbledore and a gorgeous girlfriend. And now said girlfriend is held ccapture by the big, bad psychologist? Or was he a shortie? I don't remember at the moment. 'The funny little man' - was that what Gabrielle called him?

The song had me in stitches. Kudos to Heather Woods, it's absolutely wonderful. And Natalie is a gem. Hestia is her mum? Anyway, she's precious.

THanks for sharing, tim. It was a hoot, as always!

Jane Average posted a comment on Saturday 5th July 2008 7:34pm for Chapter 7

Much enjoying this story. I'm glad to see you got over your fear of fairy tales ;) I hope there's something in the next chapter to justify killing Hedwig off from "old age," since snowys live thirty years or more.