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Wanderer posted a comment on Sunday 1st November 2015 6:34pm for Chapter 6

Simply fantastic, one of the best chapters of any story I've read.

You've somehow distilled an amazing array of complex and deep concepts, actions and motivations to their actors and presented them as logical and - most astoundingly - entertaining.

This has been a true pleasure to read and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your time and obvious talent.


OriksGaming posted a comment on Friday 26th June 2015 4:00am for Chapter 6

I'd like to see them! Wait, no, I wanna see Gabrielle's more! -The mind of a teenage male, or in other words, me

gara5289 posted a comment on Monday 20th August 2012 1:53pm for Chapter 6

Great way of redeeming Albus. It wasn't to over the top, nor was it underwhelming.

Ledivin posted a comment on Sunday 5th July 2009 3:04am for Chapter 6

Quibbler. Amazing.

The story grows on me every chapter.

Aberbadger posted a comment on Tuesday 10th February 2009 7:39am for Chapter 6

are you a well known practitioner of divination or a herald of doom? Less than a year after publishing this...

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Thursday 3rd July 2008 7:55pm for Chapter 6

Outstanding chapter. Gotta love Luna.


GuardianOfLight posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd July 2008 1:14pm for Chapter 6

Very good, loved the bit with Luna and her father, but I must admit that after the last time we saw the Delacour elders I wonder if they are going to try something to keep Gabrielle away from Harry, after all she has been gone most of the chapter and thats the longest they have been apart since this story started.

Can't wait for more.


Kal posted a comment on Tuesday 1st July 2008 1:03pm for Chapter 6

OK. Scratch my last review (chapter 5). We now have much more data. :)

I enjoyed your conversation between Herm and Harry over the sociopathy. If she did have such a misdiagnosis at such a young age, then it makes sence that it would define such a large portion of her world view. I look forward to seeing how she reacts to the concept of and what will happen after that.

I still can see many things happening with reguards to the dragon. Let us assume that the issue is when she portkeys to her 'rents in France and start there. Who all has French connections that might make life difficult for Gabbi? There is always her parents, possibly reacting to the psychiatrist? Or reacting to fears of the media (what WOULD the Delacour's do if her diagonisis became media fodder? especially the threat of it and not actual publication, but the potential ensuing scandel?) breaking the story? I am still wondering about the more literal dragon (Draco) -- after all, we know that the boy has power outside of England (recall (Chapter4) that he had free reign at Durmstrang while a student that a "triumphant" return to bribed power in England). Could he have that in France as well? I think that it is pretty common in fanfiction (though I don't recall it from cannon) that the Malfoy line has connections to the French through blood-ties, but money would work just as well here. My only real problem with this senario is that it would require intellgence, which Malfoy does not appear to have in great abundance.

Question -- where did Herms get the portkey for Gabbi? Is it legit? Perhaps someone with English ties pulled a switcheroo and snagged little Gabbi... I mean, why portkey when she could just floo from her sister's place like they did in Chapter 5? Sorry -- it does seem like a potential set up, but I just can't believe that Hermione is a baddy. So I look instead for a conspiracy theory and say that it was a Fudge plot. He has GOT to know that his powerbase is crumbeling and Harry will be leading that change... Rumors alone substantiate that fear.

I am not sure I really understand where this extreme conservativism came from. But then, does anyone? It seems like happenstance as everyone just decided to wait around to see what happends next.

But I digress. I am probably making this harder than it needs to be, but I am still not sure who is the Dragon.

Will we get to see the scene between Hermione and the lazy psychiatrist? I think it would be fun to watch her rip someone apart. :) I am looking forward to seeing her parents reactions again. Should be illuminating.

Loved Doris! I like that whole concept, and it's great that she is still around and willing to kick Albus for his stupidity. Gives an interesting spin on a lot of decisions that would have occured in this past. Oh, and without question, I love Firebirdie! :)

Thanks for another chappie. Looking forwards to the next installment!

Yunaine posted a comment on Tuesday 1st July 2008 10:19am for Chapter 6

I finally managed to get through the entire thing without being half asleep or distracted by co-workers :kough: Had a lot on my mind lately :o

Loved how you keep having Gabrielle react to either "having boobs" or remarks about other girls "still not looking like princesses".
It makes her more believable that she is consciously looking out for possible threats.

