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OriksGaming posted a comment on Friday 26th June 2015 1:36am for Chapter 2

I don't know if I'm overrating you(in your opinion, since I obviously don't think I'm overrating you) but you're the best FF author whose work I've read(that sentence came out sounding horrible. Your next challenge as a write is to figure out a way I coud have phrased that :P). I've enjoyed all of your work immensely so far, and you have a decent number of HarryxGabriel, all of which I will be reading as soon as I'm done with this story. I'm sure I'll enjoy those too, though. I wanted to commend you on your writing before I forgot to(I have a TERRIBLE short term memory(but I have a quite good long term one), which is why it's at the end of a chapter instead of the end of one of your stories, though I think I commended you a tiny bit at the end of the last of your fanfics that I read. Yeah, well, this caused me to forget about half of what I wanted to comment on in this chapter specifically, so I'll just move on. P.S. I only really read Harry Potter, Fire Emblem(PoR and RD mostly), Spiderman, and the occasional Percy Jackson(whenever I get bored of the other ones, not THAT often). I'm just telling you that to forestall any comments you have about authors(of fanfiction) who you consider to be better than you, because if there are, I probably won't read any of their stuff ever. Anyways, I love your work, and thank you for your wonderful stories. I'm gushing a bit, but it's so rare that I come upon any good/great writing. I am a voracious reader, and my standards are pretty high.

gtgrouch posted a comment on Wednesday 2nd October 2013 2:44pm for Chapter 2

Title really fits the story!

avidreader posted a comment on Sunday 17th July 2011 3:15am for Chapter 2

Just wondering when the bedtime story is going to be over and the sequel is going to begin, really looking forward to Harry and Gabrielle fulfilling Merlin and Morgana's dream.

Islander posted a comment on Monday 11th August 2008 7:11pm for Chapter 2

Hmm, pretty cool story so far! I can't yet tell if it'll match up to your other full-length fics, but I'm only on Chapter 2, so we'll see! I promise I'll leave a huge review at the end like I've done with TMW, WKGQ, and Hope.

For now, I just wanted to remark on how pathetic it is that I'm a male who's the same height as Gabrielle--5'7"--and that I actually weigh less than her. Wow. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. But I'm effing skinny, and I don't have any breasts to boost my weight. :D She sounds very desirable the way she is, though.

Rebel Goddess posted a comment on Thursday 26th June 2008 4:09am for Chapter 2

LOL at Gabi's conversation with the Hat. I think my first review got lost for chapter 1 but I am enjoying this so much and thought that Harry's glee at Snape's death tied in perfectly with 4th year (but not 7th year) Harry. Anyone who thinks otherwise should reread books 3&4 - no love lost there.

The Slytherin v. Gryffindor argument was great.

This is true fairy tale stuff and I also love Harry's nonjon-ish attitude to life. Great so far.

mashimaromadness posted a comment on Wednesday 25th June 2008 12:10am for Chapter 2

What really happened? Intriguing...

TxA_GunFighter posted a comment on Wednesday 18th June 2008 5:08am for Chapter 2

Good chapter.


Brognus posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2008 12:14pm for Chapter 2

For example, while I personally didn't like the Arthurian Mythos established in the Hope series, (Mostly because I know almost nothing about King Arthur and I had no clue what he was talking about) iIt didn't actually contradict anything in the Harry Potter universe. I couldn't actually fault anything about Arthur lore besides my own ignorance on the subject.

Brognus posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2008 12:09pm for Chapter 2

Oh and the "It's magic so it's ok" handwave doesn't fly, if that were the case you could justify ANYTHING in the harry potter universe because it's magic. "Harry Potter turns into a dragon made of diamond every time he sneezes is ok, because it's MAGIC" despite the fact that nothing of the sort has ever been established in cannon. A universe must follow its own internal logic for it to succeed, aka "Magic A is Magic A"

Brognus posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2008 12:04pm for Chapter 2

I don't remember any refrence to a charm which reduces g-force on the user, but if there is i'll gladly withdraw that objection, However as it stands the top speed of the firebolt was 300mp/h and it's acceleration was 150mph in 10 seconds, which is 1/2 it's top speed (15mp/s^2). If the lightning bolt took "2 to 3" seconds to reach top speed (which is at LEAST 761.2 mi/h due to hitting the sonic boom) that would mean the acceleration is anywhere from 253.75 mp/s^2 to 380.6 mp/s^2 which is 17-25 times GREATER than the firebolt, which would be simply ludicrous.

I have never seen evidence to a charm that reduces acceleration upon the user, and with anti-air pressure charms, I don't really see why harry's build would affect his preformance as a seeker, anyways.

Furthermore, while the magical business world might be different from the muggles, they are still a business, and with the intense competition among rival broom companies (nimbus 2000 was the fastest broom only 2 years before the firebolt was introduced) it stands to reason this method would've already be invented or something.

This sudden "You were gone 8 years so now your broom which was top of the line only a few years ago but is now rubbish" seems a little far-fetched for me.

nfk posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2008 8:57am for Chapter 2

Just a few comments to Brognus,

You know, we are talking about magic here. You except the idea of a flying broom but have difficulties excepting the performance characteristics of Lightning Bolt.

If the broom has anti-air pressure charms, I assume it has something to keep the pilot from flying off. Although, maybe an extra strength sticking charm would be considered an unfair advantage and, in that case, the pilot would either adjust to those kind of accelerations or be forced to get a slower broom.

And with Gabrielle's comment, "A lot of the players can’t handle it. You kick it into high speed and you’re out of the stadium before you can blink", does not imply near-instantaneous acceleration. "Before you can blink" can just be an expression for very fast (2 to 3 seconds) and not the actually time between it takes someone to blink.

