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Rhyselle posted a comment on Tuesday 25th November 2014 11:15pm for Fate

I definitely liked this. The idea of Fate enforcing balance in this matter actually makes a bit of sense. When reading the novels (and I enjoyed them until OOTP, which I tolerated, and I gagged on the last two) I often wondered just why the heck Harry would be willing to "give his all" for the people who treated him like crap. The psychological damage done to him between his childhood with the Dursleys and the "we love you/we hate you" treatment by the Wizarding world, and total stupidity of dumping the responsibility for taking out a terrorist on a person who wasn't legally old enough to drive shouldn't have led to the self-sacrifice that Harry offered in canon, in my not so humble opinion. ;-) When it comes to writing a character with a self-sacrificial destiny, Rowling really messed up, IMO, by trashing Harry's life and relationships like she did. At least in The Lord of the Rings novel trilogy, Frodo was a legal adult (barely) when the Ring was dumped on him, and a mature adult when he made his decision to take the Ring from the Shire to keep his homeland safe, and then on to Mordor to ultimately save Middle-earth, not a teenager who has had extremely limited experience in both the Muggle and Magical worlds. I really enjoy your fanfics. The twists that you give them are interesting, and I like that you have good reasons for the AU/non-canon things that occur in them. I like seeing the changes in your writing style as I've been going through your completed works abd even the bits that you've abandoned. It's so good to read fanfiction by intelligent people, like you and the other authors at I'll be coming back to re-read your corpus over and over again, for certain.

Nytefyre posted a comment on Saturday 26th January 2013 4:44pm for Fate

Enjoyed this as a nice ending to something else... thanks for posting.

thetaxzombie posted a comment on Monday 27th August 2012 5:47pm for Fate

An interesting little ditty. Makes one stop and think.

Nicely done.

kstchr posted a comment on Thursday 19th July 2012 1:38am for Fate

Hmmm, interesting to think about. So did Fate take Harry's magic, while it was ending Voldie?

I wonder if Harry might someday take the time to play on the playground like he wanted to in childhood? That would be a fun, light-hearted date activity!! :)

Patches posted a comment on Sunday 6th May 2007 4:58pm for Fate

Quite the irony. The Boy-Who-Lived gives up his magic to destroy the most evil wizard in history. Harry, who loved magic, gave it up for the world. But now he has a chance to live as a "normal" person. I hope it works for him! Thanks for writing. This was fun! pms

ahyanah posted a comment on Tuesday 24th April 2007 3:09am for Fate

...then he crashed his car, died.(the end)

Fishburne posted a comment on Monday 23rd April 2007 9:51am for Fate

Snort! Excellent one.


jgkitarel posted a comment on Monday 23rd April 2007 3:55am for Fate

Can I make a guess that you were inspired by Terminator?

Musings of Apathy posted a comment on Sunday 22nd April 2007 10:01am for Fate

I had wondered about what you would make of a Post HBP fic, as you are devout and outspoken in your dislike for that book. This was okay, though. Not sure the reactions of the others, Hermione in particular, are accurate, but this would have to have turned into a much longer fic to encompass that sort of reaction. She would have at least wanted to keep some connection with him, even if it were completely muggle. Yeah, she probably wouldn't have left the wizarding world for him, but she would visit.

Brings me back to a simple thought that I might find some way to incorperate into a fic someday; after defeating Voldemort, Harry will have fulfilled his destiny at around the age of 18. This leaves him in a unique position amongst humans. How will he handle it?

Thanks for sharing.

Mike (MoA)