The bad guy could be several people actually.
Gabrielle herself, simply because she needs to see if Harry would come help her. She already manipulated so many people that it would be easy to put herself in a difficult spot to see if Harry is truly her prince.
Hermione is also a possibility. She is the one that gives Gabrielle a portkey "to her parents". But it could just as easily go somewhere else... Evil Hermione? :)

One thing that stands out is that Harry is still changing the world, only in his own definitions (pranking, soiling the Black name, etc).
Even though it's not what Dumbledore might have wanted at start, he's still changing everything.

One slight thing that I couldn't forget since I read the very first chapters: The sorting hat told Gabrielle to come to him after she got her prince, will that still happen sometime? :-)

The only thing I can see in difference to your other stories is that this one uses somewhat more pensieves/flashbacks. Everything else is still in the same 'writing-style'.
For me it's currently behind Hope and WK,GQ (those are my favorites from your stories) although the ending might put HEA at a higher ranking :).

jakjakattk posted a comment on Monday 30th June 2008 5:18pm for Chapter 6

good work, keep it coming fast a steady.

Tabi posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 10:48pm for Chapter 6

Yep, one of the strangest things I have ever pictured mentally in my mind.

brad posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 7:48pm for Chapter 6

Okay, this chapter is the reason why I've spent the last 15 minutes hopping around wikipedia. I trust you're happy? :-)

Enjoyed Hermione's opinion about Gabbi, simply because I don't particularly like to think that the latter is 'without empathy'. Also appreciated Hermione's worrying about the pressure that Harry might feel with the whole Princess thing. "We didn't want Albus's cage replaced with one of your making" -- good one.

The first pensieve memory made me cringe a bit - didn't like the idea of a pre-pubescent girl stripping and coldly examining her physical development like that (but I guess girls *do* worry about such things as they grow up!) - but I thought the overall idea of setting up the pensieve with such a temporal slideshow was clever.

Likewise Gabbi's dressing *down* for Hermione's wedding was another little bit of cleverness. Nah, Gabbi's got more feelings/empathy than she thinks :-)

> is it any clearer who the bad guy is now?

Uhm, Gabbi's "idiot psychiatrist"?

kyoshi posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 11:55am for Chapter 6

Really enjoying the story. Wish Harry had someone to fight with to create some tension. regards Kyoshi

sunrisesunset posted a comment on Sunday 29th June 2008 3:14am for Chapter 6

Poor Harry, spoiled by Gabrielle's perfect breasts. ^^ I liked the reference to Catalan numbers - it's always fun to learn something new whilst indulging myself in a new chapter. Lots of levers in that pensieve control room - are we going to see all of them?

Great chapter - particularly the Odd conversation at the end. I can't wait for more.

rune1806 posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2008 7:44pm for Chapter 6

Wow no I do not know who the bad guy is and I am lost, I know I will be found later on so carry on.

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2008 7:06pm for Chapter 6

Looking forward to more. This story is such a joy to read. Thank you for publishing something that is such an unabashed fairy tale. It's refreshing.

Appo posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2008 6:06pm for Chapter 6

this chapter is absolutely hilarious!! The Quibbler section ... just ... blew me away with laughter!!!
Please update soon, I am enjoying this story so so much!

Tlcatlady posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2008 1:10pm for Chapter 6

It was a nice out to have "THE PRINCE" as opposed to Harry be Gabbi's focus just in case the situation didn't work out the way she expected. And I do like the explaination of why she isn't a sociopath...very obvious when you see all of the things she's done to benefit others, such as arranging Ron and Hermione's upgraded wedding. I'm loving this story! Thank you so much!!!

Andrew Niehaus posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2008 10:55am for Chapter 6

You know, I didn't really have much hope for this story when I read the first chapter. But since then, it's become a favorite of mine. I can't wait to see where you take this.

And would the bad guy be the wizarding world itself?

Kortir posted a comment on Saturday 28th June 2008 10:05am for Chapter 6

That was wonderful, I still have no doubts about your intellect, and heck if I know if there even is a bad guy left at this point- more likely that Harry simply negated his existance by waking up. Sort of a "heh heh heh, I will take over... crap, Potter's awake and has a twinkle in his eyes! I'll move to Brazil to do my thing there instead- run!" sort of thing. This is great fun. Looking forward to the next one :D