Assume the Lightning Bolt is like the Firebolt such as it can go from 0 to its maximum speed in 10 seconds. That would mean the Lightning Bolt could go from 0 to 343 m/s in 10s (let's put its maximum speed at the speed of sound for this example)

Assuming linear acceleration, the equation for the broom would be: d = 34.3x. In 5 seconds, the Lightning Bolt will have covered 171.5 meters. Considering that the length of the Quidditch pitch is around 152 meters, five seconds is more than enough time to make it from one end to another. And if the Seeker is hovering in the middle pitch, only two seconds of max acceleration would get them to either end.

To be honest, technological advancements in 962 AD were rather slow. It is moving along exponentially now, but the Wizarding World has always been behind the times. Maybe the Lightning Bolt company has been hiring smart wizardneers from M.I.T. (Magical Institute of Technology) and they've made some great advances in broom technology over the last 8 years.

Of course, the speeds of the broom borders on lunacy but then again, Wizards always had a different sense of excitement/danger than us Muggles.

"Not to mention this is poor from a business standpoint." I think that's the point though, much of the Wizarding World thinks differently -- if not being a little backwards -- and they are probably giddy as hell trying to seeing how fast they can make brooms go. Anyway, not many people can handle the broom so I don't think it would make all other brooms obsolete. I think the Lightning Bolt caters more to the exceptional-at-flying crowd.

Brognus posted a comment on Friday 6th June 2008 7:22am for Chapter 2

I love the story, but there's one thing that bugs me, the Lightning Bolt. You state that the Lightning Bolt can break the sound barrier, meaning the maximum velocity is at least 761.2 mi/h or 1,225 km/h metric. While you say you have anti-air pressure charms, you neglect the fact of the acceleration upon the pilot. The Firebolt is said to go from 0 to 150 in 10 seconds, from that we know the acceleration is 15 mi/s which.

However gabrielle states "A lot of the players can’t handle it. You kick it into high speed and you’re out of the stadium before you can blink" which implies a near-instantaneous acceleration. This would imply a great strain upon the user and would likely pull them from the broom.

Not to mention this is poor from a business standpoint. By book 4, the firebolt was the supreme broom on the market, being used by the professionals in the world cup. Fast forward eight years and you have a broom that goes 2.5x as fast? not only would it be a poor business standpoint to obsolete your broom so fast, but the fact that this happened over a span of over 8 years?

According to Quidditch Through the Ages people were using broomsticks as early as 962 ad. Which leads me to believe that the evolution of the broom is a slow development. Consider the fact the Firebolt was at the peak at the time, makes advancement more difficult, but to more than double the speed in a short span of 8 years seems difficult.

Silo posted a comment on Thursday 5th June 2008 7:57am for Chapter 2

u gunna post chapter 3 today

MARIDEE posted a comment on Wednesday 4th June 2008 11:29am for Chapter 2

Oooo! Very manipulative if this is not the whole story I can't wit to see the next chapter. Great Story so far, I like how you keep everyone alive, well except Severus, that made me quite said. But other than that I have enjoyed it so far.

jilumasam posted a comment on Monday 2nd June 2008 6:37pm for Chapter 2

OK, I've read this the second time and I still like this story. I'm very interested to see how the rest of the story pans out.

I suspect it's going to be one of those "sit back, relax, hold on tight, and enjoy your story" stories by the time we meet the last chapter.

Great work and looking eagerly for chapter 3.


RhiannonMei posted a comment on Monday 2nd June 2008 12:11pm for Chapter 2

I.. I still don't know. They both just seem so.... so perfect. I like how you tied in "Happily Ever After" with Gabrielle's fairy tales, but it seems a bit unrealistic with how Gabrielle could suddenly figure out how Sleeping Beauty was woken up. I really really want to like this story, but at the moment, I don't really like it very much. However, I'll keep on reading with my fingers crossed.

Amamama posted a comment on Monday 2nd June 2008 6:09am for Chapter 2

Great second chapter. Punching Grapplegus and earning his respect that way was a fun twist. As was the dismissal of 'facts' from your other stories. Interesting way of growing up - Harry's got eight years of knowledge which seemingly would've meant extesnive studies plopped into his brain. I do wonder what else he's been told, and how he'll react after a while.

And then we come to the A/N and you tell us next ... we see what really happened? Intriguing, to say the least.

No big surprise, I guess, but I do look forward to Thursday. Cheers!

pfeil posted a comment on Sunday 1st June 2008 8:38am for Chapter 2

I love the precociousness of this Gabbi =)

frankocsic posted a comment on Sunday 1st June 2008 1:03am for Chapter 2

new story! woohoo! :) as always, i enjoyed reading what you've got so far. you've got a very nice style of writing, capturing moments, both the tender and the huge, very well. and this story promises to be very entertaining. very good job!

i was wondering who got to harry first when he fell. and reading what she's done so far, she's proven to be a good match for harry. harry in this, as with your other stories, is cool as a cucumber. can't wait to see how he, along with gabbi, will shake up the wizarding world. the bit about snape was actually amusing. they didn't hide the fact that they hated each others' guts, so why would that change when snape died. i don't think harry meant anything malicious when he reacted the way he did.

one of the lines that got to me was gabbi's 'where would we be without faith.' very profound, very simple truth. this is one of the reasons i like your stories. you manage to squeeze in those things within the casual dialog between characters. very nice. write more please!

Jizzle posted a comment on Saturday 31st May 2008 8:14pm for Chapter 2

I really love how you're making me like this Gabrielle. She's a lot of fun. Her conversation with the hat in particular was genius.

I also enjoyed how Harry won the respect of the goblins. Most fics, they just fall over themselves being nice because Harry is respectful, or some crap. This is way better.